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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TeaBisqit, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I just need a place to vent a bit about this. My head is still spinning from everything I was told today.

    First, the doc told me that I have a uterine fibroid that is embedded in the wall of my uterus and that's what has been causing me alot of problems for alot of years. And she said there is no way to remove it without a hysterectomy because of where it is. So I can either attempt to live with it, or wait till I bleed out again like I did in January and if they can't control the bleeding, I'll end up with emergency surgery. She doesn't want to give me birthcontrol pills yet because she suspects I have a pituitary tumor.

    My prolactin hormone level is high. So she's making me go for an MRI. And we had a fight over the IV dye. I'm severely allergic. And I said absolutely no way on the dye. She finally agreed to a regular MRI. But then I wanted an open one and they said my insurance wouldn't cover an open one at the place they called. So I had to agree to a closed one at the hospital. But the last time I did a closed one, it affected me very badly. I hope I can do it.

    While all this was so upsetting, my brain is fried, I also had to deal with how much the doc and her office are completely clueless about CFIDS/ME and Lyme.

    I told her that my severe NMH/POTS has really been bad lately, and she was like, clueless as to how bad it is. She made a comment about how if it interferes with my life, I can go for some heart tests. And I was like............Interferes with my life??? WHAT LIFE??? It's the main reason I can't function, or at least one of the main reasons I'm on disability.

    Then, she got this new receptionist who was a total monster. She was annoyed she had to make alot of phone calls and appointments for me that the doc ordered. Then, when she was on the phone to the hospital and they were asking alot of questions as to what I have, and I told her to tell them I have Advanced Lyme and CFIDS. She just gave me this blank stare and didn't tell them. They'll see it on my records at the hospital, but I was so angry that she just ignored me. And then she gave me alot of problems because I can only go to the local hospital, I'm not well enough to go further. And she was like, why can't you go here and here? Why, why why. And I was like, cause I can't. No one understands that I'm not well enough to do alot of traveling. I can't do it. And I have no one to take me anywhere. And my money is running out and I can't be spending it on expensive cab fare.

    This was just a really lousy day. And the doctor told me I can forget about ever having kids, which I knew already, but it's not nice to hear it.
    And I am so sick of dealing with people who don't know anything about CFIDS/FM/ME/Lyme. I just wanted to SCREAM in the office, why don't you people KNOW anything??? UGH!

    The only highlight was she did double my Armor thyroid med.

    So I've spend most of my life being told all labs are normal and I'm just a nervous nut, and now they are finding a ton of stuff that was apparently there for like twenty five years or so and no one found it before. This post is too long for me to get into that. But I had terrible problems gynocologically as a teen and I was told that I was just a hysterical teen most of the time and they ignored my irregular periods. And basically put me through alot of hell when I now know that I had fibroids all this time. And then the Hashimoto's that should have been treated from the time I was a kid. The list just goes on and on with what should have been done and how my life was destroyed because none of this was found twenty five years ago.
  2. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Please, take a deep breath and know that we all understand what you're going thru. Most of us have been thru similiar situations and we know what it feels like. My heart goes out to you.

    For your own peace of mind you need to remind yourself constantly that: It's okay to question your medical treatment. You MUST become your own best advocate because you're the one suffering. And -who cares what the receptionist thinks - she's being paid to do a job... If she isn't enjoying it that's her problem. She should be glad she has a job in these tough times and she needs to shape up and behave accordingly or there are hundreds waiting to take her place.

    I had a hysterectomy (sp?) when I was 29. They were able to save one of my ovaries. I never regretted the surgery. It freed me from month after month of misery. It's never an easy decision (and shouldn't be). But for me it was one of the best ones I've ever made.


  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    Iam so sorry for the rotten time you had.

    I had a complete hysterectomy in my 30's. It was worth not having the pain and bleeding.

    Big cyber hug and permission to visulize that receptionist and hit her with a big stick!
  4. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Sorry to hear you had a fibroid all along that's been causing you problems. Hopefully, having it out will help you feel better. I know it's a bummer having to have a hysterectomy but that might make things easier for you.

    Your doctor was very insensitive to you. That would have bothered me too. As far as the receptionists go, you don't need to tell them anything about your health. It's none of their business. If you have to explain anything to them, I would keep it to a minimum and not even mention CFS and Lyme to them.

    I hope everything goes ok for you.

  5. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    a tip for the MRI, last one i had they put a cloth over my eyes so if i opened my eyes i wouldn't see anything and freak out. it did help. just a thought for you to consider,

    Better days ahead
  6. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I had a closed MRI about 12 years ago. At that time, there were no open ones available in my area. I was very nervous about it too but found out it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I am not very good about being in closed in places, I hate elevators. The thing that helped me the most was that my husband sat next to me and kept his hand on my leg. Just knowing I wasn't alone was a BIG help to me. It got me through it just fine.

    I refusesd to take the dye injections too. I have all kinds of medicine and other allergic reactions. Maybe you can have someone go with you just for comfort. Good luck. GB66
  7. srmny

    srmny New Member

    Hi Teabisqit,

    I am sorry it happened to you again. Doctors never believe us, misdiagnose us and are abusive to us. It is hard to believe it will ever end. But I think it will and I just hope we are all around for it.
    It sounds like a lot us us have gyn problems. I had fibroids, endometriosis and adneomiosis. I had very painful debilitating periods and autoimmune infertility (allergic to husband). But of course I have had much more go wrong over the years too.
    Years ago I had a test where they shot me full of dye and rotated me on a machine. I think it was for my kidneys? It happened when I was in the hospital for viral cerebral-spinal meningitis. The dye was purple(?) and hot and made me sick. Since 2003 I have had a brain tumor and I have to get MRI's with contrast every year. These don't cause me the same reaction. I remember being very nervous about it the first time I had one. I also hate the MRIs but the open MRIs I have had in the past were no good. So I bit the bullet for a few of them and then had to have an emergency MRI and I was apparently nervous and they gave me a tranquilizer drip. Since then I just call my brain doctor before my MRI and ask him to call in 2 tranquilizers. It was surprisingly easy to get him to do it so they must hear this a lot. Try to remember this too will pass. But I know it will leave a scar and I am sorry.

  8. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I hope I get through that MRI. My big problem with it before was that it was too loud and I made them stop it and give me ear plugs and that helped greatly. They don't realize that for people who have sound sensitivity, it really is bad. I also found that I did have a big problem with being enclosed. I'll try to do it. At least they do give you that buzzer thing so you can make them stop if you have to.

    It's just so freaky to me that I've spent my life being told everything was in normal range, normal labs, and now all of a sudden, I'm getting answers to twenty five year old questions.

    NONONUNU New Member

    I had to go to MANY Dr's for 14 years for my knees before one actually listen to me and decided I needed major surg on both knees twice.
    I also have a pit tumor so I have to get MRI's with dye every 6 months and they say it should not cause me pain but for some reason it KILLS my knees, feels like all the screws are being riped out of the bone so for me I have to take pain killers, xanax and ear plugs to get thru it.
    Right now I am fighting with the nurse at my Dr office... all going from tons of test and everything else for 6 months he finally decided I had FM Tues... so he gave my a scrpt for Savella but nothing for pain, I called yesterday and asked the nurse if there was anything I could take for pain and she just told me we DO NOT JUST GIVE OUT PAIN KILLERS and to go take some Ibuprofen... if it was not that I was already crying in bed I would have laughed in her face!!

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