Bad Doctor Behavior. Please Respond

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    Hi all, thanks for writing... PLEASE READ and Respond.
    I want to know what you think! Patients are not restricted by HIPPA to disclose true experiences with physicians...
    I am, as a nurse required to document the truth. Here I go!

    I got a TRUE story to tell, and I DO think it will be helpful to all here! Read it like a short story, and share your thoughts ... thanking you in advance!

    On Monday, in writing, I asked for the Doc to call me back re: abnormal lab results. I was "put off" all week. Nothing on Monday. No call on Tuesday either. On Wednesday, still no call. So professionally, kind and calm, yet assertive and persistent, I called twice on Wednesday, and again on Thursday morning... The results of my persistence?

    On Thursday morning, the Office Manager hung up the phone on me after she yelled at me saying, "YOU ARE PANICKING! YOU ARE CAUSING THIS OFFICE TROUBLE!" I said, "Julia, I am not panicking... I want to speak with the doctor about these labs. I want to understand them -- I need her interpretation. I do not think it is unreasonable to have my doctor call me to discuss abnormal labs and to request her interpreta......"


    I was SO mad! I was mad at her lack of professionalism, and her "office manager" dx of "panicicking" was out of line and due to her tone, may have better been fitted for herself? Nevertheless, I was relentless and persistence. And, on a heart-level, I want to communicate that I felt sad and upset and lonely... I wanted to call back and chew her out. I didn't.

    Instead, I gave her time to call me back -- she did not. So, about 15 minutes later I phone and said, "I am sorry, Julia, it appears we were disconnected..." She said, I put you on hold, and left a message on the doctor's cell phone telling her you wanted to talk to her." (I can only imagine the message she left...)

    Between 2 and 3 hours later, still no call from my doctor. So, I called again. I said, (knowing I needed to be) very controlled and calm: "It occurs to me that I still don't know if the doctor plans to call me back, if it would be easier on you all, I would be more than happy to come into the office and sit in the waiting room until she has a moment to talk to m....."


    The next think I hear is my doctor. No "Hello Peacelearning, what can I do for you, what do you need?" OH NO! Instead, that woman started ranting and rebuking me, saying first (and I wrote it all down) "You are causing yourself a whole lot of trouble here! ...." I let her rant and rave for about 30 - 45 seconds, (I timed it) and wrote it all down, and then interrupted, and very calmly said, "Doctor Goodman-Wilson, may I interrupt? I do not think it is unreasonable to talk to you about these abnormal labs and ask you for interpretation and information..." She said, (I kid you not!) "I have 10,000 patients! I only call patients back who are acute!"

    I said, "...If you had communicated this as your policy on Monday, I would not have been so persistent, but you didn't."


    "However, now that I have you on the phone, can you please help me to understand these labs?"

    Short, curt, irritated, she said, "Your T cells are high -- that's it -- what more do you want to know?"

    "I want to know why." I said.

    With condescending, sharp tone she replied, "Because your immune system is fighting something -- I don't know what. It means it's working."

    I said, "Can you please then explain to me why my "immune system" is fighting something at the same time it's dropping out?"

    And then, very pissed off, the doctor said, "I DON'T KNOW!"

    Might the "queen" have no clothes?

    Please tell me what you patients and professionals think. Might we speculate? Boundary issues? Problems at home, emotional outbursts mis-directed at the patient? Withdrawal from self medication? Possibly the emotional suffering of pride issues exposing a lack of experience and knowledge -- a lack of medical community networking? Maybe all the above?

    Remember here, I am the patient!
    I am sick, I pay her...

    Never, ever should a patient be treated the way I was treated! I am not her child, and will not accept what she said, did and did not do in my case as ethical, and keeping with professionaly patient management. I will not be mislead under the false illusion of what appears to be her own self centered doctor-god-like delusion of self. Such behavior is contrary to her oath as a physician!

    She has seen me for 18 months. Has taken copious notes, acts like she cares deeply and believes me... I believed her. But now? When push comes to shove, and she has to do a little work ... she has dropped the ball! While "chronic" it seems that I am her perfect cash cow...

    "Great, O great,
    A steady income for memememememmeeeeeee.
    I hope this one
    Doesn't cause me medical difficulteeeeee.
    Because that'll mean
    Less, less, and less monneeeeeeeeeeeeee
    For memememe..."

    * What is needed? A sincere apology backed by action! If and when she does, I will write a public post here. As of yet, she has not written a physician summary (though this was promised over 5 months ago ... plus, get this, she asked ME to do it for her and send it to her home email address.) I did ... Still nothing from her.

    * What is needed? A sincere apology backed by action!! Her lack of actions, and rebuking tone expressed nothing less than, "patient, get off my back!" She tried to keep be at bay by telling her nurse to tell me, "Doctor said she is still reviewing your case". HA! "Reviewing my case"??? Give me a break! The woman has seen me at least once a month, and sometimes twice a month, for almost 2 years. I am sick and getting sicker. She's at the point of "I don't know" and dropped the ball -- was frustrated and blamed me. She proved she is immature, emotionally unpredictable, unprofessional, and irresponsible...

    * What is needed? A sincere apology backed by action!! Here's one for the books! I was sitting in her office on the other side of her desk asking that she refer me if she can't come up with a dx. And she said, "I (It's all about her) am humbled as this is the first time in my practice where I have had to refer a patient". (big deal -- she's been in practice for only 5 years). Anyway, you know how this "professional" sought referral? She randomly opened a list of phone numbers in the Seattle area, closed her eyes, circled her finger round and round and pointed to the first number her finger landed on, saying, "Oh look, we got lucky, it is a woman Internist!"

    So, my physician, who claimed to be my "patient advocate" has exposed herself... (The "queen", through a mouth of smiles, deep eye contact, gentle touch, and "... I really like you" kinds of words, has blurred my vision.

    Once again, I am managing my own case! As for Doctor "Goodman-Wilson"? SHE owns me an apology evidenced by what she DOES, not by what she says and smiles and pretends to be. Sure, it's nice -- but let's remember, that's all it is. If a physician is not willing to do affective research and make contacts with colleagues to better understand her client's health status, she may as well be serving hamburgers with her four star name tag that reads, "service with a smile".

    I suggest that we do not forget WHY we go to the doctor. If we need a touch, a smile and compassion, it is nice coming from a doc sometimes, but we can get this too from places like Starbucks, McDonalds, and WalMart.... Family, friends, church...

    And the most real and the deepest touch is also invisible. The "Peace that passes understanding..." offered freely without time restaints, nor cost from The Comforter!

    Please learn from my experience all you out there. If your doctor is pretty and smiling, saying, "I'll be your support and advocate. Just tell me all about your problems and I'll write it down and give you some narcs". And you find that she is not doing any research, nor teaching or communicating; It MAY mean you need to take a closer look?

    Peace shaken...

    I will write a public follow-up to this post if and when Doctor Goodman-Wilson and her "office manager" apologizes and DO what they are legally, ethically, and morally obligated to DO as part of an honorable health care community.

    Within the medical field, the chronic patient should never, ever, ever be respected less and/or considered less important than the acute patient! Chronic can become acute, and acute can become chronic -- but the patient is always the patient and a person who should be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Peacelearning

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    Got a second opinion on Thursday. Friday temp spiked to 102. CRASHED. Referred by second opinion doctor to see immunologist and hematologist... (I just sighed deeply).

    Prayerfully, I will be "Chronically Peaceful" :)
    Thank-you all...
  3. Peacelearning

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    RE: Or maybe ... One Flew Over the Doctors Office....
    I giggle a bit... but I don't know why. I am too stupid to get this dark humor. Can you be so kind as to explain?
    Was it a slam on me? It is okay, I just don't get it.

    Though peaceful...
  4. PepperGirl52

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    This woman 'doctor' is certifiable! I, too am an RN, and this is totally unreal, unprofessional, but, sadly, not unbelievable!

    I have literally seen doctors curse in the hallway, throw things at their nurses (I'm talking LARGE things, like tape recorders!), slam doors, etc. They are not beyond the psychotic realm at all!!

    How they get through medical schooling without being found out is beyond me. But let me tell you, when she closed her eyes and pointed in the phone book, THAT would have been a really clear signal that this woman is NUTS!!!

    So, here's the plan: you call your county's medical board, the AMA, and the head of your HMO!! You tell them ALL just what you told us (without your 'options of what you want done-until they ask you).

    And in the meantime, as you already know, you start searching, and researching for a kind, caring DOCTOR, who will address your needs, your desires to be well, your labs, your freaking dog if need be!! NO ONE deserves to be treated like this, and that woman needs to be reported STAT!!! This is just making me smoke! PG
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    hi peaceloving!
    I am also a a doctor's office, with 35 years experience. I have seen doctors evolve from caring, relaxed, healers, with enough time to explain any questions that a patient has the right to know. They turn into miserable people with much debt, fear of lawsuits, dealing with the nightmare of insurance companies, dealing with better informed patients who demand more time. Most of them confide that they reget their decision to be a doctor. Unfortunately, they take out their frustations on their patients and staff. The old saying "shit runs downhill" perfectly explains the rudeness of the staff.
    To make a profit in their business, they must cram 50 or 60 pts a day into their schedule, leaving precious little time for questions or phone calls. One office I worked at, had over 200 incoming phone calls a day with billing qestions, refill requests, needing free advice, and general bitching. There were 2 receptionists and one nurse(me) to answer the questions, and still deal with all the patients who were there in the office, and assist the doctor. 4 phone lines were constantly ringing and put on hold. Every test and prescription required a call to an insurance company for authorization, or the patient would have to pay for it. One of the receptionist had to type all the dictation from the visits the day before. The fax machine dropped papers out onto the floor there were so many, all needing immediate attention. Their were days, 9 hrs long, where I couldn't stop to get a drink or use the bathroom The doctors and staff are so burned out that they soon start to victimize the very people who pay their wages...the patient. This is the norm in most doctor's offices and hospitals. I quit the job due to verbal abuse from the doctor and went to another office. Conditions were worse, there... the hospital was a patient mill and nursing homes were so understaffed, everyone was neglected.
    I cant stand it anymore and I am retiring.
    This being said, yes, you had the right to know, yes, you deserve an apology, yes, everyone treated you badly. Don't hold your breath....2 min after your phone call they forgot about you and were dealing with the next crisis.
    You may try another doctor or forgive your current one. Health care in America is terrible and the ones on the inside know it. Patients are gradually finding out that they are being treated by angry,rushed,incompetant people that are puppets of the insurance empires,lawyers, and the federal goverment. Why are YOU so surprised????
  6. twitcher

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    I was very surprised to learn this over the past year that I've been sick. They just do their job and get you out of the office as quickly as possible. I have completely had to manage my own care, make multiple appts. with specialists etc....I had one neuro who received 3 personal phone calls while I was in the exam room. One was ten minutes long. I've been treated awful and I'm a nurse. I just could not believe how awful the system is. Especially shocked since I've worked in it for 21 years. I can really see now why patients sue.
  7. aquabugs

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    Your story is truly awful and unforgiveable in my opinion. Unfortunately it seems to be more and more the norm.

    As far as I am concerned a good doctor knows when to admit her limits and refer a patient to a specialist or someone else. Her being "humbled" by having to "REFER" you shows you how much of this is ego on her part.

    For what little good they did me for my AI disease and fibro, at least my PCP knows when to call it quits and refer me to specialists so I can get some help. Of course I am now having to tell them who I want to be referred to as their choices have been universally bad for all specialties.

    Sadly, now the PA who I usually see instead of the PCP himself has changed her outlook on me. In the beginning she listened to my problems of unrelenting fatigue, PAIN, and all the other symptoms that to my rheumy add up to AI and fibro and said, "We have no idea what is wrong with you" and immediately referred me to a rheumy.

    But their clinic is now getting some sort of national recognition for preventative care initiatives and heart health. Since I am significantly overweight, fatigued, in pain, etc, she told me on my last visit that I need to:

    1)exercise (when I tell her that it sends me in to a flare, she says just keep doing it and you will feel better),

    2) do water therapy (the nearest facility is 50 miles away and if I could drive down there regularly and do that, I would be able to drive to work, which I cannot :-( ),

    3) eat soy and everything will be A-OK!

    Plus she wants me to do all natural supplements rather than Plaquenil, etc when she has already admitted she doesn't know about AI disease. I think it's about time for a new who isn't trying to make his "numbers" for the health initiative look good rather than taking care of his patients.

    The rheumy I have been seeing for the past year is wonderful. They actually respond when I have a question and whenever I have lab work done, he sends a short letter to me explaining the results. So I have lucked out for now. But keeping my fingers crossed! LOL

    I hope you will run, not walk away from this incompetent "doctor" and her horrid office manager. Good luck on finding a doctor who at least cares enough to admit they need to refer you.


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  8. sixtyslady

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    a few on the board, know what we've been going thru with my husband.
    P.C.P. ordered test ,thought my hubby had a lite stroke. then had heart test,sent him to a cadio Dr, had angiogram ,good news no blockage.

    but wait after we"re home 4 days.P.C.P. nurse calls and says my hubbys echo shows cadiomyopathy; we should call cadio dr.I did his nurse says Dr will call back,a week goes by no call.
    so I call P.C.P. hes says come over ,but he'd rather have the Cadio Dr take care of it.
    now this week the nurse from heart Dr calls after my daughter called them, and says cardio Dr thinks the echo was wrong and no future treatment is needed.
    Now my husband is extremely fatigued and doesn"t feel good. plus they told him,his heart was only pumping at 35%.
    the Dr that read the echo says, we"re in the middle and ourP.C.P. is on vac,
    so i order Dr Sinatra book on heart and put my husband. on multi vit,vit B, calcium and oil. CoQ 10.
    and a baby aspirin . hes starting to feel alittle stronger. If I can get into Dr I"m taking this book with me I don"t care if they like it or not. since we"ve had to be our own Dr. sixtyslady
  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Absolutely! This is so similar to something that happened to me, not once but twice with different doctors. One told me when I asked her to read some info: Do you KNOW how many people ask me to read things??? And the last was mostly guff from a nurse who told me if I was that sick (coming off an AD) I should go to the ER. Right. Can you imagine that? She covered her own rear end but did nothing to help my problem.

    Tell you what I did: I switched again and I do believe I have found a gem. I suggest you do the same thing. It seems to me that either the medical community is terribly overworked or they just aren't as good as they need to be. Probably, too, it frustrates the heck out of them when we come in after researching our illness and think we have a medical degree...... Not you, Peacelearning. As a nurse you obviously have the knowledge but I hear many people who think they know far more than their doctors do and just make an appointment to get a second opinion.

    Good luck with this. Don't use up too much energy on it, OK? It's universal.

  10. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Wow, I don't know what to say!

    You sure handled it a lot better than I would have

    What is WRONG with them??

    I DEFINITELY would report her, start by filing a complaint with your insurance company.

  11. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    just telling our story, yes we are very worried,and since we can't get any response from the DR.s that said my hubby had this, we"ve had to rely on our own research.only because we "ve been ignore by the Drs.
    Even our P.C.P. nurse called and told us if we needed any help while the Dr was on vac to call her.
    and before our P.C.P. left he told my hubby and me that theres a dr on call for him and to go to the nearness E.R.if my hubby has any problems. I respect our P.C.P for saying, he would feel better if the cardio Dr would follow up on this.
    We had all the test that the Drs ask for, and have done everything they have told us to do, but I feel the cadio Dr dropped the ball on this one, by the way our daughter works at the same hospital as the Cardio Dr.
    and they just had a staff meeting,on how to better take care of their patients, I"m not trying to play Dr, but I don"t want my hubby slipping thru the cracks. the 2 different cardio DRs . disagree on the outcome on the echo,how comfotable would that make anyone feel. sixtyslady
  12. Peacelearning

    Peacelearning New Member

    I read all your posts, THANK-YOU!
    Hey, I Goggled her, she's got a web site -- check it out! See, she looks nice, hu? And pretty. And she is into the arts (so am I) and a she claims she takes time with patients. (She does, but nothing has come of it -- just a lot of documentation, eye contact and "I am sorry you feel this way, do you have enough pain medication?"

    Re: the idea to report her. I would have... But she is "the boss". (see web site) She is the "president". Interesting why a new doc would not want to network and isolate herself. A letter would go nowhere. I would be "reporting" to her.

    Now, I can call my insurance company, that is a GREAT idea. In fact, I did last Friday for another reason -- I called the nurse line, crying, "I just need an ear, like a shoulder, to cry on... Do you have the time to listen?" She did and she also helped by giving me a number of alternatives including having insurance company take over if I do not get any results with these next two appointments. (I was a mess on Friday. Really. I could hardly walk. Laid down on the deck during a visit with my sister -- fever, and flank pain -- blood in urine, I crumbled and melted... "just chronic"

    Nurse sisters, I love you all!
    I love nursing

    When I was at the hospital picking up labs, I popped into "my unit" thinking, "I need to be in a place where I am loved." (this after "the experience") It's not been easy to be on med. leave. I miss being a care giver, I miss my work and co-workers very much.

    As soon as the unit nurses saw my face... Nurse sisters said, "PEACELEARNING! OH IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!" "YOU HAVE LOST WEIGHT -- YOU LOOK SO GOOD!" "WE MISS YOU... " The charge nurse (a good friend of mine) gave me an intentional cheek to cheek hug........................ hot.
    Another look, a little gaze into my eyes, and she walked me to the back and we had a quick 'real chat'. She is strong and a good nurse! And sisters,(sorry, I know there are brother-nurses, but my experience is with my girls) I miss working with the best, and being a part of the healthy people in health care!
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am glad you came back to explain yourself...i was going to do it beat me to the punch....

    and peaceLearning....i have had a really bad experience also..last august my pcp doc told me to go get a gun and go home and shoot myself and get it all over with if i do not want to go back to work....i was in awe...

    told her i tried and i had gotten shingles...etc....all because i told her i applied for ssdi...she said i though you were going to get back into real estate or something...

    anyways...i just changed psychologist dropped his jaw to the floor nearly and his eyes popped out of his head...and told me this doctor needs to be reported...i told him it was only me and the doc in the room...and i was awaiting for my ssdi decision to be approve or denied...he told me he was sure i was going to get it...

    well, i just decided i didn't have the mental energy to deal w/ i have just recently changed doctors...

    and it is a male...he is so darn calm to me.....well we'll see....

    i am glad you gathered up the strength to call your insurance company to look for another docotor on your plan...

    tip: go to the purple tab ;up top and click on doctors and you maybe lucky to find one that specializes w/patients in your area w/fibro/cfs..

    sorry about the unprofessionalism in this office...

    my past work experience has been a registered dental i have dealt w/some doozey's myself...


  14. Kacjac

    Kacjac New Member

    I can't say I know how it is, My PCP, and his stafff are the most caring and curtious I know, not to say, I haven't ran across some jerks, in the past.
    This should soooooo be reported.
    Suggest that they get on Prozac too....J/K
    You take up for yourself, and maybe you can stop this from happening to someone else. The ederly perhaps!
    I go fill out a short form, and get my entire lab records, I'm blessed I can, we should all have access to them.
    Best Wishes, Karen
  15. very well said peacelearning...i so agree with you.

    yes its truly sad, the way we sufferers are treated by our just speechless,to tell you the truth.doctors get away with so much dont they.i hardly ever visit mine,but when i do its always the same line of chat...oohh its no good me sending you to see a specialist,because by the time you get there,your pain will be gone..its the fibro you see,it comes and goes,we dont want to waste the specialists time do we?

    im sick of it,same line,,every time..and here we are alone and still suffering.i just give in,really i do.and doctors know we give in,coz we arent capable of keeping up the fight for justice ,it takes too much of our energy,both mental and phisical.and doctors know this.

    i dont know what else to say.i am as we say over here in the uk..GOB SMACKED (speechless)

    please keep us informed as regards if you get a appology from the gut feeling is that you wont.and thats sad.they dont even know how to use the word sorry.

    kind regards
  16. erfula1

    erfula1 New Member

    It makes me so mad this God complex that these Drs seem to have. They don't stop to think of how they would feel if it happened to them do they? Or what if it was their mom? AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

    Marta, maybe there wouldn't be so many people out there trying to diagnose themselves if the Drs actually had a clue as to what was going on. I am the one who did the research on FMS, found out that I has several family members with it including my mother and checked off all the symptoms I have. Then I went to the Dr and asked. He did the pressure point test and I had 15 out of 18 painful. I had 2 other drs confirm it and I still got treated like crap. I had 1 Dr out of all the ones I saw that actually tried to help me and when I lost my job I lost insurance and lost him.

    Another thing that isn't fair is that they can write whatever they want in your file so if you make them mad watch out! And of course other Drs are automatically gonna believe another Dr. I've made up my mind when I see they have a decent treatment plan out there I will go back to the Dr but not until then, I am not going to be a guinie pig! And I am also gonna start over from scratch as I haven't been to the Dr other than an ER visit for my broken ribs in four years. I am not going to tell them I have FM. I will tell them all my symptoms and see if they figure it out. I'll even give them 3-4 visits to make sure they get all the tests out of the way. Then if they don't figure it out I'll move on. I will not be treated badly again! We pay these people, they don't pay us.

    It is called customer service and they should have to practice it too. It is after all a big money making business!!!!

    Sorry, I just went through hell with Drs and after i got a copy of my medical file from my lawyer where I had a workman's comp case I was more horrified at what they wrote in my file about me than I was how they treated me. And believe me I was horrified at how I was treated.

    I just hope I don't have something worse wrong with me that could have been fixed but wasn't because they didn't want to take the time to find out.

    It is scary!!!!!
  17. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    am SO saddened by your unwanted drama. i cannot understand or believe this is "real life" seems to be a scene from a soap opera.

    but, YOU are so strong and it shows. perhaps the doctor was also enraged by your professionalism; and it was far too late for her to fix hers. calm, professionalism, compassion, shows in you and not her.

    an apology, well, i know how much it would ease your heart. unfortunately, as we all know, they sometimes don't arrive. you SO deserve one.

    take a peek at my post of 4/20 if you'd like and hear my story of what the Exec Dir (also an RN) has done at my workplace. i posted just yesterday w/an update. ACTUALLY, I'D LOVE AN OPINION FROM YOU IF YOU'RE UP TO IT. ESPECIALLY ON CODE OF ETHICS.....

    i truly hope you are feeling better today and you embrace the good company of friends and family. it hurts to hear such tales of the medical field and it hurts even more when we're reaching out for care where it, perhaps, may not exist. it's supposed to be unthinkable.

  18. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    Okay, my 2 cents..... You are not her only patient and as I told my mother in law. When she threw a fit because her doctor that she went to for years kept her waiting for over 2 hours.

    SO, you got annoyed that the doctor didnt RUSH to call you back.. Oh give me a break!

    Why didn't you make an appointmnet to go see her and then
    ask her your questions?

    It wasn;t as IF you were laying on the floor next to dead.
    The office is a busy place as you should know that as well.

    I know I am NOT saying the things you want to hear. But the facts are facts.

    SO, there you went and made a mountain out of a mole hill, got yourself in a tizzy and now what?

    * It is NEVER the events in our lives that upset is HOW we preceive those events that do.*

    I learned that from a shrink years ago.

    This sorta reminds me of a friend that has a garage and fixes cars. He said once that IF he answered the phone every time it rang for questions that could wait. He would never get any work done.

    I know many of you will disagree with my 2 cents.

    But that is okay......

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    wELL pity you are not the doctor here as your attitude is a whole lot better than the doctors. Is there not a nurse practioner who could call back?

    Honestly, I just had a similar experience with a doctor who has been a friend for 20 years, treates me like an idiot really. But is always polite. Time to move away and move on.

    In contrast my sports med doc wrote me the sweetest email regarding being referred to pain clinic. Just so kind and helpful.

    When mt rheumy treated me this way in eraly Spring I wrote a polite but complaining note to him. Did not hear back, except for bill. I know we all have off days, but surely someone could have called you with these interpretations.

    I noticed a while back in AARP a pharmacist and blood lab manager had set upa privavte prctice just for answering these questions and about meds etc because of exactly what you describe. They are doing a roaring trade and finding many doctor errors esp. of scrips. What a great idea.

    My urologist will not even let his nurse call a patient even if tests were good. He makes a point of claling himself and letting you know and saying, Are there any more issues? He is Egyptian has this calm soothing voice too. My heart doc always has her NP call back and says you will hear back within 36 hours, if not, call us, we need to hear why we did not call you.

    I will read end of your posts and see if anything happened.

    Love Anne C
  20. mgmarble

    mgmarble New Member

    I do not think she over reacted in the least the doctors office did not react they way they should of. You don't hang up on a patient no matter what Peace was not being mean or rude on the phone. The nurse could of said to her on the phone lets make an appointment or the doctor is swamped at the moment it might be a week before he can get back to you but you are in no immediate danger. Now how hard would of that been for the nurse on the other end to say. It's all about respect and kindness which that office has none.

    This board is here to be supportive not to make people feel worse.

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