Bad experience at pain mangagement center, please!! i need help !

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nje, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. nje

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    so i go to my 1st and lasttttttttt trip to a pain management center;the doctor acted like i was there to score drugs,even tho my Doc sent me there. he also said he didn`t even treat fms with narcotics. i don`t know which way to turn. he also said whoever dx me with fms should have took xrays to prove that i did indeed have fms. first of all,my rheumy at that time didn`t say anything about xrays to prove it. he just started at the top and went down hunting for tender points,he found 11 trigger points. but before i was even referred to the rheumy in 2002,ny reg. Doctor took all sorts of tests;but i don`t remember any x-rays. fm is not the type disease you can identify with an x-ray. what shall i do? go back to my reg. doc. and beg him to keep treating me,because the pain center dr. wrote me out a prescription of my percocet,enough for a week or so;until i could get appt with my dr. he said he was going to send my dr. a letter of why he couldn`t treat me,anyway i called and managed to get a reg. office visit with him for monday at 11:15.

    i might as well tell all of it if i expect anyones advice
    my reg. dr. is really a very good doc. the rheumy who dx me for fms treated me for 6 months told me one day he couldn`t treat me anymore. he had me on Lortab 7.5(now this was in 2002 when he first dx me with it)well it wasn`t doing me any good,so i called his office and told the nurse what i wanted. now i promise,thats all i did;the next thing i know he told me i violated the contract. i said what contract? he says i signed one when he started treating me. i remember signiing some papers but there were 3 or 4 and i got tired of reading them (bad mistake) and just signed them,because i had already been there so lond that day. anyway thats why my rheumy sent me back to my reg. doc.
    well he starts me off on oxycontin 20,(had to eventually up it to 80 (twice daily with lortab 10 for breakthrough pain),i stayed on that for a year,my husband was laid off from his job ;we lost our health insurance,so i had to go off that expensive stuff,(bear with me,i`m telling all this for a reason)well i asked the dr. what he could put me on that was cheaper than oxycontin,he then put me on the percocet 10/325 to take 1-2 pills every 4-6 hrs as needed;i did fine after the adjustment from oxy to percocet. now get this;i have been on this drug for over a year,never had run out,never had to call for a early refill or even ask to go back on the oxy and my husband long since has gotten a job with good health benefits.
    ok, i go into a flare up,and it was a doozy,so i probably did take one more a day for at least a week;and i promise
    (on my moms grave) thats the one an only time i took more than was prescribed,8 a day was the limit,so i come up 8 pills short ;1 lousy time in over a year,when he put me on them. i actually thought he wouldn`t be that upset because i had done so well with the oxycontin and the percocet.

    wrong again!!!!!!!! he absolutely flipped over it,thats when he sent me to that so-called pain ,management center.
    my reg check-up with him was oct.4 which is my husbands vacation and we might go somewhere or not;but it gave me an excuse to change it to this coming monday at 11;15.i feel like if i can talk to him(my reg. doc.) in person,tell him how they treated me at the pain clinic,throw myself on his mercy and beg for another chance. i am a christian and i haven`t told a lie on here about any of this.i really don`t think he should have flipped the way he did,i didn`t get to see him,he just told his nurse to tell me about the pain clinic. i felt like then that if i could have talked with him face to face he would have given me another chance;because i am not a druggie ,i wish i didn`t have to take anything;but i have got to get him to write me another prescr. before i run out or i`m talking major pain!!!!
    he may just send me to another rheumy,but if i have to i will,its just i want one thats not afraid to give effective pain relief.
    anyone ever heard of Dr.Dorlon;seems like i`ve saw his name on here somewhere before;he`s a rheumy.
    i am really sorry this was a longggg post but i had to tell all that so somebody can give me some advice,and quick
    please keep this bumped till i get some answers.

    i`m so scared and worried that i`ll have to go without pain meds when i sometimes even hurt with them,please help??
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    I go to a new dr on monday and i pray to do have to same out come heres a bump

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    What a wretched experience. I think you should call your normal doc who freaked about the 8 missing pills, tell him abt traumatic exp at clinic, and really appeal to his generous kind nature (lol) to work with you and try to understand why you felt you had to exceed dosage one time in over a year. That's so awful. There are so many docs out there writing bogus awful scrips just to make a buck and well people end up getting off on this stuff. Meanwhile, going thru everything we have to, and this is how we get treated!

    Hugs, hon...
    Let us know what happens!
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    Maybe talking to your regular doc and explaining that the pain clinic will not prescribe YOUR med.s, that you of course would assume that his intention in sending you to the pain clinic MUST have been to help you gain other pain management skills that would help you to be sure to not have to repeat the same eight-pill episode, and tell him that it makes you optimistic that you may even eventually be able to attempt to cut back if you find great success with the pain clinic's assistance.
    OTHERWISE- I would keep watching Orachel's posts about PMC's- she has asked for advice on finding out how to determine if a PMC is best for you or not before you go.

    Good Luck- Hang in There
  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I am so sorry things have not been working out for you! Life seems so difficult when all you seem to have is pain. I know! My prayers are will you and hang in there.

    Gentle hugs
  8. nje

    nje New Member

    i need more feedback please keep this bumped
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    Meds? You should be on some type of anti-depressent. Pain meds alone will not help the FM... at least that has been my experience for the last 25 years.

    I take soma, muscle relaxer, elivil anti-depressent, and pain meds. I have tried over the years just using pain meds and they never worked to relieve the muscle pain, nor relax the muscle.

    You should try and find a DR. that specialises in FM even if you have to go out of the area that you live in. I see one here in the small town I live in that is a rhumy/ pain specialist for FM.

    Funny thing I was just refered to a pain management DR, and had my first visit today. He is also and anistesioligst (sp). Anyway he gave me the whole lecture that I am not to get narrcodics from anyone but him or I will be out of the program. As alot of people "play" the system...

    Personally my med ins. will not pay for a script unless it is time for a re-fill, unless written by another doctor for a different med.

    As far as the pain DR. He gave me a breif exam, as I took all medical records, MRI ect. I was sent to him by my ortho. as I have a disc that is just worn out and needs to be replaced by a spacer, and many bone spurs in my neck and lumbar area. I do not want to have surgery now, so I am trying to "wait it out" I am also going to physical theropy for the osteoarthritis...

    Both the theropy DR and the pain DR want me to exercise in a pool, water walking, and I am scheduled for three days a week, then I guess I will join the YMCA as they have indoor pools.

    Hope this helped you some...

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    I just got pain meds in May and can take up to 4 a day. I got 5 refills and usually only take 1 or 2 a day. I'm hoping that will last me a year, but I wonder when I finish up the meds, will the doc refill that for me or stop? I guess I'm not going to worry about this until the time comes next spring. Trying to just take 1 pill a day and do without the rest of the days for several days so I won't run out right around next May. :(

    I haven't yet taken over 3 in a day. I have never taken 4 in one day. My average is 2 a day.

    I don't know what to tell you as I wrote on your other post about my bad experience. I do well with the family doc, but this not knowing whether you get pain meds or not for refills is for the birds, especially when you get used to it.

    I also take Prozac, Xanax, and Diclofenac for FMS. I usually need around 12 to 14 hours of sleep and I pay the price when I don't get it.

    I couldn't manage FMS without the above 3 meds. I'm lucky that I haven't been in a really bad flare to need the 4 pills in a day since I started on these in May.

    He used to give me 20 Lortabs with 1 refill and that was only once in awhile when I was sick with a sore throat or UTI. So, I was pretty shocked when he gave me the dx and I looked pretty bad that day.

    I had been taking Advil for pain and it was tearing my stomach up and he got really upset that I was taking Advil and that is when he wanted to give me Ultram, but that doesn't work for me. Then he said Percocet or Lortabs and I picked the Lortabs because I wouldn't have to go to him every month for the written Rx.

    I am sorry you are having such a rough time. I'm so scare the same thing is going to happen to me too. That is why I'm stashing my pills like this. I have two entire bottles I haven't even opened up yet and am due for another refill in less than a week. Once I get 2 more refills that will be it.

    I wish you good luck and I completely understand how you feel. Days that weren't so bad for you, you should have cut back on the pain meds to saved some. Whose to say I won't run out like you will, though. :(

  11. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I live in UK and dont know what to say. I'm waiting for appointment for Pain Clinic and half expect to have the same happen to me because I am prescribed a narcotic for when pain is severe.

    I think your doctor was out of order over you taking 8 extra pills in a week, he obviously has no idea of the pain we can go through.

    Pain Meds usually only mask the pain, that is my experience even the strong narcotic ones, thats why you hurt even when you take them.

    If you could see a fibro specialist like someone suggested or another doctor who is sympathetic to your needs. You cant allow them to dictate to you like this because they are afraid of prescribing the proper medication.

    Please let us know how you get on and very good luck to you.

  12. Adl123

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    I'm so sorry you are having such a bad time. My, your doctor is really running scared, is't he? Someone , somewhere must really be going after doctors that they feel are prescribng a lot of pain meds, and, then without taking into consideration the patient or his/her needs,just go after the doctors and ruin their practices,. It doesn't matter if what they accuse is correct or not.

    This happened to my father in the 40's . He was a chiropractor, and, more than once, the AMA accused him of doing something unethical and then, at the end, when they couldn't prove anything, would apologize. But by then it didn't matter, my dad's practice would have been ruined, and we would have to relocate and start again. We moved a lot. I know I went to 8 schools before my graduation from high school! I don't know if the AMA was responsible for all of the moves, but I would't be surprised.

    Good luck in finding a doctor who isn't afraid . I'll keep you in my prayers. Please let us now when you find one.
  13. geomatos

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    I am new to this site, but I saw your posting and I had to comiserate. I have had fm symptoms on and off for 10 years, and for the past three years my pain has been so excruciating that I finally decided to go to the DR about it. I had done alot of research during these years and am a nurse as well, so I had pretty much figured out that fm is what i have, but even the information in text books about treating and diagnosing fm is pitiful. I went to the doc recently and after a MRI and xrays that came back negative, I was basically in tears trying to convey that the pain I am having is real and terrible.( I am no wimp either, I have had three children naturally so I know how to deal with pain) This pain just wears you down to nothing. My doc was very understanding and didn't treat me badly but he prescribed Vicodin one pill every six hours as needed for headaches( which I get 3 or more times a week, and the vicodin is like a bandaid for an amputation) and Aleve 3x a day. I have basically been living on Ibuprophen for the past six years( tylenol when I was pregnant) and I was to scared to tell my doc that I knew the aleve would do nothing because I didn't want him to think I am a drug seeker.( you see i have to becareful because I have three tatoos, which convinces some people that I must be addicted to something.)any way I was prescribed 30 for the month, then my back went into spasms and I could not even get out of the bath tub by myself. That crisis set me back, because the only thing I had to help was the vicodin, so I took it. I was so excited yesterday because i had an appointment at a rheum. clinic, and I thought that I would finally have some real help, but no. the DR drew labs, ordered a bone scan and some xrays and said to come back in 6 weeks! 6 weeks! I was hoping he would prescribe an antidepressant and a painreliever at least and I said so, but he said that " it's probably just fibromyalgia, I want your FP doc to treat you" even though my doc obviously felt I needed someone with more expertise than him. I just broke down crying in the dr's office out of frustration... Im sure I looked like a nut to them. Anyways, I am going to go to a doc next month who is supposedly the leading expert on FM, and he has FM as well-- I am really hoping for help! Thanks for sticking with my story I know it was really long but as i said it is my first time on this site and I guess i had alot to get out.
  14. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    and an explanation of just how you broke the rules. I know with my pain
    doctor he has said all along that if I had some problem that required more medication for a time, to CALL in and let him know. That way he can chart it and it shows you and he are both on the program of keeping close watch on your meds.

    I think what we are fighting is the dea for one but also all these doctors, "experts", sites and other patients who do not have the severe pain levels we do. So many are still putting out the irroneous information that pain meds "dont' work for FM" which is purely nonsense. Some people seem to have side effects of feeling
    "high" or "groggy" using them, I can't explain that as it's never happened to me. But that doesn't mean it hasn't to others.

    I just wish we would ALL become each others advocates more so. I have total respect for anyone that has pain levels that are controlled by NSAIDS (though they did my and my daughter's stomachs in) or even if they were eating banana peels and felt it was working for them. I don't care what ANYone needs to use if it WORKS for them. But too many who don't need the opiods to control their pain are even knocking those of us who do. I would never do that to anyone, no matter what their therapy.

    I think we (the majority of us anyway) who do need stronger pain meds don't just do those. We also usually take a muscle relaxer because as a class we have worse spasms to start out with..and something for sleep..for me it's Trazadone that works consistantly. It is an old antidepressant but I don't see ANY pain relief with it, but I'm sure the
    good sleep I get helps over all. It took many tries at things, combinations etc to find what worked
    best for it does for most of us no matter what we find that works.

    I also exercise, do relaxation exercises, take the warm baths with Epsom salt as needed, use linament, try to avoid stress (and around here
    that's very difficult at times), I joined this support board which helps me a lot. Even having my pets is a help to the pain because they provide
    comfort when I flare by being warm and willing to be held and quiet then. Other times their play and antics give me a good laugh and laughing always helps.

    But we DO do all we can on our own to
    add to our pain relief besides the meds. My doctor has a contract with me but he told me they aren't holding
    much water with the powers that be anyway so he's stopped doing them with new patients. He has to just keep very tight records and I write him letters (short) every visit describing my pain, how the meds help, how my other self help things help etc, so he has a full file of how both of us have worked to improve
    my ability to function.

    He has sent me to PT which didn't help me at all, but we have that in the records in the form of a letter from me explaining why it didn't work. Also the TENS machine, Chiro,
    etc well as what has worked;
    massage, warm baths etc.. It takes the doctor's willingness to stick with you, a good plan of treatment and VERY good records showing you respect your doctor and the PRIVILAGE of having pain medication, without which your life would return to a hell of inactivity, depression and
    inability to enjoy ANY PART of your life. As well as being unable to contribute to your home and family.

    We need to keep writing to every doctor, "expert", website, so called
    support groups and others who are still pumping out the false information that pain meds don't work
    for FM. We need to remind them that there are many levels of pain in the
    community of FM/CFS patients, that we
    don't know WHY some of us progress to
    the SEVERE levels but that we DO. And that pain meds, taken under the careful and consistant oversight of o ur doctors. As well as our own committment to follow our doctors dosing instructions, keeping our meds
    completely out of sight and reach of
    those who would steal them and not telling ANYone in our communities that we use them. We don't want word to spread, eventually to a bad intentioned person.

    I hope your doctor will be reasonable
    and that when you put it down in writing how long you took pain meds and why you took extra for one week of that time. Also put in writing that you will NEVER take additional
    medication without the knowledge and
    APPROVAL of the doctor,no matter what. Good luck and I'll be waiting to hear how it goes for you!

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