Bad experience with Acupuncture

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  1. Chrissy3

    Chrissy3 New Member

    Hi all,

    yesterday I went for some acupuncture, for my neck probs and dizziness. I had to lay face down which made me a little dizzy to start with. Then he put the needles in my neck (which really hurt) arms, lower back and ankles. Then he put electricity through them which made my neck very hot. I felt very claustrophobic and my muscles were so heavy and sore and felt like I couldnt move. it wasnt pleasant.

    i felt really disorientated afterwards. Then the rest of the day I ached all over and was awake most of the night with awful dull aching in my lower back (where the neddles were) and in my abdomen (I didnt have any back pain before I went). im still in pain this morning. Does this sound normal to anyone that has had this. Ive booked again for next week, but I think I would have to be dragged there kicking and screaming to go through that again!!

  2. EllenComstock

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    but have never had electricity put through the needles. Like you, though, sometimes when my doctor puts in the needles, it really hurts. It just depends on where he puts them. Some places I hardly feel or not at all. But it sounds like acupuncture is not helping you at all, but making things worse. What kind of a doctor are you going to?

  3. iamhopeful

    iamhopeful New Member

    I am sorry you had such a bad experience. I have been going for about six months and have a very gentle and kind pacticioner. She never works on me for longer than 20 minutes because my system is too weak. I did ask her a while back about using electric acupuncture. She said that would definitely be too strong for me.

    My understanding is that if electricity is used in a treatment it is only for one or two sessions. It is not something that should be used on an ongoing basis - but I may be misinformed about this as I have not researched it or discussed it in detail with my practioner. I am really surprised he started you out on that.

    If you felt pain when he administered the needles, did you let him know. If I do feel an occassional twinge, I say something and my acupuncturist will gently adjust them so that I don't feel anything. However you may feel a little surge of you own "elecetricity" at times as a result of the needle effecting your "chi." Whenever I am dizzy, which is pretty often of late, I usually have my session lying face up so that I don't become more dizzy, on occassion she has even sent me home without a session because she says I am too weak that day.

    It is not uncommon to feel a bit disoriented aftwerwards, just as you would after a good massage, but it should not last that long, and you should not be hurting that much.

    I would probably not go back to him, I do recommend acupuncture but only if you have a really good practioner. I am going to have a session today, I will try to remember to ask her about this and the pain you experienced.

  4. Robbimo

    Robbimo New Member

    Dear Chrissy,

    I have a good friend who swears by accupuncture, but I have tried it twice and both times have been terrible. The first practitioner insisted on doing a deep massage even though I told him this would hurt me. Then he put in the needles, which burned. I was bedridden for days, in pain.

    I thought the problem might be the massage, so I tried a different practitioner. This was a nightmare. The needles were very painful going in and remained painful throughout the ordeal. He then left me lying helplessly facedown, all alone, for almost an hour. I called for help, but noone came. I was afraid to move because of the needles. I left in extreme pain and was once again bedridden for days.

    Needless to say, I am not willing to try again! I know many people do well with this modality, but apparently it's not for everyone.

    You are not the only one! Robbie
  5. Chrissy3

    Chrissy3 New Member

    Thanks for your replies,

    Im still hurting now - had to take painkillers for the back pain. I cant beleive Ive given myself another problem!

    Ellen, I went to a Chinese place - they have a chain of them in the UK so I thought they would be ok. Trouble was he had problems understanding what I was telling him about my health probs.

    Iamhopeful, I was a little shocked at the electricity as he never told me he was going to do that. I think I would have been better if I wasnt face down. He certainly knew I was in pain when the needles were going in as I squealed like a pig! LOL I hope noone else was in the shop front as Im sure I would have lost them some custom! Im pleased you have a nice considerate therapist.

    Robbie, Im sorry you have had bad experiences with this also, obviously this is not for us. ive had some awful tests and things done to me in the last 6 years but I think this beats the lot!!

    Thanks again for your help and concern - I appreciate it.

    I am going to cancel my next appointment,

  6. iamhopeful

    iamhopeful New Member

    Chrissy, I told her about your experience and she said that you should never use the electric treatment for chronic fatigue or fibro, she was not surprised that you are in pain, she said it could easily effect you for a week. She also said that an hour is much more than folks in our condition can tolerate. You should experience what she calls a "zing" when the needle goes in, and it may need to be adjusted but once it is in it should not hurt. If I ever have one that does she takes it out immediately because I can't handle it at that time.

    I feel so badly that you had a negative experience. I would encourage you to try again,, but I would make sure that the person comes recommended and that you ask them if they have experience working on people with CFIDS or FM, and if so how they work on such patients. I hope you find some relief soon.

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  7. bamboo

    bamboo New Member

    hi, chrissy.

    over several years, i have seen several different acupuncturists. the first one i saw was a chinese doctor. her method was too strong and i could barely walk. it took a lot of coaxing before i would try again with someone else. i have been seeing my current practitioner for the better part of this year. he uses very thin needles and started out by using only a few and left them in for only a short time. i have regained confidence and have arrived at the point (sorry about the pun. . .) where the needles are so helpful that i am concerned about the possibility of not having enough income next year to cover the cost and therefore, not being able to get so much help.

    so, you may not want to throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. the right practitioner can do wonders.

    good luck to you, whatever your decision.
  8. Chrissy3

    Chrissy3 New Member

    Thanks for asking your therapist about my experience. I am feeling a little better today. I am a little shocked about the electric treatment (unintentional joke there) as he never explained he was going to do this. I felt very dizzy last night, dont know if it was from the treatment or not.

    Hi bamboo. pleased you have a good understanding therapist, maybe I will try again one day, but not with a Chinese Bod who is having trouble understanding English!

    Take care all,

    Chrissy x
  9. Bet2

    Bet2 New Member

    I'm so sorry you had a bad experience; it actually sounds like a nightmare. I have a therapist that is a chiropractor, massage therapist and an accupuncturist all in one. I have heard of the electric stuff but have never been exposed to it and listening to you guys; don't want to.
    My Dr. is an American who studied in China and New York. I live in the Tucson area. I don't know what I would do without him when I am in a real pickle.

    I agree with the rest of the folks that accupuncture may not work for everyone but I think you had a bad experience because you were at the wrong place. I usually try to avoid places like say First Chiropractic that has offices all over the place and move people in and out like cattle.

    I don't know what area you are in but you might do some networking there and see if you can find someone that is versed in this type of practice; someone that understands you when you are trying to explain to them what your problem is.

    Again I am so sorry that you had such an awful experience. We have enough problems without paying for more right?

    God Bless you and I hope that you get better soon. Love, Bet2
  10. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Hi. I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience, with something that can be quite helpful. Let me ask. Did you go to an acupuncurist that was trained in China or who was trained by someone trained in China? Is this person spiritual? I ask these questions because acupuncture deals with energy in the bodfy, and when one is dealing with energy, great good as well as great harm can be done, not that he needs to be Chinese, but should have been trained in the same spirit.

    I went to a Chinese acupuncturist once for pain after a knee operation. It hurt when he put the needles in, because he was really hitting the meridians. The pain went away, though, as soon as the needle was in and did not return unless I moved a lot during the treatmet. I was hardly sore at all after the treatments, but felt great. Secondly, a truly good acupuncturist does not need to use artificial stimulation. He should be a Chi Gung or Tai Chi Master and be able to channel energy through his hands. There are a lot of partially trained people out there fooling around with something that can be quite powerful. Please be careful.

    Why don't you ask around and try to find a highly qualified person? One good hint is that he/she wil probably have many Chinese patients. Maybe you can find one if you inquire at a Chi Gung studio. I found mine through my chiropractor who worked with a Chi Gung Master trained in china. He recomended the acupuncturist who helped me.

    I was really helped by my acupuncture treatmets. I only stopped because I could not afford them any longer.

    Good luck to you. I hope you find a good acupuncturist to help you with your pain. Hugs, Terry
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  11. Chrissy3

    Chrissy3 New Member

    Hi Bet,

    Please may I borrow your therapist? He sounds wonderful.

    I live in the UK, and had had a couple of people say this chain was really good - Oh well, I gave it a try. i would try anything to get rid of this constant off balance feeling. Thanks for your feel better wishes.

    Wow, Terry you seem to know quite a bit about this stuff, I really dont know the answer to your questions about his background apart from he told me he done 5 years of study. His English was not brilliant and I think that may have been part of the problem.

    Thanks again,

    Chrissy x