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    Hi All, it's been awhile since I've posted. I went back to work full time and I barely have enough energy to make it through the day.

    Anyway, , if anyone has any feedback I would really appreciate it.

    Last year I was out of work for 9 months. In a nutshell I was pretty much forced back to work by my Dr and my insurance basically denied my claim stating my depression was preexisting, due to a 2 year look back period.

    On my forms my Dr put depression being my primary symptom. At the time of filing I had so many things going on. My sleep studies showed 0 REM sleep, and apnea. I had nerve conduction studies showing nerve damage in both thumbs and left pinky. My MRI showed mastoiditis which the ENT Dr stated was probably "old"? Alot of other weird symptoms, fatigue always being primary. Basically I had alot of stuff going on.

    My physical symptoms did not start until a few months after my policy went into effect. So I really should have been covered.

    I literally had to go back to work to put food on the table. I went back part time and that was a herculean task. By going back to work my symptoms have only worsened. Now I developed bladder problems.

    I had to go back to work full time and I started that about a month ago. I've already been called into the office due to low productivity, handing in my work late. When you return to work full time they start your probation over, so basically, I'm gonna get fired. I had to call out today I really wasn't feeling well, I'm pretty much panic stricken.

    What are my rights at this point. Am I covered under the ADA?

    I've been digging myself into this hole and I don't want to have to reach the bottom, that desperation is starting to set in again.

    The denial of my claim I believe was in bad faith because legitimately I was entitled to the benefits I had paid for. The company saw me as a young woman who possibly could receive benefits for 30 years.

    Now due to the denial my symptoms have worsened. Instead of approving me and letting me allow myself to heal. I was sent back to work to only get worse. I personally do better when I work but having to work full time isn't really physically possible but I can't afford to work anything less.

    I've left a message with an attorney who handles bad faith claims so they'll probably tell me I don't have a leg to stand on, Any suggestions? Thank you so much
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    ritatheresa New Member

    Thank you for the suggestions. It means alot.

    Really right now I'm just trying to keep my job.

    If I go less than full time I lose my health insurance. I want to keep my job.

    Ideally I would like to work part time but that is not feasible. The last couple of days have been alittle better.

    It's so stressful having to worry about losing your job, especially when your giving your job every ounce of energy you have.

    I have a new Dr who is treating me I would say aggresively, I believe it's possible to recover from this nightmare, someday. He would be behind any decision regarding work. Ethically, I can do my work, the paperwork is torture, that's where I have a hard time and am always getting into trouble, also abscence.

    Now my Dr wants to try me on Valcyte. Alot of people get sicker at first, so of course I've got to worry about calling out.

    Nomatter what,my health is what matters, I've gotten through worse, but yeah that's easier said than done.

    Thanks again for your help, Ritatheresa

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