Bad FM Flare Up's?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jennisue, Oct 28, 2008.

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    I am new on here and I am very glad to have find a place to post. I was diagnosed with FM 3 years ago. The past month has been terrible with the worst case of fatigue and pain. Has anyone else had major flare up's with the change in weather recently? I live in South Carolina so the weather has finally cooled down, maybe too much too fast.

    I teach 7th grade and it all I want to do is sleep. When I do sleep or nap I don't feel any better. I take Ultram and Cymbalta. I do not have the energy and I literally feel myself starting to crash and fall asleep if I am sitting down with the students. I have to stand up in order not to fall asleep. I also take Ambien at night to sleep or I wouldn't sleep at all. I do not feel refreshed and so exhausted that I am almost to the point of not functioning.

    There is a lot of stress currently going on with teaching, house on market, finances, and taking a class on making peace with my past. I know the stress is a major factor and depression has become more severe. I am seeing my internist on Friday and my 6 month FM appt. with Rheumatologist is in November. I am wondering if it is all due to FM flare up or if there is something else going on to make me so fatigued. I don't have many sick days to take from teaching, so the holidays can't come fast enough!

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    I was dx'd with Fibro about 5 years ago. I live in GA and have been in a really bad flare also. I work in the front office at a High School so I can relate to the type of day you are having. My Dr. has put me on Prednisone to try and get the flare under control. I also have alot of trouble with fatigue. I have severe sleep apnea and take Provigil for the fatigue. If you can't get your sleep regulated it just makes everything worse. If I were you I would be sure and let your Dr. know what has been happening with you and maybe they can help come up with a solution. Hope you feel better soon. KWSmom
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    I don't know if it is the weather or not. I am in Va and it has gotten cooler here in the past week or so. I started with this flare about 2 weeks ago right before my period as usual and thought I would get some relief once it started but it has come and gone and I am still up and down. Sunday I was so wiped out I left church right after Sunday School and barely had the energy to walk down to the kitchen. Monday I was better and did okay at work but yesterday I was very tired and had a lot more pain than I am used to.

    I have vicodin 5/125 that is prescribed for 1/2 twice a day and had to have 3 yesterday with 4 advil each time. I was hurting a lot last night but if I am home I try to use the heating pad in lieu of more pain meds. This usually works until I can get to sleep and I am usually better in the morning but last night I should have opted for pain meds because I felt it all night. I hope this is over soon because frankly, it is scary when I get like this because it makes me afraid that I will not get better.
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    Just my two cents.... I took cymbalta for four months (60mg) when it first came out and I've got to tell you I had to take a nap every day. I've never been so drug out tired in all my life other than my EBV episode. Just a thought.....

    Good luck!
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    Thanks! I hope your flares will subside as well. Report cards are finished and go home on Thursday. I am taking Friday off for Dr. appt. and to attend a wedding in VA. I want to feel good for the weekend since I will be seeing family and friends. I am dreading the 6 hour drive. I will let my mom drive too.

    I also use the heating pad in place of meds at times. The Cymbalta will be checked again on Friday with DR.

    I hope this doesn't mean the start of a long winter that keeps me in bed more than usual. The change in temps is really starting to make me wonder if that isn't the case.

    I will update after the DR. appt. on Friday.

    Thanks for your kind words and advice. [This Message was Edited on 10/29/2008]
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    You sure do have a lot on your plate right now. Yes, stress will lead very quickly to a flare. But keep in mind that the weather does affect us also. I live in MO and pray to god to make the pain and fatigue go away when we get thunderstorms and also when the cold sets in. It seems like between 3 to 4 now i get very tired. It wasn't as bad during the summer well except the pain when there was too much stress and the thunderstorms. I really feel for you and just remember that you can come in and write us as a stress reducer anytime you need to.
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    I too was a teacher, I just recently quit my job weeks ago. It just got to be too much for me. I found myself wanting to sit down with my class. I was always very tired. I started to not be there even though I was really there. I was also taking classes for my Master's degree, which I have since put on hold until I can figure what is going on with me. I am just so tired all of the time and my body hurts all of the time. I can now postively point out when I am having a good day or a bad day and know when my body needs to rest. I just did not think I was being fair to myself or the children to continue teaching as much as I probably should have stayed working I really felt I needed to take care of myself for a change. So my advice to you is to take it easy. Don't do more than you have to and take time off if you need to. It's your health. :) I wish you the best.
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