bad headaches, allergic to meds, any ideas?

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  1. Chilene

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    i've posted about this before, so forgive me if you've read this.

    now, my allergies are worse and more dangerous than before. i used to just be allergic to antibiotics and a few other things... now, i can't take ANYthing. i also have nasal polyps, so am told definitely not to take aspirin, ibuprofin, etc. (those things DID help my headaches, believe it or not, but i always developed sneezing, facial swelling, and then the scary chest/throat tightening--not right away, but within hours and days. and that would be only taking half or quarter tablets!). and Tylenol isn't any better.

    i decided to try one more med (neurontin)... and there's congestion, bad stomach stuff, etc... and it doesn't relieve my pain as well as even the over the counter stuff did, though so far, no chest tightness. i just feel drunk and still in pain.

    not sure if the headaches are from my herniated cervical discs (C-5 to C-7)... but i haven't heard great success stories about surgery, especially with the fibro. chiropractor made headaches worse. i also react to herbs and vitamins and homeopathy. (i know what your thinking: this CAN'T be true; that's what i keep thinking!... even tried half a glass of wine or beer at night and got congested from THOSE.)... doctors don't even believe me anymore. i'm even allergic to (say it isn't SO--Benadryl--yes, it IS possible!). all this sensitivity has increased over the years. just a few years ago, i could take many of these things.

    there is an Eastern doctor that says she's can desensitive people to things; no shots (i can't deal with the weekly shot route), so i may try this doctor.

    wish i could afford an alternative healing doc, but they're not covered by medicare, and i'm not even sure they could help.

    sorry this is so long!

    i'm beside myself.


  2. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for your response.

    oh, i may be mistaken about calling my reaction "MCS" (though i am also sensitive to all the environmental/chemical stuff, too).

    yes, i'm pretty sure that it is an allergic reaction (to meds) that can sometimes go into asthma.

    it is possible that the allegies also cause the headaches (so many things the headaches could come from with me!: herniated discs, hormones, post-herpetic neuralgia, sinus... and even blowing my nose hard due to nasal polyps... i can never figure it out. or could be a combo of these things).

    i have not yet been to visit the Eastern medicine doctor, but will find out.

    thanks again!;)

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    Have you given up wheat and dairy? They are extremely hard to digest and undigested food particles will cause the immune system to become hypersensitive to other things you wouldn't normally be allergic to. With me, it's cats and pollen. If I consume dairy (cow's milk proteins) in any form, I sneeze my head off and have severe hay fever. But after giving it up, all of that went away. Only problem is it takes like 2-3 months to get it out of your system.

    Have you checked into guy dysbiosis?

  4. msSusan

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    I have 24/7 headaches which I believe are mainly due to herniated disk in neck. I am afraid of surgery because I don't get any pain relief from meds like Ultram or Vicodan. Muscle relaxants, gabapentin just make me very groggy! I tried an injection a few years ago and was miserable for 2 weeks. NO PAIN RELIEF!

    I have intolerences (not really an allergy?) to many supplements I have tried and also to foods like gluten, eggs, corn, soy, nuts. Many seem to cause a "feeling" of inflammation/burning pain if not true inflammation. Any supps. I try I need to start VERY SLOWLY even doing "licks" of substance.

    I am working with a naturopath on liver/gallbladder/detox and adrenal/energy issues. I also just started Specialized Kinesiology which is supposed to help with nervous system issues which hopefully will help with my nerve pain issues from neck damage and overall health issues from FM.

    The only time I don't feel headache/neck pain is if I sleep o.k. with Soma. I still feel discomfort but am groggy enough to sleep.
  5. Chilene

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    hi karen;)--

    i have been slowly giving up wheat and dairy for the past few years. (and yes, allergic to cats and pollen, and DUST too... wish i could have a cat!).

    it IS clear that i should never have dairy, at least. i developed severe nasal polyps (from severe dust (long story), dairy and over the counter meds--polyps can be brought on by aspirin/ibuprofin if an allergy to those exists). doc said i'd have to have polyp surgery. i said "bah". i took tons of garlic and liquids and reduced the breathing trouble (not sure polyps were/are entirely gone). soon after i was feeling better, i added yogurt back into my diet (was sick of soy yogurt). had a few pizzas, too. sure enough, the allergies/polyps went nuts again.

    that really helped for me to hear your experience. makes me not want to cheat with ice cream here and there, or even pizza now and then (wah!).

    i will try to really cut it all out again. thanks so much for your experience!


  6. Chilene

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    thanks so much for your response.

    some days i'm ready to consider the disc fusion surgery (i've been dealing with the pain for the better part of 11 years, and never had the courage to go under the knife. afraid it might backfire; i've heard some not so great stories about the surgery making things worse with fibro patients). but when it's headaches for days and weeks and years it wears me down way more than the cfs. it's so exhausting, isn't it?

    wow, you really are nearly as sensitive to supplements, etc., as i am! i never thought of the "licking" first. did you learn this from a doctor? or your own trial and error?

    i think i really need a naturapath; my internist is getting me nowhere. i went to specialists (neurologists, rheumatologists and even a "cfs" doc)... here and there, but always came back to my internist. she's a great general doctor, but i feel like i do all the research. also, i'm not sure how many fibro/cfs patients she has. i feel i've been stuck with her, and she only really helps for clinical stuff.

    i used to go to more wholistic docs when my working insurance covered that. now, i have medicare and i would have to put out like 300 bucks just for the first appointment (even if some of that is reimbursed). i can't afford it. that's the rut i've been in. but i'll keep seeking.

    by the way, do you (or does anyone) know which type of therapist (physical therapist, kinesiologist, etc.) is best for people dealing with cfs/fibro/herniated discs? or maybe a cranial sacral doc?


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