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    Can anyone tell me how they got rid of the headache's? They are everyday. The DR has given me several pain meds they haven't worked. Thank you for any replies.

    Soft Hugs,
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    Trudi: I don't know: But....see my posting on page 2 Pippat
    regarding myself & my sister's history. I had some headaches with the FMS but Dramamine helped me along with advil. However; my sister had severe migranes and has tried everything! Only recently discovered she has seizures. Before she has had to take some serious pain meds. I hope you don't have to. We're hoping she can get off of some of them soon: Now that there's a cause. Hopefully she'll get the right anti-seizure medicine right away and hopefully that will do the trick. Please see if he will do an EEG (qualitative) on you. God Bless You With Yours. Will pray for you tonite. Pippat
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    I use to have cluster headaches. The Dr. gave me FIORNAL. It worked very well. Hope you feel better soon. Sheila, Topeka, Ks.
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    I am VERY well-aquainted with daily headaches, and I'm sorry to hear you have them. About 90% of headache sufferers with frequent headaches can obtain relief with preventive meds (I'm not one of the lucky ones). You and your doc may need to work together and experiment to find one that works for you.

    PLEASE be careful with pain meds, though -- they can cause "rebound headache." Headache sufferers are wired so that overuse of analgesics can actually make our headaches worse and more frequent. Fiorinal/Fioricet is particularly likely to lead to rebound due to the barbiturate content.

    Here's an article that explains the rebound effect...


    What is a Rebound Headache?

    Rebound headache most often develops in a migraine patient. Typically, the migraine headaches gradually become more and more frequent over several months with a gradual change in the type of headache: The migraine headache happens less often and is replaced by a tension-type headache, which becomes a daily occurrence. It is important to realize that Rebound Headache is a SYNDROME and is NOT one particular type of headache that a patient suffers.

    Symptoms of rebound headache include:
    Daily or nearly daily headache
    Pain on both sides of the head
    Pressing/tightening quality ("like a tight belt around my head")
    Photophobia (sensitivity to light)
    Phonophobia (sensitivity to sound)
    Tight and tender neck and shoulder muscles
    The patient is regularly taking symptomatic/abortive pain medication

    The Causes of Rebound Headache
    Abnormalities in the body that cause rebound headache are not known. Up to 40-70% of patients seeking care at headache or pain clinics are thought to be suffering from this syndrome. It probably is a rather common problem, but it is under-recognized by doctors.

    What Drugs Can Cause Rebound Headache?
    Many headache specialists believe that any abortive/symptomatic headache medication can cause rebound headache; the most common culprits are actually the over-the-counter medications!

    What is Too Much Symptomatic/Abortive Medication?
    The number of times a person with a history of migraine can ingest symptomatic/abortive medication is not clear. Many authorities now suggest that migraine patients take no more than a total of 10 doses of symptomatic/abortive medication per month. Others allow more but become concerned about rebound when abortive therapy is needed more than a few times per week.

    Treatments for Rebound Headache
    Stop the Culprit Drug
    If patients with rebound headache stop taking the drug(s) that are causing the syndrome, in 4-8 weeks 80% note dramatic improvement -- without doing anything else! However, for many patients, the initial few weeks may result in a worsening of their headache.

    If the culprit medication is not stopped, additional treatments often will have very limited benefit. Studies have shown that a prophylactic headache medication often will not have a beneficial anti-headache effect when given to a patient that is rebounding. Therefore, when a rebound headache patient tells the doctor that he/she "has tried every headache medication known to man," more likely than not the prophylactic medications were prescribed while the patient was in the rebound cycle, and thus the drugs were not given an adequate drug trial.

    Prophylactic Headache Medication
    In addition to stopping the symptomatic/abortive drugs, some patients may benefit from addition of a prophylactic medication, such as an antidepressant.

    Stress Management
    An important element in treating rebound headache is helping the patient rid him/herself of the knee-jerk reaction to take a medication at the first sign of head pain. Techniques such as relaxation, imagery, and biofeedback can be helpful.

    Biofeedback may be an effective treatment for rebound headache.

    Physical Therapy
    Aerobic conditioning, neck and shoulder muscle stretches, craniosacral manipulation, and massage may help.

    Headache/Pain Clinic Treatment
    Rebound headache patients are often difficult to treat and require a multidisciplinary approach, including strict medication management, stress management training, and physical therapy modalities, all of which can be provided in a headache or pain clinic.


    I'm not sure I agree with the section of this article that mentions biofeedback. There is no evidence that biofeedback helps migraines, although it can be helpful for some tension-type headaches. YMMV.

    I don't know if this article will help you, but I just thought I'd chime in with my 2 cents.

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    Had headaches for over a year; went to bed with them, woke up with them. Many doctor's later, many meds later, many trips to the er later, etc. I found that the problem was that I clench my teeth. Mainly, the back teeth. This occurs will I sleep and even during the day.

    I found a wonderful dentist who knew what was happening and made me a mouth gaurd that fit over the front four teeth. Headaches gone.

    Of course this is only what I have found to have happened to me. Worth a shot.

    Good luck.
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    Please tell me what you have tried. I have migraines and chronic daily headaches. I also went through a hospital stay for rebound headaches. I currently take verapamil. This has been my best preventative med with fairly low side effects. I can give you a list of more if you would like. I was just diagnosed with FM, but I have been suffering with migraines and chronic daily headaches for about 20 years.