Bad neck/ anyone recommend a good pillow ?

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  1. I have a bad neck and for years used a buckwheat hull pillow. However I ordered a new one and it has less stuff in it than my old one, so I am sending it back. Can anyone recommend a good pillow for the neck? I even tried one of those pillows with the stuff the astronauts use and they make toppers out of, but it is too flat for me. HELP! I am waking up with the worst neck/head pain.
  2. aryiella

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    I have finally found my perfect pillow after a long search. It's called "Dunlopillo" I bought at a local mattress store in Clearwater, FL. It's not too flat, not too firm, gives support but also has give. It keeps it's shape too. It's apparantly made of latex foam (which my new super-comfy bed is made of also). Do a google search of the name and eventually you should be able to find a US distributors page.

    Good luck,
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  3. Jillian40

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    After about 6-8 pillows and easily $300, I have found the perfect pillow for me. It too is a foam pillow, like the other poster stated that hers is. Specifically, mine is called "foam rubber".

    What is best about it compared to others, is that I can put it just between my neck and shoulder, where it stays the whole night. It can be folded once too if needed. It provides just the right support and never flattens out.

    I remember it being about $40 or so, and I think I bought it at Sears or a similar department store.

    All the rest of my pillows are now banned from my bed. -chuckle

    All the Best to you in your search for good sleep.


  4. LongStruggle

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    I use a horseshow shaped neck pillow that, I believe, is made of foam. In any case it is washable. I got it for $10 at a totes outlet store. I've also seen them for only slightly more at airport gift shops. I've seen more expensive ones in catalogs.

    I use this neck pillow either alone or on top of a plain flat pillow (not real thick) and a pillow under my knees. For me, this is the perfect set up as I don't toss and turn at all anymore since I've been doing this. I've had this set up for years. I wake up in the exact position I went to sleep in.
  5. anyone else recommend a good pillow for a bad neck?
  6. zenouchy

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    My experience is that like mattresses, everyone has different needs and tastes when it comes to pillows. What works great for one person won't for someone else. Therefore, it's best to buy a pillow at a place where you can buy it, try it out and return it if it doesn't work out.

    I've had great luck at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a huge selection of pillows with a wide range of prices. A higher price doesn't mean it will work better for you, but it's nice knowing there are several options. What I like about BB&B is that you can return something years later if the product failed as long as you have a receipt. They really back up their products. (I learned that when we bought a vacuum from them and it broke a year later....we had the receipt and they took it back and actually apologized to us for the product failing! How many companies would do that?)

    Best of luck,

  7. FM58

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    I use a memory foam pillow. It is a pretty heavy foam pillow. It dips in the middle & both ends are raised. One end is raised higher than the other.

    I showed my chiro this pillow, he was pleased with it. It was quite similar to the one he uses in his demonstration class.

    I purchased mine via an internet site. However as another poster suggested, try BB&B - keep your receipt & see what works for you.

    Best of luck finding the right pillow!

  8. happycanuk

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    Boy, that is a tough question. I have bought 3 pillows of late. The Obus Pillow is too high for my lower back. You can buy these at Sears in Canada, but lots of other places as well. I tried the memory foam, and did ok for a couple of weeks, and then my neck started to hurt. I just bought a "soft" pillow (first time EVER) and it is filled with a chipped foam. It it WONDERFUL. Buying a pillow is like buying shoes or bras. It a tough go! Good luck in your search.
  9. shelby319

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    Hi Fibrobutterfly~~

    After I had my cervical spine surgery 3 months ago I got this traction pillow from a pharmacy where they also sell other medical equipment, like wheelchairs, canes, special chairs, anything that people with health problems that need things like this. Not all pharmacies carry things like this though.

    They will let you take it home and try it out, to find which one works the best for you, and then return it if you find that one doesn't work and take home another and another until you find the one that works the best for your condition. This way you don't have to worry about buying a pillow just to find out that one didn't work like another you might have bought and got stuck with. I found this was the best way to go and also saves you alot of money.

    This pillow is great and has 7 traction positions to adjust it with, when you might need something with a little more support, or less support or whatever you might be feeling that day. You can adjust it to your needs whenever. I use it also for when I might need some extra support while sitting on the couch or when I have really bad spasms and I need to rest my neck but don't want to have to lay down to help me until the spasms pass. Or for sleep, it works fantastic as I said, as you can adjust it to your needs during the night time to help you sleep better.

    Whatever your reasons or needs, just go to any pharmacy that carries medical supplies and they should have them where you can try them out, and if they don't satisfy your needs, you can bring it back and try another one, and this way you save alot of money without alot of extra pillows you will no longer use or don't know what to do with them. Plus look at all the money you can save once you find the right one!!

    I love mine and it does work great, but they aren't cheap either, especially the one with the 7 traction positions.

    Good luck and I hope you can find one that you like, so you can finally get the relief you need!!
    Gentle hugs,
  10. survivor13

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    hi there

    i also have a horseshoe or u shaped pillow which i find most helpful but have a soft sleeping collar provided by the pain clinic at my local hospital which helps the most when my neck is particularly sore or stiff.
    hope this gives you another option in your quest

    take care
  11. a traction pillow ? I have never heard of that. Is it one you can actually sleep on at night or just to put behind your neck watching tv? How does it work? It sounds interesting
  12. PVLady

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    There is a kidney shaped neck support pillow I use that is great. I think it has buckwheat hulls also.

    They sell these pillows at the Whole Foods grocery store here in California. Many health food stores carry these pillows. You can also find them on the internet.

  13. shelby319

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    I saw your post earlier and then kept reading and never got back to you...please forgive me!

    The pillow is wonderful and it has 7 settings on it where you can adjust it to your needs, like soft or hard or whatever. It can also be used for sleeping like I do after my surgery on my neck. But also when I get those dang spasms during the day and don't want to get into bed or I just want to lay on the couch to watch tv.

    So, you can adjust it while sitting up or sleeping or whatever you want to do when you want to rest your head and neck area. It does have settings where you either blow it up or like mine where it has a pump attached to it and it does all the work for you. Its battery operated so you don't have to worry about plugging it in.

    I'm not sure where you might find it besides a pharmacy where I got mine, bit Prickles said something about finding it I believe on Ebay?/!! They are kind of expensive though, but well worth it!!

    I hope I answered you alright and you can find it, as I'm sure you will love it like I do, and get some well deserved spasm free feelings and no more pains in the neck!!

    Good luck, and if you need my help again, just ask and I promise I'll be here sooner next time!!! LOL!!

    Have a wonderful evening~~
    Gentle hugs,

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