bad neck is severe Osteoarthritis, who knew?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by forfink, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. forfink

    forfink New Member

    Hurt my neck 20 plus years ago and have been dealing with Fibro just about as long. Had an initial cervical CAT scan back then but all was normal. So after reading so much on OUR website about all of you getting MRI's I asked my doctor if I could have one just to confirm I was ok. Just a bad case of Fibro I thought. So the results come back with severe Osteoarthritis and bone spurs in my spine. Here I have been excepting Fibro was the cause of all this neck and shoulder pain and there really was a more serious problem! But I still do have a bad case of Fibro....

    In my case, the arthritis is hereditary, but I have lived an exceptionally healthy life, great diet, good exercise, low stress, and normal weight. Lots of stres when it all happened. I never dreamed my spine was this bad.

    Guess I just wanted to put this out there as food for thought. Who knew? Anyone else get this diagnosis?
  2. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    mostly when I sit but I had an mri of C spine, showed nothing wrong with neck. Today I had another, cause of hip, thigh, knee pain...of lumbar spine and right hip. This all started in January. The neck shoulder left arm pain started in late fall last year. They are saying that that is fibro. I tend to disagree, but what can I do? I am thinking Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, they ruled it out so quick. I heard its a tough one to dx. Glad you had that done though, so hopefully something can help before you get worse! You really have to be your own advocate. The docs must be overwhelmed.

    Good luck!
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    A guy at work was having all of this neck pain too and went to a Neuro and his is arthritis in his neck. I guess I have to be more agressive with these DRs. None of them are doing MRIs or anything like that on me.

    Thanks for the post ;-) I am going to tell Neuro that we need an MRI done!
  4. GranmaBB

    GranmaBB New Member

    I have fibro, and severe Osteoarthritis as well.
    Bone spurs in my neck, arthritis in hands, knees, shoulders, lumbar (really bad) and probably a lot more places.

    The only thing good about it is that the doctors will give me the pain meds I need because they look at the arthritis, not just the FMS.
    It makes them feel better giving meds for something they can see.

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