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    There are only a few SS Lawyers in the area, at any rate the one I spoke to this morning did not sound too optimistic about my case. He said you needed a very supportive doctor, and the judges at my local SS office flat out do not believe in Fibromyalgia. How about That ???
    He said he hates it but.... Now I am going back out on disability... my long term is for two years, and during that time I'll pray a part-time position opens up in my field. I know alot of people in my profession... unless I get black balled from this circle. I have become sooooo paranoid. Sign me,
    Love Sue
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    Hi first of all how do you know you'll even need a judge??? Many many people including me got SS on the first try with NO lawyer. I called the 1 800 number and filled out the questions and got it about 11 months later. The reviewing doc for ss were located 6 hours from my house. Another gal I met at a suport group got hers on the first try. We both have CFS but there is no reason fibro doesn't qualify or even depression. Good luck to you!
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    This is such a tough thing to do let alone being told by an Attorney this stuff. You know after reading this I can't help but think that that is descrimination. However you spell it. FM is under the disability act now. Just sign up and get going on it. You may not need an attorney like everyone said anyways. And if you do then do a search for one that is good and not one that is going to tell you negative things without even seeing your file. You will be okay. Heck I have been fighting the system for many years now. One thing about us with this DD we aren't quitters are we. We keep fighting the fight.
    Take care, and best of luck.
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