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    I dont' know what my problem was Saturday , I woke up with a bad headache and was so nasous that the thought of food was nasty. I tried to keep drinking water as it didn't upset my stomache.

    I had an issue with my phrmacy about not getting my scripts renewed,they say they never got the doctor's call, But I called about two hours after the doctor did and they had them them. But on SAturday when i call they had never seen or gotten any refill calls from my doctor and was told that this was not their fault, It is all the doctors .

    I also called the doctor to ask when my visteril was due and asked if they had called in the two scripts i needed on saturday. They said they had. Now why would they lie, or why would one pharmist tell me that he had the scripts and that I could pick them up on Saturday and when i call SAturday they have never gotten that call. I don't get it. I have had problems every month since I swtiched to WAlmart.
    I worked it out with the soma that I would have enough to take at least part of the dosage for the day just not a full dose.

    I would switch back to the old pharmacy but we are still planning on moving and every town has a walmart. That is the reason I chose them. But it is getting really annoying that every month some thing is wrong, IT can't take 4 hours every time I get my meds filled and I have handed them the scripts so they can't tell me they didn't get them.

    I just hate waiting around the store for 2-4 hours after I have been told it will only take 30 minutes. It is a load of BS.
    Enough about them , I alreay had the nasty headache before I even knew about the problem with my scripts.

    I could not take the pain any more so I went to bed at 9:30pm and as I sat down on the bed I stood right back up and made a mad dash for the bathroom. I had the dry heaves for about an hour and then nothing, it was was a good thing i had not taken my meds or they could have come back up and i would have been screwed , but after the dry heaves went away i was fine . I did still have the head ache but was not sick to my stomache the rest of the night and morning. I was so sore this morning after being so sick the night before.

    My head has ached a bit on Sunday but not any where as bad as it was. i have stil not felt good and didn't want to eat as the thoought of eating made me nasueous. I was finally able to eat today and feel better. I just wonder what was going on in my body? I still don't know or understand why I feel like I do, and why out of the clear blue i get a nasty headache that make me have teh dry heaves. I dont' get migraine jsut tension headaches so this is strange to me. I never know from one day to another how i am going to feel.

    I understand this is a part of why my gi rls wnat me off my pain meds. I don't nessarely want to go off all my meds. i want to reudce them a lot but I know what fibro and cmps, end-stage oetoe-arthritis and DDD, spinal stenosis, arthtis in my wrist, bulging discs L4 and L5 and L5 and S1. I have learned that arthritis can flare up as well as my back pain can, all can leave me in intense pain, and I am terrified of the pain, I don't wnat to be caught flaring with out any thing to ease this horrialbe pain that makes me sick and can't function and just feel like death warmed over. BUt no one understands that feeling. I have been on pain meds for so long that I don't know what I would do with out them.

    I am willing to reduce them to a lower doseage so I dont' get so sleepy. But I don't know if the fatiique and sleepy is all from the pain meds or from teh fibro anddd cmps, no doctor can give me an answer to that question. It really bites. When I last saw my rehumy he informed me that I was stable. Does that mean in reducing my meds. to wait a bit and let's see how i do on this new med the hydromophone. OR does stable mean my artritis in staying the same ? Who knows and he did not answer my questoin about what did stabel mean?
    I am up a creek and don't nknow what to do , do i keep reducing my pain meds and when i get them lower stick to the lowest dosage? or do I ask him what he means by being stable.?

    So many quesitons and so little answers. Sorry for the long vent.
    Thanks for listening to me.
    HUGs ,

    I don't understand what happened to me why was I so sick from a headache? MY whole body ached all day Sunday and I just wanted to sleep. This dd that I have keeps changing the rules I know, I know what a flare feels like or i think I did but this fibro and cmps keep changing on me and I have not a clue how to learn how to cope with this.

    I have been trying to reduce my meds so that I am not taking so many. It really upsets my daughters , who don't want grandma to watch the babies as i may have taken a pain pill and will pass out or some thing like that. I don't take my meds during the day time just at night. In the past 4 yrs I have reduced the amount and dosage of the mscontin I take. I was taking 5 ,100 mgs a day for about 4 years and I Noticed that I was not taking them all so I talked to my doctor and had him reduce them in the amount i take.

    I now take 2 60 mg tabs 2 times a day. I changed my quick acting MSir30 mgs to hydromorphone 4 mgs. I was to take them 4 times a day but I didn't I started out taking two a day and then when last month I had a bad flare I needed to take 3 a day.

    They lasted me for days close to50 days as I had taken two a day but then had a flare and hurt worse and this month my doctor screwed the script as I had asked him to reduce it to 3 pills a day but he put take three times a day but gave me the amount of 120 and this did not work with the pharmists who called him back and he again put me on them 4 times aday. This time they should last at least 40 days
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    I kinda try to cut my Mom some slack after all she is 84 going on 85 and has alot of memory loss , both short term and long term.

    As for my daughters and hubby, they just don't get it at all. To them it is all or nothing. Either I stop all meds or I take them and listen to the BS about it.
    I thought I had found the best doctor, he was a pain specialist and was the kindest man I have ever met, He really understood about how pain effects people over a long period of time, that it can short circut the nervous system. He worked with me on what meds would help me the most. I tried so many different meds that were not pain meds but antidepressants that should help but for me they just made me ill and I would get the strangest side effects from them. He gave me pain pills as well and lots of them , made sure that I would not run out of them, I could refill them every 28 days and it was ok with him.

    HE put me on Mscontin and it was a really high dosage, 5 100 mgs a day , plus 4 30 mg MSiR quick acting mscontin. soma, visteril, and I have been on xanax for over 20 yrs.

    I noticed that I was not taking all of the dosage of the Mscontin 100 mgs after I had filled them a few times and I had two months worth left over. I had signed a contract that said I should refill my meds on time even if I had some left over.

    The problem came when he was charged with 7 counts of sexual assualt. This doctor was one who never touched me in an inappoprite way, he always had a nurse in the room and when he didn't it was because I had my Mom with me and he left the door open so that the nurse could be there if he needed her.
    He was the best listener I have ever met , he didn't judge me about any thing. When I started seeing him I was dealing with a rough event that had happened to my then 18 yr old daughter. It was resolved in court but it was a bad bad thing. It brought back memories of things that had happened in my life and I was struggleing to deal with then , years after it had happened to me.
    I know what sexual assult is and he was not guilty at least with me.

    AFter he was found gulity on one acccount and then the second trial ended with him being declared not guilty. IT really hurt his practice and about that time I changed insurance and he was not on it as a provider and I could not afford to pay the $64.00 payment every month , so I had to find some doctor who treated people with pain meds and not just alternitive stuff. We have a pain doctor here who does not use ANY pain meds at all in his practice. EVER!
    So I went with the rehumy I am with now.

    My family didn't like the pain doctor as he prescribed pain meds to me every month and in large amounts. Because he never said no to me about a pain med the family didn't like it. they felt I should be on something non narcoitic and they don't listen to me when I tell them that I have tried 90 % of the meds that are used for fibro, MPS, oesto-arthritis. I have tried the injections in my knees and that was a bad thing for me. I could not walk for two weeks and would not go back for the second injection. I didn't have good reactions to steriods so I would not have any spinal epidural's or injections. Why make my self hurt worse and be unable to walk , stand or sit , as the reactions I got were so bad that they only caused me more intense pain than any good they should have done.

    Because I am unwilling to try new drugs like Lyricia or Cymablta , my daughters feel like I am not trying to get better and not rely on pain meds. I don't want to put my self in harms way when I know that I have strange unusal reactions from medications. I am that person who gets the strange, weird , unusal , never heard of side effects. It has happened so often that I am not willing to try any thing that could remotely send me in to a not heard of side effect and get sick from it.
    Now you know my sad story about being on pain meds. I really have tried other things to help ease the pain, I can't afford chiropractics or massage's weekly It is out of my budget, I can't pay for the bills I have now so why add to them.?

    Thanks for listening to me rant and rave about the issues I live with. It means alot to me that there are people like you out there who believe in me and what I say about how I feel.

    LOTS of HUGS
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    I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I am in a similar situation; however, not quite as bad. I have tried Lyrica, Cymbalta, name it...I have tried it. The only thing that helps me are my pain meds and now that the weather is getting warmer...I don't need as many of those. My kids think my disease is made up and it's all in my head. They get upset when I take my pain medication but they don't realize that I make myself suffer sometimes so I don't have to take so many. This disease sucks. I've started losing a lot of weight and I'm having a lot of other issues but I'm scared to see my doctor again. Sometimes I wonder if it's best NOT knowing what's wrong.

    I love this board because everyone can exchange stories and thoughts and ideas...but I like it most because everyone out here is uplifting and understanding. I will pray for you and your family.

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    I just wanted to comment on what you said about losing a lot of weight. Last year in March I started losing weight suddenly and lost almost 15 pounds. I had no idea why.

    It turned out that I had developed diabetes type 2.
    I'm on a lower carbohydrate diet now and my diabetes is under contol without any medication. Maybe you could get your blood sugar checked just to be sure. Diabetes can have severe complications if left untreated. It makes CFS and FM look like a walk in the park by comparison.

    In some cases it is best to go ahead and find out what's wrong. I'm so glad I did. At least I have some control over the outcome with diabetes, I feel so helpless with the CFS and FM most of the time. I hope you feel better. GB66
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    In all my illness's there has only been one where I lost a good amont of weight. I had my tonsils out at age 20 and then got antibotic induced cholitis and spent four days in the hosital, I had internal bleeding and was given 2 units of blood. I went from weighing 150 to 118 in less than a month, It was great, if you don't count the illness, blood transfusions, and all the other stuff.

    But since then I have not been able to lose weight. I gained so much when I went on Depopravea {the injection you get once every three months to stop your periods. I gained 70 lbs in the first 3 months and have never been able to lose that weight again.}

    I could not eat for days and not lose weight. But I Know that is a bad idea , I struggle with the exercise's as they make me hurt worse and make the fatique worse but I still need to do some kind of exercise. I have been tested for diabetes seveal times and so far I am fine , don't have it , but hubby does. They thought he had type two diebetes but a few years later he was dx'ed with type 1.
    One of the reasons I don't want to try the lyricia is because of the weight gain and as I am already over weight {over 200 lbs}I really don't need to gain any more weight. I really need to lose some weight I have been told that for every pound you lose it takes off 20 pounds per square inch in pressure on my knee's. That would be really helpful for my poor knee's.
    Thanks for the answers.
    Sorry for the rambling on.

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