bad reaction to grapeseed extract

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  1. Rrrr

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    hi folks,

    just fyi about my bad reaction to grapeseed extract this week...

    i'm sure it works well for lots of folks, but when i took it, 2 hrs later i was hit by a wall of exhaustion and brainfog and even weepy-ness. i had taken 100 mg. the next day i took half that amount and was hit half as hard, but still very hard. both days i was unable to function 2 hrs after i took it.


    then i read on another site this below post (written by a non-native english speaker) and i wanted to re-post it here, in case others find they have a similar bad reaction to grapeseed extract, so they may get a hint as to one possible reason why they had the bad reaction. the below post relates to the methylation cycle, a basic biochemical process in the body.

    "Dr Amy Yasko does not recommends
    Grapeseed extract for those with ACE++ (a genetic mutation), because this mutation rises your
    levels of aldosterone and also of cortisol, and the grape seed extract
    inhibites an enzyme that inhibites at the same time the cortisol, so
    its net effect is to raise cortisol too, and this, in fact can affect the [so-called] short route of the methylation cycle (via the BHMT enzyme). Well, this is true
    for Autism, but it is not so clear if it is true for CFS, since, according to Rich,
    the effect of the ACE mutation can be aminorated by the downregulation of
    the adrenal-pituitary-hypothalamus axis seen in the most CFS's sufferers."
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    I take it myself, but I have never noticed an improvement in any way. I can't say that I felt it do anything unpleasant, either. I go through spells of feeling like my body does not want me to take ANYTHING. So, I haven't taken it in a week or so.

    I think I'll try to pay attention to what it does and try to separate it out from the other things I take.

    I should have been doing that anyway, when I started it. It's good that you had such a direct and dramatic reaction. Now it's not such a mystery for you.

    Do you remember feeling nervousness with your weepiness that could be connected to the cortisol levels?

    It's always disappointing when something we want to help us makes us feel worse.

    Do you have any thoughts on what might have caused the reaction? Did it feel like any sort of detox reaction?

    Hope you feel better soon,
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    This is interesting. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and the material about GE. I'm betting that it's like everything else we all try. Some of us respond well, while it's completely contraindicated for others of us. And how we respond can continually change as well.

    I didn't notice anything from it, personally.

  4. Rrrr

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    i am not sure if i felt more nervousness when on it. i think nervousness is sorta like hyper-ness and i feel hyper often with this illness. exhausted but hyper. go figure! (yakso thinks this is in part due to a glutamate/GABA imbalance, with too much glutamate in our systems, as glutamate is an excitotoxin, which is bad for the body). (in fact, i was taking the grapeseed extract to help balance my glutamate/GABA levels, as per the yasko protocol).

    i have cfs. had it 18 yrs. but then 2 yrs ago i was diagnosed with lyme, and the lyme doc thinks that is what i have had all along. i have no idea, as the symptoms are so similar. i think it is all about my methylation cycle being blocked (as described by rich van k, on this site; i just bumped his paper on the MCB -- methylation cycle block). anyway, so i either have cfs or lyme, depending on which doc i go to that week. :)

    i agree that everyone must try a supplement for themselves before knowing how they will respond to it.

    all i know is that i respond strongly (and badly) to most medications. and don't respond at all to most non-medical supplements. but rarely have i had this strong a reaction to a non-medical supplement.

    who knows! i had such high hopes for it! oh well. i'm now on to trying GABA now, which yasko recommends also.

  5. skikat

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    i too am very sorry to her that . as you mayknow from my pst that it has donr wonders for me and very quickly. i had to go off it this week as i am having dental work done and just dontwant anything else in my body. and 12 hrs after stopping it , i went into a flare that has not stopped yet. i cant wait to get back on it. but

    likethe othrs said,we are not all alike and ai am so sorry that it didnt work for you. my hubby had to go to university hospital with his torn ankle today and i had to let him go alone. about a 2 or ore hr. drive, but i cant walk so i had to stay hme because i fell hard last night. eal hard.

    i was only on the ge. for about 3 or 4 weeks but i was able to walk at the university hospital 2 weeks ago for the first time without my hubby having to push me in a wheelchair. so i sure wish it had done for you what it did for me. i wll be praying for you , for i know that you will find something else at some point that will help ..."you"
    GOD bless-ski-
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    Yep the same old story, it works for some but not for others

    angel hugs and blessings

    TENESSEE New Member

  8. Rrrr

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    yes, dr amy yasko does recommend grapeseed extract. but apparently not for those with a certain genetic mutation. i have no idea if i have that mutation. i have yet to get my genetic test results back from her office.
  9. tansy

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    Thanks for that info and for the possible explanation; whilst few of us can afford the genetic testing there are clues that others may pick up.

    There is no one size fits all, we are all genetically unique. We see confirmation of this through the varying responses to Tx, conventional and alternative, time and time again here.

    It's just the same in conventional medicine, which is why the current trend towards evidence based medicine, is often unhelpful to doctors or patients. Doctors are increasingly expressing their own frustrations over what they can Rx; and patients are being let down too when the recommended Tx are unsuitable for them.

    TC, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 10/03/2007]
  10. mrlondon

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    I've only found a single study relating the ACE++ genotype to increased cortisol, and it only occurred for people who had depression, and whom thus had an overactive HPA. Once the depression was treated, there no longer was any difference in cortisol levels between the different ACE genotypes. Thus, the effect seems to only occur in upregulated HPA, and since HPA is often downregulated in people with CFS, this is probably why Rich doesn't think this problem occurs in CFS. - Mark
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  11. Rrrr

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    thanks for that research. (certainly i'm not depressed, but i did react badly to grapeseed extract. who knows!)
  12. tansy

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    Hi Mark

    I always appreciate your contributions to discussions here. Many with these DDs have low cortisol levels or a blunted cortisol response; so this genetic mutation may not apply to them.

    Sometimes we have adverse reactions to various meds, supps, and herbs; others can run into problems because their therapeutic effects are wrong for that individual.

    We can do lots of research but often it's trial and error that gives us the answers.

    TC, Tansy
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  13. Rrrr

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    what is DD (damn diseases is my guess)
  14. tansy

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    I use abbrevations whenever possible to cut down on typing: have mechanical problems as well as these "DDs".

    TC, Tansy
  15. wld285

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    And was really hoping for something good. As of yet, I haven't seen anyone with the same reaction I had. Not even thinking about grapeseed, the first day I took 100 mg in a.m. My face kept feeling hot, like I was running a temp. but was not.

    Later that afternoon I took another 100mg and My face started feeling very hot again. When I looked in the mirror, my face and neck looked like I had baked in the sun, bright red.

    Anybody else? I was very disappointed and never expected to have a reaction to grapeseed!

  16. wld285

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    Not that I ever knew of and I also drink wine on occassion. Really surprised me. I may try it again when I have nothing going on.

  17. lease79

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    Another one that had icky side effects.

    I am sensitive to alot of medications in general. I took the grapeseed extract & felt initially okay, but about 24 hours later had the shakes, dizziness, visual disturbance, anxiety, felt like I had a fever, & all round felt rotten.

    Stopped taking it, started again on a lower dose, same thing happened again :(
  18. Scapper

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    Sorry you had such a bad reaction.......but thank you for sharing it w/ us and how it may link to the MCB.

    I didn't know Yasko recommends G.E. to balance glutamate/gaba? I've yet to find my way to her site.

    I always appreciate your posts and knowledge regarding the MCB.

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    where r u from in TN? eat or west? your bio is empty. i live in mississippi but all care is in memphis.sometimes feel like the only person around w/this DD. sorry off topic...just got excited
    fibrohugs to all
  20. Rrrr

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    hmmm. i'm on spironolactone. is that a blood thinner? could that account for my bad reaction to GSE?