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    This is my first time posting on one of these boards. I have recently battled a 4 day severe reaction to H2O2 I.V. therapy. I have Fibromyalgia and CFS. This is what my Doc. and I were treating with the therapy. I know there are posts on here about this therapy, but I couldn't find anyone who had a bad reaction to it. I had done the first treatment a few days before Christmas and on the 3rd day I ended up flaring pretty hard and it lasted a couple days. Then i recouped. This second try at the H2O2 therapy was about a week ago. And on the early part of the third day my pain began to rise exponentially with the hours until that evening I was maxed out. I ended up in the worst fibro pain of my life. I felt like I was burning from the inside out.This persisted for over 3 days at which I got only a COMBINED total of 6 hrs. of sleep in those 3 days, and that was only when my body couldn't stand up anymore. Sorry for the gross factor, but I also ended up "releasing my stomach contents" all day Saturday from the pain and lack of sleep. I could feel my brain slipping because of it all. I finally ended up at the emergency room Saturday night (I have never had to go to the emergency room for my fibro). When I got there my blood pressure was really high. They had to give me this drug called.... not sure of spelling-Dilauded?, had never taken it before & they said it was 10x stronger than Morphine. They had to give me 3 shots of that plus a drug called Adivan? and an anti-nausea. This was all soooo embarrassing for me. I do not like "pain killer seeking" and I was crying so much in public from it all, not to mention the big white salad bowl I had to carry with me for the tummy problems; of which will no longer be used for salad.... hehehe. I finally passed out at the hospital and slept almost the entire day of sunday an a large part of today (Monday). I am sorry this is soooo long. But I really need to know if anyone else has experienced this. My doc says I woke up a "Very angry, monster that put my immune system in overdrive too hard and too fast." This might be true because at the emergency room my white blood cell count was tested and it was elevated.... go figure? I do have to say that I have the BEST protective and caring husband in the world who was my only rock through it all and brought me back my sanity and control.
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    I have had the H2O2 IV treatments also. My reactions were not pleasant, but not as bad as yours. I had terrible flares...migraines, stiff neck, shoulders, aching legs and arms, etc. Don't know if my BP was elevated or not.

    When I told the doc about this, he said due to the reactions I was having, he felt I have Lyme Disease instead of fibro, and yes, this is a sign of killing off the little beasties. This type of flare is called herxing, or the Herxheimer effect. It certainly isn't pleasant, is it? My reactions are actually getting less, so I'm assuming a lot of the toxins are clearing out.

    So sorry you had such a severe reaction that you ended up in the ER, but I also think your doc is right. Maybe they could cut down on the amount you get, if you decide to continue. Good luck to you***Jole***
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    I am so sorry that you had to go through this. You were not herxing, you were poisoned.

    H2O2 therapy is not approved by the FDA and there have been deaths associated with the IV treatment.

    There is no scientific evidence that this treatment is beneficial in any way for FM/CFS and is based on a flawed theory.

    If the H2O2 escapes from the cells it can cause severe tissue damage.

    Doctors have been sued ( I am not advocating this) and lost their medical licenses using this treatment.

    It sounds like your horrific reaction to this treatment should be reported but I have no idea who you would report this incident to. I think it would depend on the type of doctor who gave you the IV.

    Thank goodness you have such a supportive husband and are doing much better now.

    Hopefully, people will think long and hard about doing the H2O2 IV treatment after hearing your story.

    Take care.

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    Please read these, and see how many times you find "death" on the page...

    I'm so glad you are all right.
  5. gapsych

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  6. Cinderbug

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    I can not believe what I just read.

    In my 35 yrs in the nursing field I never imagined that anyone would ever administer hydrogen peroxide via an I.V.

    Nurses stopped even cleaning open wounds with peroxide many years ago because it kills cells. Not to mention the amount of air embolisms ( air bubbles) being injected into the vascular system...possibly causing stroke or heart attack.

    Is this even legal or am I really truely missing something here?

    What on earth is it supposed to do??

    Sorry, but this post is astonishing to me.

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    I have had hydrogen peroxide treatment with great success, but i know it's not for everyone. It really hurt my husband's veins so he stopped doing it. It really depends on the person. But like with any treatment, you should definitely start slow and see how your body responds. This treatment has been around for a long time and is administered successfully in many countries. Yes, it's not fda approved just like so many other alternative treatments that people find helpful for FM/CFS.
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    Mine was given by a also contained large amounts of Vitamin D, and DMSO for the pain. The purpose of the hydrogen peroxide is to up the oxygen level in the blood cells. I can honestly say my brain fog, cognitive issues and severe pain was much better for approximately 2 weeks following each treatment.

    Following the IV (which took approximately 2 hours to infuse) I was also given a B complex injection (IM). Yes, I know this treatment is controversial, but as Panthere stated, it has been around for a long, long time in many countries.

    I haven't decided if I will have any more treatments, but it is due to the cost, not the treatment itself. It was the best results I've had in the past 5 years....and I've tried lots of the mainstream treatments that didn't work at all.

    As with every treatment, this certainly is NOT for everyone....maybe I was just lucky, but I knew there could be some side effects....but there is with mainstream meds also. Friends***Jole***
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    I can't speak to deaths via H2O2 IV use except for the one I read about while researching my own options for this relatively simple therapy. A young man who had end stage AIDS, and staying at a hospice facility, was desperate and in his wounded thinking process elected to administer to himself hydrogen peroxide topical solution purchased at any drug or grocery store - the familiar brown bottles for a dollar or two.

    From what I learned about the IV use is that the solution must be pure (drug store varieties can and do contain many impurities such as metals, and must never be used internally except in rare cases where vomiting is medically needed) and must be without exception extremely dilute in strength. This terminally ill young man died from the injection of the wrong solution.

    The research I read out of European countries were in the majority supportive of the use orally. These encouraged me to try it, which I did. I secured a THIRTY percent strength Food and Medical Grade solution and then followed the strict dilution instructions (I own my own water distillation machine). I also followed soaking protocols and still do when my legs are giving me great pain.

    For me, the therapy was successful. It gave me enough strength and renewed vigor to actually take up weight lifting once again, and to resume teaching dance privately. I would estimate that I felt remarkably better for almost a year, and then the fatigue and pain returned. Though not as bad as it had been in the past. This was in 2004 into 2005.

    I tried a second time in 2006 to follow the oral protocol but found I couldn't tolerate the taste so gave up on it.

    Today, I will soak in an almost hot tub of water in which I've poured 3-4 bottles of the store bought type. I relax in it for about 20 minutes or until the water temp has become tepid. These baths do give me an energy boost for a few hours and have enabled me to attend a party here and there, or travel a few hours by car. So I recommend this type of therapy to others.

    I'd have to be truly on my last legs to seek out the IV therapy though, but that's my personal choice.
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    I found the following information in the article you cited. Thank you for finding this article.

    I also found another article that says that you do not need more oxygen if you are 98% and increasing those levels can be dangerous. If you are lower than 90%, you need to see a doctor for why this is occurring. There can be several causes and getting the IV treatment may delay getting the real medical help that you need. I will find this article so I can cite it.

    What is scary is that these "doctors" really believe this works despite the evidence to the contrary that it is not effective and can be very dangerous.

    "Under normal conditions, hemoglobin in blood leaving the lungs is 98% saturated with oxygen. The hemoglobin in one liter of blood can carry about 200 ml of oxygen, and about 50 ml of this is extracted each time it passes through tissue capillaries. The metabolism of a normal 60 kg adult requires delivery of between 200 and 250 ml of oxygen each minute . Since the amount of hydrogen peroxide that is infused into a patient during one "oxidative therapy" session, yields a total of 100 ml of oxygen per day, the treatment can make no significant contribution ones oxygen requirements .

    Moreover, increasing the concentration of peroxide ex-vivo in rabbit or human blood containing E.coli produced no evidence of bactericidal activity. Lack of effect of high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide was directly related to the presence of the peroxide-destroying enzyme, catalase. To have any effect, high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide would have to be in contact with the bacteria for significant periods of time. But the large amounts of hydrogen peroxide-destroying enzymes normally present in the blood makes it impossible for peroxide to exist in blood for more than a few seconds. One must conclude that hydrogen peroxide introduced into the blood stream by injection or infusion cannot act as a germicide in human blood."


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    I have no idea if soaking in hydrogen peroxide is dangerous or not.

    There have been more than one death and doctor's losing their license. I can list them if you want. Some of these deaths also resulted in law suits.

    You also have to be careful where you purchase the the higher grade peroxide especially if it originates in Mexico. A lot this ends up in Texas.

    Now I do like a hot bath with epsom salts. Even just a hot bath is very relaxing.

    Take care.

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