Bad reaction to new medicine

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    Hello everyone. Just wondered if anyone has ever had this? I wentt to see my allergist on wednesday and he told me I had multiple chemical sensitivies so I asked him if this could be FM or CFS. He said that diagnosis would have to come at a later date.At the time I saw him I was itching all over so he gave me clarinex to stop my itching.I wasn't itching until I dranked a grape soda.So yesterday I got up and took the clarinex.It was a nightmare.I itched until I brought blood to my skin.I called my allergist and he decided I was allergic to the dye in the pill.I could tell my blood pressure was getting lower because everytime I stood up I would black out.After that all day long I was so tired and it seemed liked it took all my energy to try to raise my arms.This morning I am fine.Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks
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    companies put dyes in allergy medicines!!! Duh! But they continue to . . .

    My son has chemical sensitivities and he reacts to any med that has corn as a binder and most do. Dyes actually can be corn based. Most of his meds are compounded or proven hypoallergenic corn -free. What kind of food allergies do you have? Grape soda could be a reaction to the coloring in it or most likely the corn syrup.

    IMHO, he needs to prescribe meds that can be filled at a compounding pharmacy with no fillers added. They sell benadryl dye-free at regular pharmacies, might want to try that for the itch until you find out what you are reacting to. Hope you are feeling better soon. -Karen