Bad reaction to TRAUMEEL? Antidote!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by georgi, Nov 21, 2005.

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    After reading all the posts about people having bad reactions to the Traumeel, first of all I appreciate Lollie and her knowledge about homeopathy she has shared. I have used homeopathics a lot, working with a professional who I have over the years plyed (sp?) with questions about it and I have also read a lot. The things Lollie says are concurrent with what I also have learned.

    But if anyone has a bad reaction to Traumeel or any other homeopathic remedy even after muscle checking (AK) for it positive, you can of course just "roll with it" through the healing crisis (See Phoebe's "feeling horrible from Traumeel" thread), which is probably the best option as Lollie says.

    But if you just can't stand it, you can pop a piece of dark chocolate or drink a cup of coffee, and it will immediately counteract the effect of the medicine and your symptoms will begin to subside. Homeopathics cannot work with caffeine in the system!

    Now, I know from personal experience this works with something called "vibrational homeopathy", and I know you're supposed to avoid caffeine with regular homeo remedies as well, so I am ASSUMING this will work with any of it. (Lollie, correct me please if you know anything about this if I'm wrong!) If it doesn't work, but I think it will, at least it won't hurt. (Unless you're allergic to chocolate or coffee.)

    I don't want to stop anyone from healing or encourage them to "bail" just cos the going gets tough. I myself have had some extreme symptoms from homeopathic healing crises! But if you need a reprieve or have to function, this may be a temporary way out till you're ready.

    And if you don't think you are in a healing crisis but think you just have had a bad reaction period, well, this will help for that too! In which case, you simply don't take the medicine anymore after that! :)

    I know several have ordered their Traumeel and are nervous. I Hope this helps, let me know if anyone tries it.

    Sincerely, Georgi
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    Are you saying no caffeine is allowed with the traumeel? I also read something about using mints or mint toothpaste?
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    Well, for best results, yes- stay away from caffeine while using Traumeel. But- if you really feel the need, just take your caffeine as far away from the time you take the Traumeel, before and after, as possible. Make sure there is at least an hour buffer, to get the meds throughout your system and working. Realize the homeopathic rememdy is working to actually HEAL your body, to stimulate its own health. Once your system is on a roll, so to speak, it probably won't hurt to have a cup now and then. It just may slow the process down a bit.

    I am doing a round of homeopathic medication right now and just can't stay away from chocolate (hormonal?) I just try to limit it and wait a long time after taking the meds.

    As far as mint and toothpaste is concerned, just be sure to have no mintyness in your mouth for at least 1/2 hour on either side of taking the Traumeel. Same goes for anything really strong like garlic, essential oils, or anything strong like that. Homeopathics are extremely sensitive!

    Hope this also helps. Thanks for asking!
    Wishing you well,

  4. lea

    lea Member

    not caffein that you need to avoid.

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