bad sinusitis right now!!! argh

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    been for a week now. i dont want to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. im trying natural stuff first. i have been taking zinc, vit c, some garlic, decongestants,and doing nasal rinses, and wrm compresses. its better than it was but still its bad. i hate it! i am going to try shoving some colloidal silver up my nose (with the nasal rinse). i hope it helps. i have always thought colloidal siver sounded really wierd but i am getting desperate.

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    I have found over the years with my sinusitis episodes that adding a capful of hydrogen peroxide to the nasal rinse and periodically swabbing the nasal cavity with a peroxide soaked q-tip to be very helpful. I can avoid using antibiotics using this approach. It will take most of a week to be rid of the infection, though.

    Good luck!
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    Have you tried using the neti pot...I began using it for sinusitis attacks only, but now use it EVERYDAY and have seen improvement and get less infections! Highly recommended by Dr. Oz at NY Presbyterian Hospital.

    Good luck...feel better,
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    I just got this really great thing from the allergist call neilmed sinus kit. What it is a bottle that rinses the sinuses with a little packet it comes with which is sodium bicarb and saline and I have to tell you as a long sufferer of sinus problems this thing works! I had one of the whole face sinus headaches and it completely got rid of it. This product is much better thaqn the neti pot. Before I ordered refill packets I went to and read reviews and they totally convinced me to order. Just go there and look up neilmed and see for yourself. I have horrible sinuses and this bottle has brought me relief! It is very inexpensive too. I also use the simply saline spray to keep me lubricated. I hope this helps. It can also be purchased at your local drugstore. Check for locations. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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