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    One month ago I woke up in the morning with bumps on my wrists. They itched uncontrollably. About two days later I started getting large raised areas on my upper arms that resembled huge mosquito bites. These bumps didn't itch but were hot to the touch. So the next day I went and saw a doctor. This doctor said it was an allergic reaction and there was possibly an infection under the skin. She gave me a shot of steroids and an antibiotic to take for seven days. Five days later my lower left leg begins to swell and small red bumps appear in a few places on my leg. My leg was very hot. The bumps didn't itch but my leg hurt if touched. So I went to see a doctor and she said whatever I had was infectious. Then gave me a different antibiotic to take for ten days. During the next ten days I get a few more bumps in different areas. Some look like mosquito bites and some were red bumps. Some of the bumps itched some hurt and some didn't do either. Sometimes the bumps go away other times the become hot and linger. So I take the antibiotics for ten days and fed up I go to see a doctor. The doctor tells me she doesn't know what it is or what to test for and that I should see a dermatologist but all of the dermatologist around her are booked until February and its October right now. I have also tried lotions and sprays and home remedies. I am positive it is not an allergic reaction. Can anyone help me with this? I'm going crazy.
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    Did the Dr's office call the Dermatologist's office directly to request an appt for you?

    Usually office's will get a patient in quickly if the Dr's office calls to say they have a patient who needs to be seen right away.

    If they did not do that, please call your Dr's office back and request that they call and make an appt with a Dermatologist for you asap.
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    If you are experiencing an allergic reaction to that extent, I would hope your doctor would be contacting your insurance carrier and other dermatologists to get you in quickly. In another completely different situation, my insurance carrier got me in the next day to a doctor, so there is some clout.

    Allergic reactions can get worse and I was in the E.R. in May with an extremely severe one that was life threatening. It had gotten so bad that it was causing my mouth to swell and my face to swell so bad that I looked like a huge red balloon. I was warned that they might have to do a trach and employ all methods to save my life. I don't want you to reach that point and you shouldn't have to reach that point because many specialists can squeeze in patients that are in dire conditions.

    So I am very shocked that your doctor is not assisting you in getting into a dermatologist so that this suspected allergy reaction that is getting worse, doesn't get to the point were you may be at a life threatening point.
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    Ya the doctor said that she was trying to get me an appointment. I still have not heard anything. I am not sure that its an allergic reaction but it could be. I was better for two days and now both my upper arms are red and hot. There are not bumps but they do occasionally itch. I hope to see a doctor soon and will let you know. Thanks.
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    I was wondering if you had ever heard of "Prurigo Nodularis" they are small mosquito sized sores that appear on legs, outer arms! I have this condition, along with several others. I was to embarrassed to show them to my DR; I tried changing body soaps clothes soaps, lotions, diet, bought new carpeting and bed, heck I thought they could have been mites/bedbugs. I had never seen anything like this before, but I noticed that I got them right after I went into have a cranial decompression surgery, so naturally me being an idiot thought I caught something from the hospital, like that could ever happen. Anyway 3 years after the surgery I finally got over my embarrassment enough was enough, and showed them to my DR he ad no clue, big surprise there, he sent me to a Dermatologist who took one look at them and said oh that is "Prurigo Nodularis" , not dangerous, no cure yet but very treatable, so he gave me 25 mg Hydroxyzine antihistamine to take before I went to bed to keep from scratching because these little buggers do scar if you pick at them and they turn a silvery color, he also gave me a cream to apply to wherever I needed it (except the groin area or the arm pits and not in the nose) it is called Fluocnonde cream. I'm telling you the stuff works wonders.

    Per chance have you noticed that yours come out when you are stressed out? Mine are bad when I get stressed. There are different things that cause "Prurigo Nodularis", mine is caused from my sever anemia. I almost think the worst thing about them is it is almost impossible to shave my legs without hitting one, yuck! Good luck with your Dermatologist appointment, mine was a God send. Well God Bless!