Bad tooth and facial pain!

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    I have a bad tooth that was rebuilt in October, x ray last week showed decay under the filling, but no abcess. I also have severe tmj in both joints. I have facial and head pain like a sinus infection. But my snot is clear. My nose has been very dry. I am also using saline spray several times a day. Am using humidifier and vaporizer in bedroom. I am using moist hot packs on my face and it helps for awhile. My gum is starting to be sensitive but no real pain yet. I am waiting for a appointment. What do you think? I have antibiotic, but don't want to take it if not necessary due to stomache and candida. Thanks. Love, Deb

    P.S. I am so grateful for this site and the wonderful friends I have made.
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    Call the dentist back & tell them you need to get in immediately for extreme pain! They should see you in 24hrs! If they can't & the pain is unbearable- go to urgent care or the ER. This is assuming you don't have pain meds or they aren't working on this. I know that I had been told that some people do better alternating heat w/cold so might try that. Also, have you tried rinsing w/warm salt water or peroxide? Hope you get this cared for soon!
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    These are the symptoms of a dental emergency. If you have any ONE of these, you need to call the dentist. Please call now.

    Love, Mikie
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    Goodness women, this tooth thing has been going on a while now and your still hurting. Geezz I don't know what to tell ya, I hope that you get to feeling better soon. You know that if it is infected that your swallowing infection evertime you swallow, I would start the antibiotics just to be on the safe side till you get to the dentist. You are going to have to get that tooth pulled really soon or your gonna go nuts. I don't know how you have done it this long I would have lost my mind by now and pulled it out myself. Anyone ever seen Castaway where he uses the skate to knock his tooth out,,ughhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't imagaine. Anyhow, take care sweetie and I left you a message on the worship board as well. Oh and I would rinse out with warm salt water too, it suppose to help.