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    Hi everybody. I think the rainy days make me hurt more. Now we have a tropical storm / hurricane coming and we don't really need any more rain. I have been flooded 3 times in 7 years and I am worried I may flood for the first time with this DD. How will I handle this? I did OK in the past but I had no pain back then.

    Shirl, I see that you are in Louisiana. I do hope that you are on high ground. Be careful in all that rain and wind. I have doctors appointments on Mon. and Tues. I think I will call before I go in.
    Take care.
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    the cold wet weather and freezing winters were pure you know what on my fibro. That's why I relocated to Florida initially, I'm glad I'm not there now because of all the flooding. I would have been in Sarasota.

    I loved the Florida summer though. I know they're getting a ton of rain, flooding. That weather works for me though, as long as it's warm.

    Now I live in northwest Washington state and the weather is moderate year round. The east side of the state gets cold and has the four seasons. I couldn't live there. I did much better this year with the change in weather.

    I know some people have worse pain with any increase in the humidity. I don't. I hope you feel better soon & the rain stops. dolsgirl
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    Believe me, I was fine, and all of a sudden this eveing I got spasms in my upperback that felt like I was shot with a shotgun, it just suddenly hit me.

    I had to take an Advil, a Xanax, and have my husband rub my back, I was yelling with the pain. It has got to be the weather.

    Yes, that hurricane is heading straight at us. We got the wet side of it too. New Orleans will be flooded again.

    Its been raining here for over a week for starters, so that means all the area is saturated, and the rivers are high already, and they are expecting from 8-10 more inches of rain.

    I am on high ground in Ponchatoula, but thats a LOT of water coming this way.

    My husband has done all that can be done, and the dogs are inside too. Thank God he is home right now.

    I have been flooded a few times too, but was not ill then either. The worst was Betsy in 65, that was a killer hurricane to say the least.

    I don't know where you are exactly, but you be careful too. If you are in Mississippi or Louisiana, cancel that doctors appointment! They are closing schools already. There is going to be a lot of street flooding if nothing else.

    Take care lady................

    Shalom, Shirl


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    This is so awful. Got water in my house again. The fill dirt we bought for the house we are going to build is washing into the lake. I am hurting and so so tired. Hope this rain goes away soon. Hope you are ok shirl. Take care.
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    So sorry you had water in your house, wow that is a whole lot of work, been there and know what its like.

    We did fine, just water in the yard, had to keep the dogs in for a few days. It is high land here in Ponchatoula, but all around us was flooded badly.

    My daughter was trying to move, well the house she was living in is on the river, its normal crest is 13', this time it was 20'. This is a raised house, so no damage to her things, but she can't move her furniture out for at least another week. The whole area is still under water, and it rained hard here again today.

    She is welcome to stay here, but you know how young people are, she is sleeping on the floor in her new place! Had to go buy her the necessities to just survive today, all her things including clothes are in the old place, and there is no way to get to it except by boat, and that would be very dangerous right now.

    I sure hope you have some help with the clean up, it can be devastating when you hurt so much.

    Take care, and be sure to boil the water if you have city water.

    Shalom, Shirl