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    hello i have just managed to get up as last nite i had to cut the grass as the other half suffers with hayfever. i know it`s not nice. It was the end of a very long day spent going round the shops with three kids. i see the limits that i have now and it gets me down. i used to be able to spend a good day out not now. my son doesn`t use his pushchair any more but i take it so that i have something to lean on. also had things on my mind monday and every time i tried to talk i mixed my words up which my friend laughed at she is a good friend and it hurt. Well i hope everybody else is ok and that i can put this bad week behind me?
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    Hope you are having a better time.

    I have not been diagnosed but I have real problems with speech and remembering names dates well everything actually.
    My children talk to me and I cant remember what they have said.

    Trouble is im going through the am I mad stage at the moment.

    I also suddenly become tired and not just normally tired overwelmingly so.

    My mother has ME and my daughter was diagnosed with 2 rare blood/auto immune disorders she had a stroke in July 05.

    Since then all my problems have got worse.

    Oh well hope you have more good days than bad.

    Sc00bs uk

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    Hi princessloulou,

    I am so sorry that you have such a bad week. I know what you mean about having limits. I'm older than you and when I was your age, I was riding weekend-trail rides, caring for horses, playing in bands, camping/fishing and just having fun, enjoying life. Now, I do nothing. I couldn't imagine going through what I'm going through now at your age. Don't get me wrong, I'm still young enough to do those things but just not able to, feeling much older and thats a very bad feeling.

    Again, I do feel for you and wanted you to know you're at the right place here.

  4. princessloulou

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    feeling better today as it`s my birthday and my kids made me breakfast in bed which was lovely.
    sadly no one brought me a ride on lawnmower!!
    thankyou for your words of support and for reminding me that i`m not alone. and not doing to bad.