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    It has been a horrible week and I am glad that it is over but with allthe intence stress I hurt so bad that I am almost in tears tonight.
    My soon to be ex came over on tuesday and was being a pian in the butt and said fome really nasty things and threatened to make my like he&* if I don do as he wants in this divorce and I am not doing what he wants no matter how much he gets angry.But it lieave me so upset i don't know what happend to the man I married 23 years ago this one here is a real jerk and I can't take the amout of stress that it takes to deal with him. So to let off some steam I started packing up some bas to get rid of the old clothes that noone has worn in years and picked up alot of junk fromthe floor and then took all the bas either out side to the garbage or to the car to be taked to be givein to the needy. And now my back is so tender,I have some problems with it because of the dics in L4-5 ,S1 are buldging but this is right down the spine in my low back it has a knot there and it is so tender tothe touch that I was in tears when my daughter offered to massage my back it hurt so back that she quit she didn't like hurting me. I have often wondered about flares with this fibro but until this last week I really have not had a bad one but I can barely walk and like I said my back hurts os much every joint in my body hurts including my fingers I don't know what to do . Last night I was in tears because it had gotten so bad I have beeen taking my meds just like they are written so I have no extra for times of extreme pain and here our local hospital is no help[ as soon as they see that i take all the meds I do they won't do anything I get told well just double up on your meds and you will be fine except that I will be short and then what will I do? I have a doctors appt on the 18th so I am going to ask him what I can do and what I can do about the stress from what is going on . I some how have lost me , you know the way I used to be , happy and fun to be around, I stood up for my self and didn't let anyone walk all over me but now I do for 23 years I have had to ask permission to go out with the girls for a soda to go out to lunch with the friends and now that he wants out of my life he still is telling me what I can and can't do , I am worried because as of yet I have no job and can't file for SSi for awhile because of the fact that we onw our home. I have no money so that I can rent an appartment so that I can get out of here and not have to listen tohim gripe at me for costing him so much money. Darn I am doing it again talking about him and not being nice I don't want to be this bitter woman over this divorce . I am sorry that I got so carried away .
    I wish that I could get some sleep and not wake up in pain like tonight it iiiis so bad that if Iwere asked how bad is it well on the scale of one to ten it's a 12 and there is nothing I can do about it so I am off to heat up the rice bag and put it on my back .thanks for listening Rosemarie
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    I have a great counsler and she and I talk once a week it does nhelp. And I also have a great atterney .She is taking care of things too. This is so very stress ful that I am having a tough time coping with it. Rosemarie