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    Someone mentioned bakers cyst on a post about painful knees. I have painful knees too, especially on the outside of the knees. BUT just this past month I've discovered a lump on the lower back side of my right knee. I looked up bakers cyst and wonder if this is what I have. I have a dr. appt. that I hope to remember to ask the dr. about this lump later this week.
    Anyway, I was wondering if a bakers cyst is something that many Fibro sufferers have? Does anyone know?
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    I have RA too, and I had a bout with huge Bakers Cysts and they sure hurt. I was totally unable to walk when I had mine. Bad thing was one of them burst, I felt like someone had stabbed me in the knee, I fell to the floor, I was at work. I had no idea what had happened and had never heard of a Bakers Cyst at hte time. Ouch..... When I had mine my legs were swollen huge. I think it is more of a rheumatoid arthritis thing caused by inflammation. I hope you dont have them. If you do they normally go away on their own. If a doctor mentions draining them, be sure they know what they are doing and that they do it in a hospital setting as they can easily cause nerve damage when doing it according to my orthopedic doctor. Good luck...Pattie
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    to show that to the Dr.
    One of my Sisters, has been battling one for years, and it does get infected, so be very careful.
    Hurts like, you know what too, so I hope you can find some answers, and can get it treated.
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    Saw the dr. yesterday and he is pretty darn sure I have a baker cysts. He's sending me to an orthopedic dr to see what he wants to about it.
    It does hurt like heck at times, but at other times it's doesn't bother me at all. Of course if you touch it, it does hurt like heck.
    Really appreciate any and all help I can get from you all.
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    Wow, sounds like another good reason not to bake! Bring on those Girl Scout cookies!!

    Hope you feel better!


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