Baking Soda and Cancer

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    Alternative Treatment and/or adjunct....FYI only, so do your own work on this info.

    This is a major discussion on another group who's mother is in the hospital dealing with deadly cancer....she is seeking out any and all alternatives to treating this cancer.. Dr Sircus has written a book (may only be available via e-book) about using baking soda for cancer as well as a lot of other ailments. He suggests using the amount as stated on Arm & Hammer box, I think a half teaspoon in a glass of water 7 times a day. There is an under/over 60 years dosage difference so check it out. He does not believe there is aluminum in A&H and there isn't with Bob's Red Mill. You might want to start with 1/4 t in a glass of water first to see how she tolerates the taste.

    Hospitals use sodium bicarbonate to make some chemo treatments less toxic so it may have some effect on meds. I think the goal is to get the PH up and hold it up for a period of time. You may have to test urine with PH strips.

    Hospitals mays not be happy with the patient doing 'medication' on top of what they are doing, so I wish you luck there. If I were told I had cancer the FIRST thing I would do would be to hit the baking soda.

    Just an FYI, there are alternative cancer treatments out there....I learn so much from so many people around the world. Love It!!!!

    One needs to be on TOP of keeping their body in an ALKALINE state....cancer cells feed on acid.<br><br>[<i><br><br[This Message was Edited on 11/04/2012]
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    "If I were told I had cancer the FIRST thing I would do would be to hit the baking soda."

    The National Cancer Institute (NCI) debunks Baking Soda as a cancer cure and also debunks sugar as a cause of cancer. See web site below.
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    I forgot to mention. You report medical claim hoaxes to the government at:

    FDA MedWatch:

    FTC Consumer Complaints:

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    drug, burn and cut...they wouldn't think of alternative treatments.....nor would they suggest to their patients "get on a powerful antioxidant, it could prevent cancer"....this is what was said to me 17 yrs ago by a research panel and alternative MD's when I started on pycnogenol.

    Oh BTW: Dr. Sircus has many books out there valuable to good health, from magnesium, iodine and lots in between. [This Message was Edited on 11/04/2012]
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    We're talking about your article on cancer and baking soda. You might convince someone to stop cancer treatment and begin baking soda and that would be on your conscience if it caused them harm.

    Any one with cancer considering baking soda should fully investigate it and check it out with all your doctors before starting it because having cancer and taking baking soda could disrupt whatever treatment you may need or may already be receiving.

    Steve Jobs had pancreatic cancer and underwent accupunture, cleanses, treatments on line, herbal remedies and even went went to a natural care clinic. No one knows what treatments (either alternative or medical) might have worked, but this is said:

    "Despite his diagnosis, Jobs resisted his doctors' recommendations for mainstream medical intervention for nine months,[154] instead consuming a special alternative medicine diet in an attempt to thwart the disease. According to Harvard researcher Ramzi Amri, his choice of alternative treatment 'led to an unnecessarily early death.'[190]"
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    read my first sentence PLEASE..... this COULD BE an alternative.....Suzanne Somers has written books on cancer alternatives....

    Everyone here is an adult and makes their own decisions....again I'm not trying to convince anyone......

    This info is firstly about a person begging for help as her dying mother is hooked up to machines and drugs in a hospital bed and this young woman is seeking out alternative my info. [This Message was Edited on 11/04/2012]
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    Steve Jobs didn't have a chance anyways, pancreatic cancer I's always terminal. Had he done conventional treatments, he only would have extended his life somewhat.

    I knew someone that had pancreatic cancer, and from the day he was diagnosed to the day he died, was LESS than a year. It's a killer.

    As far as alternative treatments go... I think people need to do their homework, make educated decisions, and if they choose to do it alone or in conjunction with modern medicine, then it's their choice.

    You're right, we are all adults, and able to make our own decision. I would most likely opt for alternative, as I don't believe in chemo. I just believe that putting poison into my body isn't going to help, and I don't need to get a whole lot sicker, trying to get better. Just not for me.
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    and he had all the money in the world to try everything. And I wonder myself what decision I would go for....and as you've read Stick, I have a very alternative mindset. I'd probably start the B.S. probably not a bad idea to take a few dashes per day anway. Just thinking, B.S. does alkaline the body. Sure makes my 2 cups of coffee taste sikly smooth...not acidic. I even add B.S. to my soups and stews, etc. to cut the acid.

    What do they say, if the cancer doesn't kill you, the drugs will. For some the drugs give people some time..

    Did Jobs take powerful antioxidants, don't know...did he try B.S. don't know....lots we don't know. Would either of these have saved him, don't know.
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    Pancreatic Cancer has a high death rate, but it doesn't kill everyone.

    Actually, Steve Jobs had a less aggressive form of the cancer, and had it for seven years after being originally diagnosed. He started out with much better odds of survival than most people that are diagnosed with it. [Most are diagnosed too far into the disease.]

    Even if he was an adult, he relied upon the representations, decisions and treatment by others acting in a medical and/or alternative health capacity from that clinic.

    People who have cancer many times are frightened because it is known as "The Big C" and they may feel desparate, scared and become easy to manipulate and sucker in to try anything that someone may mention as a cure. That is why I mentioned about Baking Soda and the risk to people with Cancer.

    People on this board with Cancer deserve our kindness, thoughtfulness and protectiveness. You are right that they are adults, but they are adults who are vulnerable and suffering through their illness, many times too ill to eat or get out of bed, in distress, and easily trying anything to save themselves or a loved one. I care about them and this "we're all adults and can make our own decisions" ignores people so sick and desparate with cancer and then others without cancer that dangle a supposed cure, sort of like dangling food to a starving person. It's not fair to them as they're really good people.

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    and that's the WHOLE reason I'm forever bringing alternative possible solutions to the boards.....I've done that from day 1.

    There are other possible solutions to healing other than big pharma!!!!

    Thinking about this, I decided to do a search on:
    Baking Soda and Cancer and it was amazing how many sites and links came up... and yes, there was a hoax site or two or or....but I prefer thinking POSITIVE on many alternative cures..... Who Knows!!!!

    So, 2cats, I'm not doing this to debate with you, for sure, been there done that, we NEVER agree. But I'm putting info out there for those who care to check it out. What can it hurt, maybe just maybe this info can help.

    I've decided to add a dash of B.S. to my MSM drink every morning now, it can't hurt to keep my system more alkaline....
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    i'm on a health group with about 100 different health issues and one is cancer....

    so I posted about the baking soda and cancer protocol and a man came back to my post saying: he's working with his mother who is battling espogeal (sp) cancer....and working to get her body alkaline..

    All that acid reflux etc can lead to this type of cancer....