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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Peace77, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Peace77

    Peace77 New Member

    Has anyone ever tried baking soda in water to make your body less acidic? Please tell me how this works for you? Place yes or no at the top of the response. Feedback would be very helpful too. thanks, Peace
  2. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I take 1 tsp in 8 oz of water on an empty stomach.

    If I do this at bedtime, I wake up with MUCH less muscle pain.

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  3. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Interested in seeing the results of this one.

    LISALOO New Member

    I have a capsule full of it every morning (if I take it too late can't sleep.

    I did this for IC, way before CFS. So I don't see a difference in acidity. If it does,it's temporary. More inportant about what you eat the rest of the day.
  5. Peace77

    Peace77 New Member

    Since I've never taken it I'm wondering how much to take and if it will cause a herx?? Any suggestions how to start?
  6. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Thought I'd bump this back up to see if anymore replies, you may have gotten lost in the hubbub!

    You may want to do a search on baking soda to see what comes up.

    Take care,
  7. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    If you do a search here on the board you will find out more information than the poll.

    Just a thought.

  8. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Sorry out posts must have crossed.

  9. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I started using the baking soda a few years back when I was just so tired of hurting so much so I did research by describing my pain.

    That lead me to triatheletes (I felt like I had run a marathon). Well, long story short, they use baking soda during and after an event to reduce their recovery time.

    The lactic acid buildup is negated by the alkaline baking soda.

    The dosage I found, which I have never modified is as follows:

    the normal dose for heartburn is 1/2 tsp - this negates the stomach acid so then you take one more 1/2 tsp on an empty stomach which negates the lactic acid in muscles. So I take 1 tsp in 8 oz water on empty stomach.

    I take it at night and have never felt awake (that I have noticed).

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  10. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Thank you for this information. I have never heard of soda doping before.

    You learn something every day, eh?

    Do you know at what dosage the baking soda harms your health?

    Take care.

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  11. Peace77

    Peace77 New Member

    I'm not sure if the baking soda was the cause of rare arm pain but the next day after I took a half teaspoon my left arm which doesn't usually hurt, was so tender that day. The pain only lasted a day. I kinda felt like I had the flu too. Someone said if you are too acid you can have a reaction for a couple days. Is this true? Does it then get better? I'd like to continue but am afraid to be in pain.

    Also is this not like eating table salt? Because I can not handle much salt or I really get painful. Thanks for helping me understand. I usually eat only sea salt, but if I eat pretzels its table salt.
  12. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I had not heard of soda doping but the other end of it - reducing recovery time is what I had found.

    Can you tell me what 3mg/kg equates to in tsp?

    I found this on the internet 0.45359237 kg = 1 lb.

    so a 150lb person = 67.95 kg X 3mg = 203.85 mg sodium bicarbonate.

    But I do not have a box of baking soda - I empty everything in boxes into glass jars. Can someone help me?

    Kina, are you saying that you feel this practice (1tsp) is dangerous?


  13. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    That is great. I was getting a little worried.

    I would hate to harm others with my suggestions.

    I will try the math when I am clearer headed.

    Thanks for checking on that.

    I just stick to 1 tsp per day. I have never needed more (well, maybe some days) but I work on stomach acidity so I don't want to overdo.

  14. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    The advice on the interstitial cystitis boards is half a teaspoon in half a glass of water up to three times a day, but not if you have heart or blood pressure problems (I have the latter).
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  15. Honora88

    Honora88 Member

    I bought ph strips and it is quite easy to get myself balanced. I find eating a piece of fruit will do the trick and/or eating some veggies.

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