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    Does anyone have any solid info on this subject.

    A month or so ago someone posted on the board that drinking water w/ baking soda was good to keep the body at the right PH level.

    So I've been doing that.

    Now somebody posted this is not a good idea. Encourages the growth of yeast.

    And to make it all more confusing, other people have said drinking vinegar will alkalize the body. But how can that be when vinegar is an acid?

    (In fact, I read, the Food and Drug Administration requires all vinegar must be at least 4% acid. Some are even higher.)

    Does anyone know what is the right thing to do to combat yeast?
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    You should not take baking soda if you have blood pressure or heart problems. It is sodium hydrogen carbonate.

    I sometimes take half a teaspoon in half a glass of water to try to alkalise my urine, as I have really bad interstitial cystitis. I avoid anything with vinegar tho'!
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    Hi Rockgor. :) I haven't been in much lately. Good to see you!

    I read a couple of books on fighting candida last year. They all seemed to agree about drinking some lemon juice first thing in the morning. They asked a person to avoid vinegar, because it is a fermented product (though there is debate about this, so it might be okay). I haven't heard about baking soda.

    Taking garlic and following a candida diet are supposed to help. There should be some books in your library with more ideas.

    ((hugs)) Shannon

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