Balance Gone?

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    Just curious how many have lost their sense of balance with this DD? Also whether or not your reflexes are any good any more. I will go to set a dish down, I know it is going to fall but do it anyway and of course it falls . . .duh! I know I do this but can't seem to make myself stop and have lost a whole lot of dishes in the past few years. Is it just me that is clutzy or are there more???????
  2. finnigan1229

    finnigan1229 New Member

    Just curious how many have lost their sense of balance with this DD? Also whether or not your reflexes are any good any more. I will go to set a dish down, I know it is going to fall but do it anyway and of course it falls . . .duh! I know I do this but can't seem to make myself stop and have lost a whole lot of dishes in the past few years. Is it just me that is clutzy or are there more???????
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    Sorry you are having this problem. Are you sure its the Fibro? I do get a balance problem once in awhile, but not often, it usually happens when I am over tired, or in the mornings (along with the Fog).

    Have you mentioned this to your doctor? It could be somethig besides the Fibro, in fact certain medications can cause this. I had it happen with St.John's Wort! It helps a lot of people, but its not for me.

    Hope you feel better soon, and try to find out what is causing this.

  4. finnigan1229

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    It isn't a big deal - just irritating. It all started with the Fibro - I have been tested for everything else and it is just something I have come to accept. I was just curious if anyone else was having it . . .
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    Dear Friends,

    What is DD??? There are times when I swear my brain is turning into jello because I can't figure it out. Boy Howdy did I ever loose my balance and then some. I have Fibromyalgia,chronic myofascial pain syndrome. chronic fatigue sydnrome, etc. etc. and so let it be written (joke from Ten Commandments movie). I got so bac about four years ago that when I would try to get up from sitting for awhile or after driving for awhile that I would walk like a drunk and meander all over the place. It didn't help that I also have sciatica in my right leg from a pinched nerve in my lower back that's been there forever and ever. I get enough stares as it is being a dwarf or little person. I finally got myself into so much pain from stumbling on an unever sidewalk that I had to go in for physical therpy. I could not not walk a straight line for the physical therapist to evaluate me and so I said piss on this crap and when out and bought myself a metal cane. It is the best damn thing that I have ever done for myself. When I got a new physical medicine doctor he agreed that it was wise of me to do that because it helps me to keep my balance and walk with some kind of dignity. My mother who also has FMS and CFS had an inner ear problem that affected her balance so the point that she would think she was going to fall if she looked down too quickly. Hang in there and don't be afraid to buy a cane to use if that is what it takes for you to be able to walk and keep your balance. I don't give a rats ass what other people may think of me becasue I don't look like I am sick. TeddiAnn
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    and I had EMGS done yesturday at the neurologist due to numbness, weakness and I to have a balance problem. Well the EMGs on the hands showed nerve damage causeing Carpal tunnel syndrom. Gee I never knew about that and did have it with one of my pregnacies when I had Preclampsea. The Ob said it was pregnacy induced just like the hypertension I developed and it never went away I use to 90/60. Well, Back to the nerve damage Carpal Tunnel. The neuro said that a lot of us with FMS have it and don't know it and the EMG will pick it right up. There are many different symtoms for this and sometimes I feel like I have serverly spraind my thumbs. But, didn't do anything to cause it. Numbness, pain, dropping things is a big signal and you may only show this one symtom if you don't do repetative things like typing for work all day. So maybe you should have this done. The test caused me no pain.

    At PT they wanted me to balance on a large ball, sit on it, I could not it was funny to watch me try but, I couldn't sit on it and bal at all. I also was asked to stand on one foot at a time and could only do 20 secs but, walbuled all the time. They said it wasn't terrible but, at least I wasn't in danger of falling at this point. The neuro and FMS doc said this is dur to FMS, another symtom some get. But, it is important to have rule out tests to see why. You know, like MS. Don't just pass things off to FMS or CFS get it checked.

    Well, now I get to go to PT for the Carpal Tunnel. Yeh! Just what I wanted another thing to go to. Well, with these DD things you just don't know what may pop up next. Oh, well that's life and we all have to laugh at out new funny symtoms and go forward. But, really I'd like to stop adding more, I hope the powers are listening. Okay, enough playing around but, we all need to have a laugh now and then.

    I would ask your doctor about this and any symtoms you have that deal with them. I am so glad I had the EMG's Oh, I almost forgot PT wants to start balancing theropy to. I don't know if it will work but, my first step of Warm Water hydrotheropy they said would get the muscles tones and ready for that balancing step. I didn't even go for the bal. part. But, heck if they can help, great.

    Well, hope this helps and if you want any more info just post me and others any other q.

    Gee, I forgot to sign, Good Luck, Kim and Gary[This Message was Edited on 09/18/2002]
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    I didnt really become this unbalanced feeling until lately. Sometimes if I get up from sitting and stand up too fast, or sometimes too slow, I feel dizzy, unbalanced. If I am in a flare, I feel that way all the time.

    I think I mentioned it once before too, some call it the Fibro Dance..LOL. I like that name. It explains it well.

    I went to a PTA meeting yesterday, and after walking alot of stairs, I felt that way too.
  9. klutzo

    klutzo New Member a central nervous system problem that causes loss of balance. One study showed 70% of FMSers have it and I had a test called an ENG that showed that I have it. I used to fall down and scrape my legs, one time I fell into a door that was ajar and got a "robins egg" on my eye. It is partly because of this that I was misdiagnosed with MS at first.
    Also, some of us, esp. those with CFS, lose our sense of touch, so that we think we have hold of something but we don't and we drop it. When I had tests done on my brain, it took me almost 20 minutes to complete the touch test. The Dr. told me it takes the average normal 5 yr. old less than one minute!
    I have found that getting help for good sleep is paramount in controlling this. Benadryl helps me more than prescription drugs, and when it acts up it usually means I have over done it, and need to rest.
    I pray you get some help. This is such an awful symptom. Bless you, Klutzo
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    I don't get dizzy but often lose my balance and trip over things. I am always walking into things too. Had my eyes rechecked by a specialist and he said that I have something called optic nerve drusen and have lost the vision to the middle of my eye in one eye. He said this shouldn't cause me to lose my balance but may contribute to some depth perception problems. Have you had your eyes checked lately?
    Also, if I am sitting for a period of time and get up I do the drunken walk! My daughter is always telling me that I can't walk in a straight line!
  11. clprez

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    I have full blown Vertigo spells, times when I can't walk a straight line, and just general imbalance.

    TO have Meniere's Disease, you also must have tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and hearing loss.

    It is my understanding that Vertigo can be a symptom of FMS.

    I have to agree with Shirl, whenever I get a new symptom that is enough to interfere with my daily life, I go see a doctor for it, because it may not be part of FMS, and could be something else that you need treated.

    For dizziness, you should see and ENT, or at least an otologist. I am also seeing a Vestibular Therapist, where I do exercises that help the balance between my brain/inner ear/nystagmust. Right now I'm in a major fall over dizziness phase, so I'm not going to rehab, even though they want me to. I don't have anybody that can drive me there and back, and I get too dizzy to drive when I do the exercises. So now I'm just doing them at home, and only a little bit because even when I try to do housework, I get dizzy.

  12. buttons34

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    I also drop things constantly. I had surgery on my left wrist (I am left-handed) for carpal tunnel but it really did not help. I was thinking recently that if they tested my right hand that they would probably discover that I needed surgery on it as well. I had pretty much decided that I wouldn't bother since the first one didn't work. BUT my doctor pointed out that I was saying the numbness and tingling was worse on the pinky side of my hand and not as bad with the thumbs and pointer fingers as it had been with the carpal tunnel. So maybe the surgery did do something and now I am just lucky enough to have a new problem that doesn't come from the wrist but from further up. Anyone know anything about this? The more I type the less I can feel my fingers and hands. Anybody?
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    hello there........
    I have cfs and when it first hit me (like a ton of bricks!) I was pretty dizzy and afraid to drive or walk into a store in fear that I was going to walk right into someone or fall. Since then I have adapted to it (somewhat) and it seems that your legs get stronger because you are using the muscles more to keep your balance, at least with me anyway. But then there are times when I am sooo tired or if I sit around the house alot I feel really lousy, dizzy, lightheaded and just awful!!! The room spins sometimes. Or somedays I feel like I am drunk and start laughing (of course, my son thinks I am nuts by this time. The real test is to close your eyes and try to walk a straight line. No matter how hard you try you just can't do it!! When I went to the ENT that's how he tested me. Anyway they could'nt find anything wrong and my ears ring all the time to. The more tired I am, the louder it is. But other days when I seem to have alot of energy it doesn't really bother me at all. This DD is very weird!!!!!!

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  14. dolsgirl

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    My balance has been off for years. I also seem to trip over things that aren't there also. I've also had vertigo, which is incapacitating. It's part of my FMS. I accept it. I'd rather be rid of the pain. I get bruises alot from the slightest hit on something or another. Always walking into something, just barely, but hitting it. dolsgirl
  15. sybil

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    i get dizzy and i can't walk in a straight line.when i walk outside i'm all over the place,it must look really strange to other people,almost like i'm drunk.
    i also get muscle spasms quite a lot if i do too much,

  16. saffie02

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    i ahve this problem real bad .matter of fact i fell yesterday.i stagger and drop things too. i have had all kinds of neurological test and nobody can tell me why i do left leg has been numb for months and all thespecialist do not know why. sherri
  17. TaniaF

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    This was one of my first symptoms that started with the aches of FM. I went to all kinds of drs for this "drunk" kind of feeling. This was in my early 30's and now I'm 50. I get dizzy spells on and off, but I have a motion disorder cause when I turn my head from side to side or up and down--it bothers me. This caused me to stop driving. The ENT called it benigh positional vertigo. I though I had Meniere's cause I do have the tinitus but no hearing loss---actually my hearing is too super sensitive. I feel like a "dog" with a keen sense of sound. It's really annoying.
  18. finnigan1229

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    OK - I have been tested for MS . . . negative. I just got new glasses a couple of weeks ago. I do have the start of carpal (sp?) tunnel and I have osteo arthritis in my hands (probably other places too). There is also a seizure disorder to go along with my anemia, fibro and what ever else can be thrown in. Prior to the actual diagnosis I went to 22 doctors . . . partially because of Workman's Comp, partially because of the social security thing and mostly just to get this thing under control (know now that is a long road). I walk on a daily basis and it most definately helps. My balance is just shot and my timing is off - it is something we find humorous because we know it is nothing more. Especially the drunk sailor walk!!
  19. lauraor

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    I too have a balance problem. I run into door casings because my jugement is off. I reach for things knock them off because my jugement is off. I'm always falling so I am using a cane now. lauralee
  20. sybil

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    i no longer take any meds.
    i have tried to walk in a straight line,heel to toe along the lines in my tiled kitchen floor,i always fall over.i also sway if i hold my arms out in front of me,then if i do that and close my eyes,i will fall.
    i also have problems holding things,especially if they are heavyish,

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