Balancing Our ph Levels

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    On this site there is also an article:
    Fibromyalgia: Finding Treatments That Work For You
    This article inspired me to do some more researching on this subject.

    There are also products here that you can buy if you want to.

    I have also come across an site that will explain why and what we can do about balancing our ph levels. We really need to take a look at it and read this one article at It can very well help us. Only trying to help and have no link to this site. There ar several helpful articles there to help in understanding and what we can eat or do.

    No harm in checking it out. I am still in my learning process and wanted to share with you.

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    "via google. I'm going to even start adding "dashes" of baking soda, or lemon or lime to the chicken I saute every other day. Cuts the acid of the chicken. Can do this for all meats for that matter since they are all acidic."

    Lemon and probably lime juice are acidic. pH around 2 or 3. Probably many/most citrus fruits. Tomatoes too.
  3. ChuckNBerkeley

    ChuckNBerkeley New Member

    You are correct. Required the appropriate search term to find an adequate scientific explanation.

    I focused on the literal; lemon juice = acid rather than lemon juice when digested in the human body.

    "Carque says: "The combined organic acids or salts consumed in food are generally changed in the body into alkaline carbonates, thereby increasing the alkalinity of the blood and secretions. The uncombined acids either form alkaline carbonates, or are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water.""

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