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    Just wanted to let you know that we do know the cause of his seizures, he had a stroke during labor, I was in labor for 23hrs and he was 2 1/2mths preemie. Also the cord was in a knot and around his neck.

    But I wonder about my seizures b/c I would mainly have seizures when I got too upset or even if I got really excited about something.

    When my parents where getting a divorce I had one of the worst ones ever, my Dad thought I was dead b/c I was out so long and I had hit my head on the sink in the bathroom.

    I am glad you don't have them anymore and I am glad I don't either but I wish I could take all the problems he is going through and have them happen to me so he wouldn't have to suffer.

    Thanks for your response to my post. Pamela
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    Am bumping this message in case Bambi hasn't read this yet.

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