Bands on Gluteous Maximus.........OUCH!!!

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    OUCH!! Sitting Is an ISSUE today!!! I thought I was getting soreness in sitting area yesterday,did extra stretching,and took Flexril at bed.This morning I awoke ,it felt as if I'd been Shot on sitting surface! I do not do bathes,only Showers,there is to much lisa in the way to make shower water help.My balance is poor,i have fallen in tib 5 times this year,never w/good outcome.I've tried Tennis Balls to remove or hit pain,bit of an uncomfortable position,not so effective :) .ANY suggestions Greatly Welcome!!The commonsense I have learned w/ these syndroms IS NOT WORKING today.Thank you in Advance for any suggestions!! Peace,lisa
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    bumping for me...ooooouuuuch!,
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    I looked up Piriformis Syndrome and if you are talking about the muscle pain I have in my hips it is not the same thing. What I have is knots in my butt! But not anything located as high up as in the above named syndrome.

    I do stretches for it, lying flat on my back and bending one knee up and then rolling to the opposite side, then back. Do this slowly a few times then swtich sides. I also pull my knees up to my chest, while lying flat. I do one at a time. Both of these help the situation.

    My massage therapist also gives this area a workout each week when I see her. Mine has been there for about two years and shows no signs of going away any time soon.


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    Talk about a pain in the A$$!! I get knots right in the middle of each "cheek". You can't find a position sitting standing or laying down to relieve the apin.

    The only thing i found that helps is moist heat. I lay on my heating pad wiht the moisture pad in it. I also have a pollinex massage pad that helps a bit.

    I have also tried capsasin hp cream. first few times it may make you itch..but then you get used to it.

    Hope you get relief soon
    Warm fuzzies

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    All of the suggestions are proving to be of benefit.Didn't Buy the Cane thingy yet,but looked at info and it may be a must have.On the bathtub tips thanks too. I have implemented some saftey meassures,the combination of water/balance and me may always B an issue.I did not know you could use *rubs* on butt,daa!Some days real slow thinker here :)
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    I have the huge knots in my butt cheeks too! They are very painful. It hurts to sit and they even hurt when I walk.
    I'm glad someone else brought this up. I told my Rheumy about them last time I was there but he did not say much.
    He did feel them and said he could feel the knots.