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    Hi Nancy: What a great time you had. Wish I could be there. i probably would have spent a fortune and then got home and wondered why I did that. Us Cannuks tack the word "eh" on the end of our sentences. Don't know why. I guess we like to be different eh? Will keep praying that God will heal your body. Mine is really misbehaving. I have to see the pain specialist on Mon. My dad has alzheimers and called at 10pm to tell me my cousins daughter was married and there is a family do at 12pm today over an hr. drive away. I told him no way. I don't know her and can't sit that long. Plus I can't stand all the smoke and booze. You probably think I am crazy but that is good news about your aunt. Gall Stones are fixable and really easy these days. It is so difficult dealing with family because they never give you a straight answer on what is going on and some of the information is ancient or they say "OH I didn't tell you eh?" Spent last night watching the end of the telethon and bawling away. It was incredible and the words were bang on. I am still shaking today. I wish we could sit and have tea and I could share it all with you. It is hard on an open board as some won't understand and I don't want to freak them out. Oh well some day. Anyways I hope today is a good day of rest and pampering so you can go round 2 tommorrow. Next week is your thanksgiving isn't it? What do you do for it? Take care. Praying for you. Remember to holler for help this week. Talk soon.
    Lovc ya
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    Is that why your name is caff ey? LOL I guess I couldn't see the clock very well because I thought it said eth. Now I get it.

    I was so wiped when the alarm went off this morning I turned it off and slept through Sunday school and church. I am sure God understands. I am feeling some anxiety tonight. I am concerned about my aunt. They don't think all of this is because of the gall stones unfortunately. That would have been an easy fix but in my heart I just dind't think that was it and the gastr dr. didn't either.

    She had a bad nose bleed and I wasn't sure if my mom also meant she was bleeding rectally. I will have to go back and read my mom's email again. My mom and sister saw my aunt today in the hospital and my mom said she could hardly hear her she was so weak. I just pray that the doctors will have divine intervention as far as wisdom.

    I looked up the brown recluse spider and saw lots of pictures of people's bites and I almost got sick they were that awful. I just don't know if it could be that after three years or not. She still needs lots of prayers.

    I have to present a session on clarinet on Wed to my staff and I am having some anxiety about this. I know all of these people but I still have not nailed down what I am going to cover. I did spend some time on Friday and I have some impressive handouts which will be something even if I get up there and look like an idiot.LOL

    You won't believe what happened last night. I was getting ready to fix dinner and there was a huge spider on my stove in the recessed burner area. It was in an awkward place for me to get at very easily. I turned on the gas burner and it moved a little and then I freaked because I could see how big it really was. After all this talk of spider bites regarding my aunt I was afraid to try to get it with a kleenex.

    I was able to get the cover off the burner without it running away. I was afraid it would go in some crack and then I would be scared to move around in my kitchen. I don't use Raid very much because of my cat and I don't like chemicals and have a sensitivity to them. Out of desperation I sprayed Raid on it. It tried to run and couldn't get out of the burner area so what does it do.....

    It CRAWLS IN THE STOVE.YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I really did freak. I took a flash light and I could see it curled up in there but still kicking. Now I am afraid to use that burner because of the Raid. Plus it is a disgusting thought knowing it is still in there. I am sure it is dead now.

    Only one solution..............NEW STOVE. lol

    I will pray for your visit to the pain dr tomorrow. I thought you said on Monday. I hope that your dr can get your meds regulated so you can feel better. Take care my friend. Always love hearing from you.

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    Hi Nancy:
    I never thought of Caffey being that. I chose the name because most kids can't say Cathy and it comes out Caffey or Auntie Caffey. The other name I was called as a kid was Chatty Cathy. I wonder where they got that from lol. Actually it was a doll that you pulled the string in its back. I don't know if you are too young to remember that. I don't know what to say about your aunt. I will continue to pray. If something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. I am going to ask God for further revelation if you know what I mean. That is soooooo gross about the spider. If that had been me you wouldn't have seen me for There would be a for sale sign on my house so fast. I am looking around me as I think about it. Spiders aren't a big issue for us in the frozen north. This time of year it is mice. I hate them. I am in a condo with a cat so I don't get them but people on the main floor have had them. My sister we call her the queen (long story) lives in a multi million dollar mansion and she gets mice. It is funny but not funny. No actually it is funny. You watch out for yourself. I am printing your post and am praying. Remember to yell for help or tell God on me. You are not alone and we'll get you through this difficult time. At least you can laugh a bit which is good. Remember Jesus is walking beside you holding your hand. For tonight close your eyes and picture yourself sitting on His lap and He has His arms around you. I am going to ask Him to give you a revelation of that. Talk soon. Oh yeah thanks for praying for Mon.
    Love ya

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