Bandwoman: It Takes One to Know One :)

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    Dear New Friend,

    I am delighted to meet you for we have a great deal in common. Let me explain:

    1. An Educator senses another Educator rather easily. And you are correct, in a sense. I had a somewhat different education prior to being drafted into the military service in 1971. I went to Oklahoma Baptist University from 1968 -1970. My Major was Voice (full scholarship), minored in piano (obligatory). Classical music was my forte. For many years I would teach private voice, I was with the Virginia Opera Company for a brief stint many years ago, and with the San Fransico Classical Chorale before that.
    After I returned from Vietnam and received my Honorable Medical Discharge, I dove into the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies. Because of my skeptism of man's authority (the result of the way the Vietnam War was handled by our politicians), I discovered I had a great love for languages. After receiving two Academic Degrees in Biblical Languages and Systematic Theology, I began to teach as well as Pastor as the Lord gave me opportunity. I routinely work in the original languages both for preaching/teaching purposes as well as for my own meditation times. Consequently, I have taught classes in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and Theology over a period of thirty-five years.

    My username - PoimaeHopkins - is a combination of the Greek word 'Poimae' meaning 'Shepherd,' but in the New Testament it is also translated 'Pastor.' "Hopkins" is my last name.

    I look forward to sharing common interests in music. As I am writing this, I am listening to a little piece called 'Piano Concerto No.21 in C Major written by a young fellow by the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. :)

    I also love quality Christian music - when I can find it. One of my favorite groups is "Selah." They are a brother and sister team who were raised by missionary parents out of South Africa. Superb harmony and tonal guality.

    Well, as they say out on the Range, "That'll do." I have worked your eyes enough.:) Be well, my friend.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

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    I hope you don't mind the abbreviation. You have had a rewarding and varied life. I am sure you could share stories. I am sure we both could.

    I love classical music as well. When I played professionally I was with a woodwind quintet. It was quite an experience. My first love is playing clarinet in symphony orchestras which I have had the privilege to do in a couple of cities.

    I have played summers with community bands in several towns but I had a neck surgery in 2001 and I am not able to play anymore. I can play for short periods of time. I still teach private clarinet besides being a band director and the elementary and junior high level.

    It is funny that you mentioned Selah. Their version of Your Raise Me Up was my song before my Dad died. That song somehow gave me enormous comfort.(He passed away in July of 2005) I prefer their version over Josh Grobin's.

    My parents had their 58 wedding anniversary three months before he died.

    Are you preaching tomorrow? I would imagine Saturdays are busy with sermon notes etc.

    You are a breath of fresh air to our board. I hope you can hang around for a while. It can be a fun place and certainly a place of ministry as well.

    Take care and good talking to you.

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    I have been hoping to connect up with you. I posted to you a couple of weeks ago, and someone mentioned I try this route. I am a believer, oboist, mommy, wife, Daycare director, good friend and FM sufferer. Something touched me about you and I just wanted to "know" you. Cindy
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    bumping to you!
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    I am so sorry. I don't go on the FM board much at all and I didn't realize you were trying to find me. I have been super busy and it is past my bedtime and I just checked in quickly. I promise I will write more. I have a marathon day tomorrow and I lost a lot of sleep from a marathon day yesterday so I will write more. School is almost out.

    How did you find me in the first place? I am glad you did. Sounds like we have quite a bit in common. I just quickly scanned your profile but need more time to really read it more carefully.

    I won't have time to post tomorrow but can get back to you on the weekend. Take care and looking forward to talking to you.

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    Thanks for replying. I "get" busy...I only have internet access at work, so I will check back next Tuesday. When you have a chance, google: Ladies Must Swing website. My mom is the gray haired(now blonde) trumpet player. They are so awesome. Have a great Memorial Day wkend. I hope that means you are "off" too. My little boy turns 8 tomorrow! Oh, by the way I was reading your posts about your armpits (smile) and looked up your profile. If you look at my FM posts, you'll see where I tried to contact you.In HIM-Cindy
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    What a way to meet. LOL (armpits I mean) I am on my lunch time. I have to work pretty much straight through till 8PM so it is going to be a loooooooooong day. I get up at 4:20 every work day. Ugh. We march our bands in the Memeorial Day Parade so that is not a Holiday for me as it is a very long day as you can imagine. This week has been grueling for my FM body with all of our marching practice!

    When I have some time I will look up your mom. I am assuming she is a musician as well! Have a great weekend and birthday celebration. We can talk later.