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  1. lovethesun

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    Asatrump was looking for the music to leaning on the everlasting arms.Do you happen to know the chords?It's on the prayer night post.linda
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    I am sorry but I don't have a hymnal at home. Does Asa know the melody. If I had more time I could figure it out but I am at school now and just checking this quickly.I have a pretty horrendous week of doing report cards and getting ready for a concert so I don't have much spare time. I'm sorry. That is a good song. I hope someone can find it.

  3. lovethesun

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    She doesn't remember the melody.My husban has been an entertainer for 50 years as well as having taught music in college(not band)I'll see if he remebers it and can give her chords.I know where to find lyrics and guitar tabs online but it's harder to find for the organ witout buying sheet music.Linda
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    If Asa doesn't know the melody the chords would not help her. Too bad there is not a way to sing an email. Well, there probably is with today's technology. I think you are going to have to pick another Hymn. Sorry.

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    Sorry, I was just having a flashback. I don't know how you do it, Nancy.

  6. Asatrump

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    I have music for Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.

    I do not have music for My Lord and I,, words start with In Gods green pastures........
  7. lovethesun

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    just dropped in on the post and was trying to help(it wasn't my request Bandwoman)Thanks every body ,Linda