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    Hi Nancy;
    I see you are having a wild week. I was praying for you this morning and will continue to pray for you. I am so upset right now. Was awake in the night with a sore throat AGAIN!!! As the day is going on I am getting worse. I am now starting to cough again. I just came off the last antibiotics last Thurs. I think. I am afraid I have to go back into to see the doc. tommorrow. The increased prednisone isn't helping the situation. Just needed to vent. Don't overdo it this week. Talk to you soon.
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    I am so sorry to hear this. Boy, you just don't get a break here. I will storm the gates of heaven on your behalf and cast out the one who would love to see you sick forever. Don't give up. There HAS to be and end in sight here. If you had to do you have any place like the Mayo Clinic that we have here in the States. It is in Minnesota. In 1990 when I had so many things wrong with me and was seeing so many specialists it was getting scary. A good friend of mine who was a nurse suggested me going there and I did. It was really goind outside my comfort zone but I am glad I went and I got some things taken care of. That is when I was first diagnosed with FM and the funny thing is back then I didn't take it seriously at all because I had other more pressing issues at the time. Anyway that is just a thought. There has to be answers out there somewhere and there has to be help also. Take care and don't give up. I will be thinking and praying for you, my friend.

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    We don't have anything like the Mayo Clinic and to come to the US I don't have that kind of money. We know there is a spiritual component to this but God isn't showing it to us. I don't like to go looking for trouble if you know what I mean. It just seems like one step forward and 2 back. We are puzzled and don't know who to talk about it. All we can do is trust that God knows what He is doing and as Ricky Ricardo says He has a lot of" splainin" to do. When I get through this I will be so pure I won't be able to live with myself lol. You are terrific. God Bless you.