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    Dearest Jesus, today I am asking for You to heal my sister Nancy. You know what the cause of this illness is and You know the other stresses she is under.

    I am asking that You be at her side with every step she takes and circle Your angels around her protecting her from all attacts of evil.

    Give her Your strength to get through this very difficult week. And if she is not able to do a certain thing, please just take care of that for her.

    Keep her burdans as light as possible so she can concintrate all her energies on what must be done now.

    I thankyou for taking care of her and helping her. Please keep holding her hand and and loving her.

    I ask this in Your Holy Name and in all faith. Amen
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    Your prayers were answered. I got through today pretty well. I am really tired but much better than yesterday. I am getting a little concerned about these headaches though. I am thinking that I might need a cat scan. I have had surgery on evey one of my sinuses. I think it is still neck and jaw related though. I see my muscle therapist tomorrow and she actually can do trigger points inside my mouth so I will have her check that. It is a high stress time for sure. My concert is Wed, parent teacher conferences on Thursday night and Friday morning and report cards due plus I am writing out some music parts for our holiday concert. Yes it is a busy, busy time and I can't afford to be sick at all. I would appreciate your prayers for the whole week. Thanks so much. You are a sweety.
    I sent you another post on the one you sent to Asa and me.

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    Just wanted you to know that I am joining De in praying for you to have the strength to get through this difficult week. I prayed for you often last night and this morning and came on here hoping to hear that you were feeling better.

    I am glad that you are some better and I will pray that the muscle therapist can help with that headache tomorrow.