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    Dearest Jesus, it is now Nancy's time to show her band class to all involved. She is exhausted and needs You beside her. Please put Your arms around her and let her feel the warmth of your support.

    Breath into her Your strength so she can feel the stamina she needs and know You are right there beside her.

    Please touch her head and remove the headache, replace it with Your love as she shines for these parents. Then all can see You in this much loved child of Yours.

    Keep her safe and surrounded by Your angels.

    I ask this for my sister in You and in Your Holy Name and in all faith.amen
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    I join you in prayer for our friend.
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    As I read your prayer again it touches my heart to see, after the fact how God so loveingly answered all of the prayers that were said for me. This week was amazing that is for sure. The Lord definitely gave me the needed strength to get through the last minute preparations for the conert. The concert was fantastic and the kids were proud, I was proud and the parents were very complimentary. I was feeling good too. What more could I have asked for? Conferences are done, report cards need a few tweaks and they will be done soon. Amazing, yes. Thankful yes. Tired now, yes. LOL I thank you that I have got to know you on this board and even though I have't been here for long I consider you a good friend. Take care dear sister and I hope you are over the withdrawal at this point. Have a good Saturday.