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    Hi Nancy,
    I replied to you on my other post but in case my response to you gets lost, I wanted to ask if you have heard anything from your insurance company. I did not forget you and your needs while I was at my sister's. Praying that they come to their senses soon.

    How are you managing without your IV's? I know how much they were helping you. And did you get to see your muscle therapist? This is obviously a rough spell for you and I will continue to pray for you.

    Is the sinus infection gone? I have learned never to trust a sinus infection when it pretends to be gone and you let down your guard. I am wondering if I even had a sinus infection in the first place. I had all the symptoms but can't figure out the cascade of symptoms that came about.

    I had to stop the antibiotics on Wed. because of the candida infection so I am worried that it might come back. Please God it won't.

    You missed the storm on Martin Luther King Day? Well, we got it! It was our first major snowstorm of the year. Then we headed into the deep freeze. It was minus 35 Celsius windchill on Wed. when I went to the doctor. We have been so spoiled this winter that this seemed unbearably cold. It is a balmy minus 24 tonight.

    The Rideau Canal will freeze this winter so you, Cath and I could all go skating. You can go ahead of us and dust the ice for us! :) The Rideau Canal is the longest skating rink in the world. In the summer time it is a beautiful waterway in the middle of the city and in the winter it becomes a winter wonderland.

    The skaters can stop all along the way and warm up in shacks, have hot chocolate and a Beaver Tail. Have you ever had one? It is a deep fried pastry shaped like a beaver tail sprinkled with toppings. I used to like the cinnamon/sugar/lemon juice one. Haven't had one in years.

    Some day when we are all well we will do that. I truly believe that I will. Winterlude is the best time to come. There are snow sculptures and ice sculptures and all kinds of events so that we can pretend that all this miserable cold weather is actually fun.

    My DH's sisters are here. One arrived from Edmonton on Tues. with her DH. They are staying at his brother's place (thank goodness). She is very spiritual, very involved in her church and in helping people die in peace. She has had 3 good visits and chats with Cammie about dying and the afterlife. She is hoping for one more before she leaves on Sunday. She does God's work in a quiet, peaceful and comforting way. She is a gift to this family.

    Two other sisters arrived on Wed. I had already left for the doctor's and my sister's place when they arrived. I was hoping to feel better and come back but I did not feel well enough until tonight and they are getting ready to leave tomorrow a.m.

    So I will only get to really visit with the first one who arrived hopefully tomorrow and Sunday. She is looking into pain control for Cam too since she was a nurse.

    I have not been doing my EFT because it hurt too much to tap on my face! I should be able to get back to it in a couple of days. Yes, it does look like a skit on SNL. That is one of my favourite programs.

    Did you know that Lorne Michaels is Canadian, along with many of his actors that he brought down there with him? Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Phil Hartman, Norm MacDonald, among others. For some reason Canadians are funny.

    My DH and my boys went to the same high school as Dan Aykroyd - St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary for Boys. It is now Pius X High School but when my DH and Dan went there, it was called a seminary. I saw him on a talk show once where he mentioned it. He is their best known alumni and he still comes back. He has a cottage close by.

    I am very chatty tonight, glad to be home with my family and kitties but missing the peace of my sister's quiet apartment. I must settle down after I swish, gargle and swallow the Nystatin liquid one more time.

    I hope that you are doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances, Nancy. It is nice talking to you again.

    Extra prayers for you tonight.
    Love, Judy
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    Nancy has a doctor appointment this morning (Sat.) She had a very busy week at school, with all the usual problems that go along with teaching plus her school computer.
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    Thanks Asa for letting Pepper know why I haven't responded until now.

    How are you feeling, you poor thing. I have heard that yeast can get everywhere, even in the eyes but I have not personally known anyone who had it in their mouth. What a horrible thing. I am so glad you found a dr to diagnose it properly. You know there are some doctors that don't believe in Candida. Of course those are the same that don't believe in FM or CFS or all the other stuff we have.

    I imagine the anitbiotics is what allowed the over growth. Do you take a probiotic? If you don't you might want to consider that after this is all over. You might eat Yogurt now that I think of it. I think you told me that. I didn't have a sinus infection last week. I just had a horrible sinus headache. I am congested most of the time and have lots of problems with that but it didn't turn into an infection thank you God.

    I just got home from my doctor's apt and running some errands. I am really excited. My alt dr. has wanted me to do this massive test which I will have to pay $700 out of pocket and then hopefully get reimbursed. (with my new insurance that could be debatable at this point). It tests so many, many things you just wouldn't believe all it does.

    He said if a traditional lab was doing these tests it would run around $10,000. After I get the blood work and urine collection done which is going to be a challenge right there, then it takes three weeks to get results back as they are shipped out to another state.

    I will know exactly what my body needs to function. Then I will have a compounding pharmacist make up what I need and hopefully get rid of the dozens and dozens of pills I take now and hopefully save lots of money in the long run.

    I was able to talk today to the guy that sent my letter to the insurance. He didn't remember when he sent it out. He said he mailed me a copy. Well, I never received it so I am a little concerned. I signed up a couple of nights ago on this health insurance website and I can view all of my claims. They are still sitting there unpaid. However they paid for my last IV. Go figure. So I really have no idea where I stand right now. I canceled my second IV today. I did email the website and ask how long it would take to pay the claims once they received the letter. They said 7-10 days. The problem is the letter could sit in their inbox for two weeks first. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    My muscle therapist was sick last week and had a death in her family this week so I have not seen her since before break. I did see the massage therapist instead which was better than nothing. Not as good as my treatment with my myotherapist though.

    This has been one of the roughest weeks for me so far this school year. You name it and if any thing could go wrong it did. I found out only by accident that my music budget deadline for spending is Feb1 instead of the end of Feb like I thought. They changed this policy last year and my fibro brain just got mixed up.

    I have been burning the candle at both ends to finish this hugh task. It takes literally hours, and hours and hours to do what I need to do. I am going to shut this down in a minute and start in working again. I spend last night working and plan to work a lot today.

    I was so worried about Cath I just about put out an APB on her on the board today. I hadn't heard from her since Wed. I knew her computer monitor was slowly dying. I heard from her very briefly this morning saying she was ok and having mega computer problems and her son was coming and she had to go.

    She has been having such problems with pain. She is in so much pain. I am just praying like crazy that her Lyrica gets approved and that it will be an answer for her.

    My big prayer requests right now would be this. My insurance, this music budget thing and my school computer.
    I was just about at the end of my rope last night after wanting to throw my school laptop out the window.

    They want to reimage it again on Monday. That is when they wipe it clean and reinstall everything. They did this a few months ago and it was like a trip to Hell and back. My files were so screwed up after it was all over I thought I was going to have a stroke. It really hasn't worked right since the beginning of school.

    This is causing me so much stress because my precious few plan periods I want to spend on this music budget and the computer is acting up and prohibiting me from doing my job.

    Please pray that this reimage on Monday will solve all the problems I have been having. I need that computer on Monday around noon as that is when my plan and lunch are. If I don't have it then I will really be stressed. That is why I need to get so much done here at home on my own computer.

    I am still praying for Cammie and Mike and DH and of course you. I pray for all of you every morning in my bubble bath prayer time.

    Ice skating on your canal really sounds so neat. I do think that maybe sometime we will meet and Cath. I just need a babysitter for my cat. I will dust the ice off while the rest of you actually skate. How's that.

    Well my fingers are going numb. It is time to get off of here. Thanks for your prayers and support. You are a great friend.


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    I think the computer problems are contagious! Ours crashed yesterday and my DH took the tower apart trying to replace one of the drives. (???) I know little about computers. I just know it was in pieces on the floor and he gave me five minutes just now to check my emails before he does it again!

    I will check in again later when it is back together. Just know that I will be praying for your insurance to be approved, your computer to be fixed by Mon. noon and that you are able to get your music budget in my Feb. 1. And that you have the strength to deal with it all.

    Those tests sound incredible, Nancy! I will be so anxious to hear what they are able to find out. That is exactly what we all need - comprehensive tests to find out what to attack and what to support.

    Right now I think that the candida is what I should be attacking. Isn't my PCP an amazing diagnostician? You are right. So few doctors would even think of candida - or believe that it exists. It is so much better today. I am down to one Super Strength Motrin for the pain.

    This dr. dx me with CFS immediately too. I went to him with a list of what to me were unrelated symptoms (insomnia, complete exhaustion, IBS-D, inability to make decisions, inability to concentrate, joint pain, muscle pain, etc. etc.) He dx me during that visit. When I see so many people going years without a diagnosis, it makes me so angry.

    Today is the 14th anniversary of my coming down with CFS. A day to remember.

    Poor Cath. She is in my prayers too. I am praying that the Lyrica gets approved soon.

    Hubby is here with his screwdriver in hand.
    Will finish this later.
    Love, Judy