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    I read your reply to morningsonshine so I feel that I am up to date on what has been happening with you. Any more news?

    I really do hope that the employees stage a revolt. There must be so many people in the same boat with coverage being pulled right out from under them.

    I don't know how you can convince a hard-hearted insurance company to do the compassionate thing.

    Praying for a miracle for you.

    Love, Judy
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    I am thrilled about your son. I read your post. I was flipping around the TV this weekend watching hockey games trying to figure out if it could possibly be Canada but no. That is truly amazing that he got voted MVP. Wow. He must be on cloud nine about now. What a miracle for sure!

    I have been wanting to post to you but have just been very busy. I would have loved to had some of your valuable insight on my appeal but unfortunately I had not much time to do any prep on this thing. I am not sure if you have medical flex bank accounts in Canada or not.

    It is all done through our government as a way to save on taxes. Anyway long story short the window of opportunity to change anything in that is coming to an end with our last paycheck in March. I don't think this appeal will be voted on in that time frame honestly. Part of my appeal has to do with this medical bank account.

    The thing that scares me the most is not having my muscle therapy. Of all the things I do that is, in my mind the most important and affective thing I do. I am continually pulling muscles and tearing things because my muscles and fascia are so tight.

    When I got that letter stating that the ins co was not going to pay for those services until they had sent my case to a review board I was absolutely devastated. My insurance book says nothing about there being a maximum limit on chiropractic. They are pretty much lumping my chiro and muscle therapy all into one situation.

    My chiro is treating me free of charge now. I don't know if I mentioned that on here yet or not. That is truly amazing. That will give me something. The first time I walked into his office on Friday knowing that I was a charity case was one of the most humbling experiences I think I have ever had. It gave me a tiny insight into how the truly unfortunate have to live every day.

    I talked to my miracle man at church on Sunday. This is the first I had seen him since the insurance letters. He is having trouble with kidney stones and has not been feeling well either. He did not offer anymore help. He just said God is sovereign and to let him know how the appeal process was coming along.

    I am still juicing and now have more time to do that since I don't have all of these after school apts. I have still not taken one sick day this year which is a true miracle. That has never happened before. I have been fighting off a sore throat but have been winning so far.

    How are you feeling now? Spring is in the air and that always makes me more hopeful. Cath told me it was snowing up there so it sounds like spring has not arrived yet!

    I am thrilled about your son. I am sure you must be so proud of him. Did you get to see any of the games or was it not broadcast. Hopefully you will get to see some videos or something of it.

    How is your hubby doing? I still pray for all of you. Well my bedtime is in overtime so I need to get going.

    Thanks for asking about me. I really appreciate that.

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    You must be so frustrated with this whole insurance process. It sounds unlike anything with which I am familiar. I cannot understand how they can put a cap on something if it is not in black and white. I also do not understand lumping the chiro and muscle therapy together. I hope that you guys can all stage a revolt.

    I do remember your saying several times how much the muscle therapy was helping you. I really don't know how you are getting through all this, continuing to work and not taking one sick day! I think you should change your username to superwoman! :)

    I got another email from David tonight. Nancy, I am amazed. Tonight they played the top pro team in Estonia. David's team are all amateurs so playing pros is a big deal. David said that he played probably the best game of his entire life and was awarded the MVP again. He said that even the Estonians were all cheering for every save he made! He said that it was the most incredible experience of his life.

    I told him that you guys are all still praying for him so that must be giving him a leg up on the competition. Just think that a couple of weeks ago he was so sick and thinking that he might not be well enough to even get on the plane! I am thunderstruck.

    My DH is another story. I am going to have to ask for prayers for him on the board. He has fallen into a deep depression despite being on antidepressants. I think the reality of his siblings' deaths has hit him. Then he quit smoking because he had promised Cam that he would since all three siblings who died were smokers. He used the patch for 3 days then quit. ADD, no follow-through.

    On top of that, the company that gives him most of his free-lancing took back an employee who was on maternity leave. My DH had picked up her work as well as his own so was making better $$$. The owner of the company had told him that she wasn't coming back so my DH was shocked to see her in the office. He was told yesterday that she is taking back her previous job so our income has just dropped considerably.

    So this is a tough time for him and, being a man, is taking it out on the one who has been there for him and supported him all along - me. Of course this is affecting my health especially my energy. I wish I could hide somewhere for a month.

    I went out for dinner tonight with my 82 yr old who is the only one of my Mom's family left. Since I was already very tired and in pain, it probably wasn't a great idea to go but she doesn't handle change of plans well so I went. She is going downhill so quickly that I am beyond stressed over it. I saw her 10 days ago and she has slipped since then. I have been emailing her son who lives down East for months telling him that she needs help. And he does nothing.

    Sorry, I am rambling.

    I know that you are busy but still manage to come on the board and I do read your posts so don't worry about not addressing one to me. I am glad that you got your letter done and will pray that your case gets voted on in time. I have never heard of that process so it is all new to me.

    Thank you for being there and being such a faithful prayer warrior. Isn't it amazing what God can do?

    Love, Judy

    Edit: The Home Show comes to Ottawa this weekend and I am going to go to look at juicers. I understand that they demonstrate a variety of juicers there and the VitaMix. I am very tempted to go for the VitaMix even if it is very thick. I really need the fibre and wonder if I could thin it with filtered water. Anyhow, I will get to see how several of them work and it might make my decision easier. I hope that I can taste test.
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