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    I have lost track of your/my posts. How did the concert go? How did the meeting about your retirement go? (If you aren't up to answering that one right now, I will understand.)

    What is happening with the new insurance company? I hope that they are fired.

    When is your last day of school? I bet that you have that date circled on the calendar!

    Thinking of you, praying for your needs.
    Love, Judy
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    I have been praying hard into this job situation for your husband. I felt very strong this morning that this is all for a reason. God doesn't just allow things to happen without his permission. He refines us in the fiery furnace to mold us into His image. That process is very painful but necessary. In the end we are taken from glory to glory. In the end it is glorious but going through the process doens't feel very spiritual at the time. It will get better. I feel like I have been in that process a good part of this school year. It truly has been one of the hardest years of my life. God has really blessed me this week and I feel like I am coming out the other end now.

    I have so much to share and it is late and I was going to bed an hour ago. LOL I am wiped out. The concert was awesome. God truly allowed a miracle to unfold before my eyes. The parents were so appreciative that I stepped in at the last minute and I was SO proud of the kids. Most of them were students that I had started in elementary school. It was truly awesome.

    My retirement situation has worked out very well. I ended up having a meeting with the head of HR and the union president. There were a few very tense days on my part of being left up in the air and knowing this impending deadline was closing in. Long story short, I don't have to sign anything until next May. My birthday was 33 days short of this deadline. Although it means thousands less for me in retirement it gave me another year to decide things and I will still get lots of perks too which I didn't realize. I thought it was an all or nothing situtaion and it wasn't. So I can still go out in four years but will still have to sign a binding document next May. Then it will be hanging in for three more years at that point. We will see what happens.

    The insurance is still in the appeals process. My chiro is seeing me free of charge so I haven't been asking when he sent the appeal in because it may not be free if they turn us down. I don't think he will go on forever treating me for free.

    After talking with some union people I am not holding my breath on any of this. The school district is wanting to save money and this is one little piece of that savings for them. Even if we change insurance companies in Oct. they will still have to follow the guidelines of the district plan. So I am not really very hopeful. God is going to have to perform a true miracle on this one if anything is going to change in my situation.

    I am trying to save as much money as I can so that I can afford some of these treatments myself. I have gone through the most pressurized time of my life these past few weeks and I have been haning in there. I did pull my shoulder out so I was so grateful for my chiro tonight. Without him I would be in big trouble. So the Lord is sustaining me. I am in lots more pain of course but I am hanging in there. I am taking the whole summer off and just working in my garden. My therapy is my flowers and I have lots of them every year. That is my one splurge. I don't do vacations. My flowers are my vacation.

    My bedtime is calling me. I think about you all the time and ask the Lord to give you energy and hope. I will keep praying that prayer as long as you need it okay?

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    I have not been on the board since posting this but kept checking my email for your response. Guess I forgot to check the "Email" box at the bottom of the posting thingy. One more thing that my brain has messed up lately. :-(

    It sounds like things are going a lot better for you than I expected. The retirement thing looks promising. And you seem to have done a wonderful job with the concert. I am so glad for you. I pray for you and your needs every day and want you to know that I am thinking of you.

    The insurance company is another thing though, isn't it? That doesn't look very hopeful. But why shouldn't we pray for a miracle anyways? Miracles do happen. I have seen them happen. I would like to tell you about some of those miracles one day. It still excites me to talk about them.

    What ever happened to your Miracle Man at church? I was hoping that he would continue to help you out. It is a tough thing to accept but if he has the $$$ and wants to help....

    I have a flower garden too since we can't afford a vacation. We have decided that our backyard will be our vacation and that is fine with me. A few years ago I decided that a garden would be a great idea. Then I decided that a bigger garden would be a better idea. Oh dear! Now it is a lot of work. I just finished the fall cleanup yesterday.

    When it gets really hot there is no hope for me working out there at all so I will do what I can before the terrible heat and humidity in this city hit us. I do love the flowers though and feel a sense of accomplishment when anything blooms. My sons buy me plants every Mother's Day so I am looking forward to next Sunday and planting some more.

    One year I planted a little pot of violas. So cute. They have since decided to take over the garden! They are everywhere! I was pulling them out yesterday just like weeds.

    Cath tells me that you are looking for a special outfit. Did you find one yet? I have been searching for one for a wedding next weekend. One of Dave's 36 nieces is getting married and we will be the only representatives of his side of the family there.

    I went shopping this afternoon and came home with 3 outfits although I hate 2 of them already. So I guess I will go with the third one. I remember your comment before a big concert and am hoping to lose 20 lb by next Saturday! :)

    You sound a bit more hopeful than you did awhile ago, Nancy, and I hope that everything works out for you. I am going to pray for that miracle with the insurance company.

    Love, Judy
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    I can't believe another week has gone by. I just passed a milestone this week. I finished my last concert and I went out with a bang literally. While I was directing the podium I was standing on collapsed. I didn't miss a beat and I kept directing and the kids kept playing. It was quite a sight. It of course startled me to say the least. The kids did a very good job. We still have a parade to march in and then the end is near.

    I am hurting all over now and hope that will go away. I do have some good news but I am not sure what it means yet. I actully have two appeals going on. One regarding the IV's that I did on my own and the other that came from my chiro.

    This ins co. really is very mercinary in the tactics they use. When I received the letter in the latter part of the winter they said any treatments after Mar. 2 would not be paid. I didn't even receive the letter till several days after March 2. Totally unethical. What they didn't tell me was that they were holding up several hundred dollars worth of payments clear back from January.

    The good news is they just paid all of those chiro and muscle therapy bills from that time period. I saw my chiro today and he said he didn't quite know what it meant either. Will they pay for the future or not.

    My muscle therapist left a message for me and wanted me to come in for a treatment. Well, she is very expensive and can't afford to treat me for free as the chiro is doing. I see her an hour an a time. My chiro thinks I should see her and have them immediately send in the bill to the ins and see what happens. They work together in the same office.

    I am really hurting all over but I am hanging in there and the fact that I am taking off the summer makes it easier to take. If it was the beginning of the school year and this all was happening it would be difficult.

    I haven't heard a thing yet about my IV appeal. It is going on two months but I knew it would probably take forever. I am not sure what I will do with that. I am still juicing and that is sort of my alternative to the IV's right now.

    This is the first weekend that I can really just relax in a very,very long time. I will be buying flowers like crazy. I have bought a couple of things but not much yet.

    How is the job search going? I have heard this so many, many times that many people give up right before there breakthrough happens. Don't give up. I know you aren't and I know Dave (is that right)isn't either. I know you said you had a wedding this weekend I think. It is cooler here for the weekend after having very hot temps for spring.

    My miracle man at church has been having health problems of his own. He has some heart problems and kidney stones and they couldn't do anything with the kidney stones because he was on blood thinner so he has had to wait a very long time. I have talked to him a few times. I don't think he is planning on helping me at this point. If he does I will be very surprised.

    I am upset with my alt dr and I told miracle man that so he probably doesn't know what is going on. I did that really big test months ago and when I finally got in to see the dr for the results I really felt betrayed. He had led me to believe that I would be able to get rid of the many, many pills that I take now and replace it with a compounding product that a pharmacist would make up for a $100 a month. He ended up adding more products to the gazillion pills I take now and I can't afford the extra $100 a month now. He said, well I don't think there is any thing we can subtract. I was so upset when I left that day. I wrote out a check for over a thousand dollars and I just said to myself this is absolutey nuts.

    The problem is he regulates my thyroid with natural things so I need to see him. I bought enough products to last till school is out and then I will do some serious soul searching as to what I will do. When you take a million things you can't tell which things are helping and which are not. I guess the only way to tell is to gradually stop taking things. That scares me though too.

    Well my bedtime is calling me. I have been exhausted for days and looking forward to catching up on some sleep tonight.

    I am still praying for you and your family situation. I hope you can feel up to doing some gardening. It is so relaxing for me in the summer when I dont' have the pressure of school.

    Take care of yourself and hang in there.

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    It is good to hear from you. We went to the wedding today. It is midnight and we have been home for 2 hours but I am now "tired but wired" and have no hope of sleeping for awhile despite a long Epsom Salts bath.

    The podium crashed? Good grief! I am glad that you were not seriously hurt but you must be so bruised and sore. I can't imagine the kids continuing playing when that happened. They must be very well trained! Going out with a bang is right.

    You must be relieved that your concerts are over for the year. You did it! Congratulations! One parade to march in. That must feel so good.

    At least the ins. co. has paid for those treatments in the early part of the year. I wonder if that indicates possible future payments. I so hope so. When you are dealing with insurance companies, you are always dealing with the bottom line rather than helping people. Only certain people could do that job.

    Wouldn't it be worthwhile going to the muscle therapist and sending the bill in to the ins. co. to see what happens? I remember how much those treatments were helping you. It is unconscionable that you have to do without them because some bureaucrat who knows nothing of your situation says so.

    Good thing you are juicing. The other night when I was up and down all night I heard an infomercial for the Jack LaLanne Elite. If my credit card had been handy, I would have ordered it right then because the infomercial was so convincing. Organic produce will start to be more available in the next few weeks so I have got to get one and find the energy to do it. I wonder how long it would take to see any results.

    I have used up all my energy the last few weeks getting ready for this wedding. It was Dave's niece's wedding. Her dad was the first sibling in the family to pass away and this was tough for everyone involved. There were moments of remembrance of Tom during the service and the reception and a lot of tears from his family. His widow and daughters still miss him so much. It was a very nice wedding, but bittersweet.

    Getting clothes for this event was a challenge for me, not to mention getting my hair coloured and styled and a manicure and pedicure and figuring out accessories. It is so energy zapping. I think I bought and returned 4 outfits. I ended up wearing another one that I had planned on returning. The weather went from very hot and humid to cool and breezy today. So luckily I had this pant suit ready to go back to Sears and wore it because it has long sleeves instead of the one I had ready to go if it were hot and humid.

    I will need a few days to recover and then I have to seriously think about my garden. I did stop in at the garden centre and if I hadn't been so tired from shopping, I would have picked up a few things. I can't wait to get going.

    Dave hasn't given up the job search but I know that he is very discouraged. He has "schmoozed" so many people and put in well over 100 applications. His age is against him - and he isn't getting any younger - and most jobs in this city now require fluent bilingualism and he thinks that he isn't fluent. I think that he should classify himself as fluent but he is nervous about doing that. He is very good in French but he doesn't think that he is good enough.

    At the end of the month he is going to have an opportunity to schmooze a guy who is in a position to help him out. Please keep those prayers going because this just might be the answer we have been looking for.

    I don't blame you for being upset with your alt. dr. That is certainly not what you were expecting from those tests! I take so many pills and there have been times that I have just had to take a pill holiday because they get to be too much. I have also had to stop everything because of allergic reactions or other nasty symptoms. Gradually adding things back in can clear up what is helping and what is hurting. But it is a scary thing to do unless you only do it with things that you are not positive are helping you. I'd certainly wait until school is over though if you do that.

    It is too bad about miracle man at church. It seems odd to me that he seems to have changed his mind. Or is he just preoccupied with his own health issues now?

    You are in my prayers every day. Praying that the issues with the ins. co. are resolved in your favour - the chiro., the muscle therapy and the IV's. Please God they see that they were helping you function and keep working as well as you were.

    Thank you for your prayers and for not giving up on us. We aren't ready to throw in the towel yet either!

    Love, Judy

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    How are you doing? I have been praying for you and Dave and David everyday. I have lost track of time a little but it seems like two weeks has transpired already now when you said Dave had a possible job prospect and would be talking to someone. I have really been praying that something good would come of this.

    It is just nuts for me now until the end of the year. The marching practices for the big parade on Memorial Day are really getting hard for me. Long hours this week with parent meetings and other night activities that make for very, very long days.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

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    I have been very remiss in not posting on the board. I come and read and don't post because I am always in a rush. That is because I am feeling so much better! My ND gave me some herbs that I take with my sleeping meds and I fall asleep within an hour of going to bed and don't wake up nearly as often through the night. It has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. So I am very busy in my garden!

    For the first time in 3 yrs I was able to plant morning glories all along the back fence. Back pain has been preventing that but I did it this year!

    Dave is going to meet socially with a guy next week. This guy is in a position of responsibility and hopefully will be able to help Dave out. Please keep praying that something comes of that. We are getting desperate. It has come to the point where we are going to have to cash in some of our retirement funds just to get through the summer. I don't want to do that but we have no choice.

    My son, David, went back to work today - amazingly. He is healing very well even though his deltoid muscle was severed in the surgery and his biceps cleaned up. He has some pretty big scars but is in great shape and lucky for him has his dad's immune system! So he is healing very quickly. We will know better when he sees the surgeon on Friday but I think he is doing extremely well.

    You sound so busy at school. I bet you can't wait for this school year to be history. I pray for you every day and will say extra prayers to help you through this tough week.

    Thanks for posting, Nancy.
    Good luck with this week.
    Love, Judy
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    Thanks so much for your prayers. I have really needed them this week. It has been a very taxing week in all ways.

    I am thrilled to hear you are so much better. I have heard of several people totally recovering form CFS and I have prayed for your healing many times. May I ask what the special herbs are that have allowed you to sleep. I used to take Kava Kava and they are not selling that now after some bad press. It worked great for me.

    Hey, I can send you directions to my house and you can come clean my garage anytime.LOL It is a mess. It is an annual event for me each summer but last summer right off the bat I had my car accident and was in therapy all summer for whiplash. I was rear ended and my car was totaled. cleaning of the garage last year and I can sure tell it is doubly dirty now.

    I am so glad to hear David is doing so well. I am still praying for this meeting that Dave will have regarding a possibility of a job.

    I am buying up flowers like crazy and still have much more to buy this weekend. I have waited late this year on some and I hope I am not sorry. I have already missed out on some flowers becaue I didn't buy early.

    I will start planting after school is out. We have our big parade on Monday. I have been practicing with the kids all week. It has been hard on the old body for sure.

    I locked my keys in my car this week as well. Luckily I was in the garage. Unfortunately I was locked out of car, home and my cell was dead and I had to be back at school in a few hours. The police came and got into my car thank goodness. Boy did I feel like an idiot.

    I hope you continue to do well. I am sure that must feel so good being able to do these things you used to take for granted. I hope to hear a good report soon.

  9. pepper

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    Sorry, Nancy, my garage cleaning days are over for at least this year. :) My energy streak seems to be over but I am expecting it to come back. I just way overdid it and don't feel at all well. Will I never learn?

    I got proof last night that these herbs are really helping. I was feeling nauseous last night and didn't take them. I was awake for the day at 2 a.m. I was still too nauseous to take the herbs and I couldn't get back to sleep.

    I can't share on here what I am taking because of the board rules. If Cath gives me your email address I could be more specific. What I am taking is from a Canadian company so they might not be available to you anyhow. ProHealth might have something similar, I don't know.

    What I am taking is a herbal sedative containing the following: 50 mg Valerian root extracts, 50 mg Skullcap herb powder, 50 mg Linden flower extract, 50 mg Jujuba fruit extract, 50 mg Griffonia Simplicfolia (95% 5-HTP). I have taken some of these things individually and they didn't help. I would guess it is the combination that helps. I take one capsule with dinner and one with my sleeping meds at bedtime. If I wake up, I take another one and go right back to sleep.

    I am glad that I checked this out for you because I have had a dangerously high BP from 5-HTP in the past and must watch it or ask my ND to try the other sleep aid that he has. I will let you know if I try the other one.

    Thank you for praying for this meeting that Dave is having on Tuesday night. Please keep praying! I am going to post and ask everyone to pray. It is actually a dinner with a highly placed fellow who, Dave is hoping, will be able to help him with his job search.

    When is school finished for you? It sounds early! We used to go until the last miserable hot day in June! Nothing much got taught that last month.

    You certainly had an adventure with your car keys. Blame it on the FM Brain Fog. I just lost my MasterCard for the fourth time in 6 months and am afraid to report it again. I am sure it is in the house somewhere. I took it out of my purse to buy something online and haven't seen it since. I lost my Bank Card (again!) last week and had to get a new one. I told the teller that I was just the crazy lady who loses her Bank Card every 2nd week. She smiled but I am sure that is just what she was thinking.

    My son is healing amazingly well from his surgery. He saw the surgeon on Fri. and he said that he had healed extremely well for 3 wks post-op. David told him that he was only 1 1/2 wks post-op and the surgeon was stunned. He said that if he hadn't done the surgery himself, he wouldn't believe it. He has healed so well that he can skip physio and go back to the gym and use light weights. I guess this deserves a praise report!

    Thanks for all your prayers, Nancy. I will keep up the prayers for you too.

    Love, Judy