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    How did your whole insurance issue every turn out???

    And i'm getting this mixed up with someone else, who was having trouble getting there IV's, and a man in church helped out some??

    I just remember you were fighting with your insurance stuff, any break thurs??

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    Thanks for asking. Yes, it was me and it has been a battle right through most of this summer. I had sent in a letter of appeal in March regarding my IV's after they received my doctors notes of necessity and they deemed them medically unneccesary. About five weeks ago I started making phone calls and discovered that the letter was not in their system. I sent it registered mail and I have the receipt of someone receiving it! I just about popped a cork at that point. I was dealing with the head of insurance at our school district and I left her a very direct message. I was afraid that maybe I shot myself in the foot on that call. I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a good news message from this same lady saying we have reinstated your treatments but I need to notify the parties involved and I will get back to you to confirm. That message was left on June 22 and after repeated phone calls and an email to this lady she won't respond now. This has been the most frustrating long term thing I have ever had to endure. This all started before Christmas.

    My chiro and muscle therapy had been stopped as well. In fact I just got good news today. I had seen the muscle therapist in June as sort of a test balloon to see what would happen with the insurance. When the insurance received the claim they said they needed notes from the doctor. Again I was fit to be tied. I emailed this time and said he just sent notes and what more do you want. They emailed me back saying they received the information and rejected the claim in error. It was just paid today. I am so excited. I paid for an IV myself in March and sent that in just recently and it looks like that is going to be paid as well.

    I am so hoping this 8 month nightmare is ending.

    I have prayed for you. It sounds like you are having a really rough time. I am sorry for that. I saw the new pic of your little boy with your rabbit. What cutie pies they both are! My Mindy (will be 17 in the fall)is my only baby. She is in my profile too. She is a Himilayan cat. She just went to the vet yesterday. There is a lump which I was concerned about and we are not sure at this point if it is just a very small kidney or something to be concerned about. I am waiting till Friday on a blood panel they did. We are inseparable so I am praying nothing is wrong.

    I took the whole summer off because I just needed a break and needed to get recharged in all ways for the upcoming school year.

    I bet your kids are enjoying the summer. I will continue to pray that you can get out of this black hole and start feeling joy again.

    Take care and thanks for asking about me.

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    I just love your cat, i hope she is fine!! They really do make good companions, some better than others. Sounds like you have a special one.

    That's my youngest, he's a wonderful boy! He does have a temper, but his over all temperment is very happy, and enthused with the world.

    I know it's been a long haul, but it sound like thing might be starting to turn around. Taking the summer off was a good move, to get ready for the coming school year.

    Thank you for your concern and your prayers, a very good friend of mine that i don't see much anymore, has put me in contact with a christian woman, that does some counseling. My friend has also said she would be there and help keep me be accountable with some issues i struggle with. Just some personal bad habits, that drown me, when i'm feeling sick and make me very hard on myself.

    Too long, i've just sucked things up and tried to deal with them all on my own.

    We took the kids swimming on Tuesday, and had a really nice family day, that we all have needed for awhile.

    With three boys, i do get alot of fighting, and its one of the things that really overwhelms me, specially when i'm ill. My husband's job is very demanding, and i'm not always up to dealing with these things on my own.

    Blessing in Jesus,

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    I really admire all of you that are married and have children. I struggle with this illness with just taking care of my cat. LOL Of course I have hundreds of children during the school year and that pretty much saps all of my energy right there. I then regain some of it during the summer.

    I think that sounds like a very wise idea to get some help from a Christian counselor. Sometimes these brain chemicals can get out of whack and cause all sorts of pain and grief. I had my hormones get out of whack many years ago and I had to go to Mayo Clinic. I called that year my year from *ell.

    I finally got straightened out but it was certainly not fun going through it so I can really sympathize. I am so glad you had a good outing with your family. I sure miss those times of swimming when I was a child. I don't swim anymore. Actually I don't even know how to swim. LOL

    I just about drowned in the Gulf of Mexico on a band trip when I was in high school and that just about did it for me.

    Well, I am off to clean the garage. Ugh. We had a cool front come in this afternoon after a terrible storm last night.

    Take care and keep me posted how you are doing. I will continue to pray for you.

    By the way. Windblade's husband lost one of of his parents in the last few months so I am sure they have been going through some hard times with that.

    Take care.

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    OOps, sorry, :0)
    Thanks for the update on Windblade, not fun losing family members, i still want to pick up the phone and call my Grandma, and then i realize i can't.

    Well, i'm certainly glad you didn't drown in the Gulf!! I alway say i swim like a rock!! :0)

    We take the kids to Upper Red Lake, its a huge MN lake, take a look on the map. It is also fairly shallow, we don't actually swim, just play around and have fun, or float. You can walk out for 1/2 mile and not get past your waist. I'm not kidding. There is also alot of sand bars. We have this awsome picture of our kids way out in the lake with the sunsetting, walking on a sandbar in about 4 inches of water, and it looks like they are walking on the water!! It's a Miracle!! (just kidding)

    Children do sap the energy, and somedays, i'm not there for them. It's kinda a extreme sport!! You either want to strangle them or hug and kiss them.

    Sometimes they are little angels, and other days you just know they aren't your kids! Or my mom is finally getting her revenge for all the times i was a brat!! :0)

    I think God uses them to show me, just how selfish, and flawed i am. Kids are very humbling.

    Take care, and rest up for school, when school start, then i get to rest up a bit more.