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    Hi Nancy! Wondering how your week was with your MOm. Did you take her back home? We had a great, albeit hot vacation. I may squeeze in another week before we start back to school on the 27th. Not sure, my Dad is having health issues.He is supposed to have his hip replaced Tuesday, but has COPD and excessive protein in his urine, so not sure if his Dr. will approve it now. He is 71, and it is hard to see him in pain and struggling. His wife stayed up north this week while he has undergone some tests-she is living it up until she is saddled with him for the next couple of months-her words. Yet, he thinks she is a saint. He has no idea what she says when he's not around. My colonoscopy is Monday-little apprehensive, but I'm sure it will gone fine...I wrote you back on our last msg-not sure if you saw it-not really sure what I wrote anyway...I have been limiting my sugar ALOT. I seem to be in a remission currently-(which really just meants that I am not in extreme pain and hitting the sheets when I walk in the door from work)it will be interesting to see how less sugar affects me. I have Rubin's book next to my bed.So anyway-just wanted to touch base and see how you are. Love, Cindy
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    I hope your vacation was good. Yes, I did see your last post but since you said you were going on vacation I thought I would wait as I didn't know how long you were going to be gone.

    I am down in Central IL. at my mom's house. Can't sleep and up typing in the dark. Today is my birthday actually so I will be going to a nice restaurant tonight with my mom and my sister and husband.

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope he can have his surgery soon. That is a very painful condition I am sure.

    I have to be back at school on Aug. 16 so my summer will be coming to a screeching halt very soon. This has been a really good summer for me after several awful ones so I am very thankful.

    I took the whole summer off. I never do that. I always do my private lessons and have taught summer band for years but I really needed a break in all ways.

    I hope you get some more vacation time in before you start back. What we do really takes lots of energy dealing with little ones.

    Well I need to get back to bed and see if I can sleep.

    Take care and good hearing from you.

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    I will be praying for your colonoscopy. It will be over before you know it.

    Good for you for cutting down on sugar. I swear that is one of the worst things we can do for our bodies. Now after being on the diet I realize that all the white stuff turns into sugar so it is all bad too.

    My mom and I go out to eat a lot and that has been a challenge. I hadn't been out to eat much at all on this diet. I haven't been on the scale and I am afraid to right now. I don't want all my hard work to go down the drain in a couple of weeks.

    When I get back home I will be able to get back to what I was doing and I think i will be okay.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

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    May I ask how many? I am waiting(not really) with bated breath for my 49th in Sept. My son thinks I am 39-hee-hee.He thinks Mark is 41. Didn't ever mean to deceive him-just never corrected him. We have most of his friends parents beat by at least 10 years, and I think it would blow his mind. Ususally people guess me to be in my early to mid 30's so it is working...(LOL) My husband turned 50 in June. Kind of freaks us out. I wouldn't even date a guy that's 50!!!! Not that I would be dating-hee-hee...Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day! I have an old boyfriend(still my friend)who sends his Mom roses on his birthday every year-just for having him.That is one reason he is still my friend. How could I not stay friends with someone like that?!Going out to eat can be tough. Even if I order a salad, I like all the yummy stuff that goes on it!!! I have a feeling if you are worrying about ruining what you just did, you will soon get sick of yourself and only order what's really healthy. Might be boring, but that usually happens to me; after a bit. I have a Mc Donalds tip- When we go (not too often) we order the $1 double cheeseburgers. We don't get Fries or sodas. Well, I do love those cheeseburgers, BUT they just really don't have any redeeming qualities. So I now order a $1 side salad, and ask for a plain chicken breast- $1, and then a slice it up and toss it in with the low fat Italian. So for $2 I have a yummy salad and no guilt. Mark and Colt were so jealous of my good-lookin' salad, that the next time they ordered the same! And that is a really cheap meal! The regular salads are about $4.50 and once I start shelling out that kind of dough, I'd just as soon go to a real restaurant and pay more for a really yummy meal! Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you. Don't do that for your birthday meal! So do you NOT have dessert? Have you had NO SUGAR? Guess I won't make you that cake...
    Geez, everyone thinks we start early on the 27th. My friends in Texas started already. I'm glad for you that you took a real break this summer. I usually have a week of vacation waiting for me when the New Year starts, or we take Colt out of school for a week, but now that he'll be in 3rd grade, it will probably be better to take it yet this summer if I can swing it. My Mom's ladies swing band is playing at Riverfest in Watertown tomorrow, so we are hoping to make it out and watch them. She has trumpet solos, and they are playing some of her arrangements. Man, can she blow! I haven't picked up my oboe in a couple of MONTHS which is so wrong, and I keep getting asked to play in church. I need to check out my reeds at least, and then get playing! Well Nancy, I've rambled on way too long now that I have most likely put you to sleep-if that's how it's going to happen for you, feel free to read this again! I suffer along with you with sleep issues. Unfortunately, a "little reading" doesn't work for me. I end up reading a whole book at night, and then drift off for an hour or so most nights. Last night I did sleep about 6 hours, and only had 2 "P" breaks. Not too bad. I'll let you know how the big C goes on Monday. My Dad is going to have his surgery on Tuesday, so put him in your prayers please. Have a great time with your family tonight! Love, Cindy
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    Right when I was getting write you my mom needs to use the phone. Good timing huh! I am using her webtv and it is a challenge.

    We had a great birthday dinner. I did pretty good on what I ordered. I haven't had a white pototo in months. I ate a steak without a potato so I guess it can be done! LOL

    I don't eat any desserts with sugar and haven't for six years. I don't really miss it all that much as the craving disappear. The carb cravings were much worse when I first started the diet but they are better too.

    Your mom's band sound really cool. I am going to have to look up that website you shared with me. I just was too busy and never got to look it up. Now I will have to search the posts where you mentioned it.

    Sounds like you inherited your momn's music genes! I bet you guys are both awesome.

    I have prayed for your colonoscopy and your Dad's surgery. You probably have to start your prep tomorrow on Sunday. I will pray for you tomorrow too. When I am facing yucky things i just tell myself this time next week it will all be over. One of my favorite Bible verses is and this too shall pass.

    Well I need to get off of here now so know I will be praying. Take care.