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    Hi Nancy: Thought I would babble at you to give you a bit of a diversion from school. Shorter (maybe) than reading a book lol. That ice cream was incredible except I thought it was flavored but it is the real deal. I gave some to my girlfriend who has never had alcohol I'm afraid to tell her lol. Good to hear your neck is better been praying about that. The problem with those injuries is they go on forever unless God intervenes. Which I believe He is. What is a myologist? What do you get IV? Just curious. I am feeling better today. Haven't had breakthrough meds since last night but thinking about it now. I have problems with chat rooms also. Too much going on at the same time and I can't keep up. I actually prefer the phone over everything. My son goes to Chicago on business once a year for business. He was there awhile ago and stayed in some $300/night hotel with an atrium and fountain. He likes Chicago and of course he isn't paying for it so it is even better. Are you involved in any Christmas concerts etc.? Please try and pencil in some time for you. I would hate to see you flare. Take care and talk to you when you get time. Praying for you. If things get squirelly just send a post HELP and I will know what that means ok? promise? We have to be here for each other.
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    Made it through another gloomy Monday. This is the first I saw my band since the concert. I wanted to hear some of their impressions. I actually had several emails this morning from the parents saying how impressed they were. I have the 6th grade band and my partner has the 7th and 8th grade. Several parents said that the 6th grade band sounded better than the 7th grade. Wow. There IS power in prayer as I have never had those types of comments before. Considering I was about to jump off a bridge a few weeks ago (just kidding of course) when our rehearsals kept getting canceled because of assemblies it is a true miracle how God worked this all out. I am so thankful.

    A myotherapist is someone who works the muscles and soft tissue. It is a whole philosophy of trigger points and pain referal patterns. I have been seeing her for 12 years and she is really, really good. There are only four in our whole state. It is really bigger on the East coast in the States as that is where the teaching schools are for it.

    The theory with FM is that it is also a malabsorption problem. Most FM patients also have colon problems as do I. I have been doing these IV's every other week for over 2 years. There are many ingredients. Some of the big ones are magnesium, B vitamins and Vit C. Since being on the FM board there was a newsletter that came out a couple of months ago about the Dopamine connection to FM. I printed that article and showed my dr and he added another IV of Glutethion. Don't ask me the connection to dopamine but there is one but I don't remember his explanation. This dr is extremely intelligent. He was a regular MD in my town for 15 years and went alternative about 8 years ago. Unfortunately I have to travel as he is out of town now but it is not too far. I buy most of my supplements from him. It is costing me an arm and a leg but I had to weigh retiring way too early because of exhaustion or spending a fortune and teaching for 5 more years and the latter seemed the most practical thing to do. It has helped me a great deal. I did the traditional route and it was getting me no where.

    I have some Christmas performances but they are much more low key and involve playing for the school and not for the parents. My high stress kicks in again in Feb-May. Then there are performances almost every month. Yikes!!!

    I am really looking forward to a break. My neck pain is gone today but I have some ear pain. That is part of the TMJ problem. I was really getting concerned about the neck and headache pain. I am still keeping an eye on that one. Thanks for your prayers.

    Alcohol in ice cream????????? OMG I don't drink either so I could imagine me eating that. LOL. I don't do sugar so I won't be having any anytime soon. Too bad though. My bedtime is calling me. I get up at 4:20 so try to hit the hay at 8:30. Hope you are hanging in there. If I need to call for HELP I will keep that in mind.

    I actually can't believe that I have made it to the middle of November without going a little nuts. That is a first. PTL. This board really does help me so much. It is a place to land at the end of a long day. I told my band about all of you today. I was so close to saying that you all were praying for the concert but I didn't. I did tell a mom in an email that I was praying for her son who played taps at our Veteran's Day Assembly. I knew I was sticking my neck out. She wrote back and said your prayers were answered he did a super job. (Sigh of relief) I had an atheist mom write me a scathing letter many years ago when I played Amazing Grace with the band. That is really the only problem I have ever had and I play stuff like that all the time. Who would have thought. I believe it is no coidcidence that the Lord has me in the public schools. I did teach in a Christian School for a few years. Well I have to go. Take care. Talk later,. Thanks so much for your prayers. They are keeping me going.

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    You sound like you are doing ok but this is only Tues. lol. It is in these seasons that we learn to trust God literally one step (activity) at a time. I'll switch praying for your neck to your tmj. Be healed in Jesus Name. Being in a secular environment you learn to get creative in sharing your faith. You can sneak up on people and they don't know what hit them they just know things are different. It is funny but it isn't if you know what I mean. I had a lady once who was having a hard time breathing. I laid my hands on her chest and she told me to take them off they were too hot. But she sure could breathe after. The more I read about fm the more confused I get. The pain specialist told me that with fm the nerve endings are super sensitive and create ++++ pain. That makes sense but I don't have any of the other stuff you all have except that I can't sleep. I am not going to worry about it. Enough babbling for now. Take care. Talk soon.