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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by sixtyslady, Aug 2, 2007.

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    well we're back from the fair,it was so hot didn"t know if I could last through the day.
    Austin did remarkable for his first year.He got a Reserve champion in Halter. Grand Champion in Equine equtation. and the other 2 classes he got A,s and a blue ribbon, he also had a survival entry and recieved a A,and blue ribbon.
    He,s worked so hard,I have a request for prayer for my Little Austin ,we just found out he is diabetic.
    So please remember him in your prayers.
    Happy birthday Bandwomen,hope you have a good time going out for Dinner.hope to hear from all of you and try to stay cool. I have to rest up today ,just to much heat yesterday. Blessings Sixtyslady
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    Congratulations to Austin on a job well done. I pray that his diabetes will be regulated and that he will be able to make the appropriate changes that will surely come.

    Yes, it is dreadfully hot out there. I am going to hear an outdoor Christian concert tonight at the Decatur Celebration. Hopefully it will cool off some.

    We had a great time at my birthday dinner. We went to a restaurant and it was Sooooooooo loud I don't think we will go there again. We could not even hear ourselves at our own table. Getting too old for that. LOL

    You will NOT believe what I wanted for my birthday and got. Esp. at my age and no I am not telling.LOL

    I am still young at heart and that is what counts. I got a kite. I have had a fascination with them for years and haven't flown one in years. So when it cools off I want to try it out. This is one of those fancy ones in the shape of a butterfly. I guess they don't make the cheapy paper ones like I grew up with anymore.

    Now this would make a hilarious video seeing me trying to fly this kite. LOL

    Take care and rest up from the fair.

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    glad to hear you had a nice time for your birthday.
    If you get a picture of you flying your kite ,you"ll have to post it so we can all see it,sounds like great fun.

    Its the little things in life that we remember.
    still pretty warm here and humid. but looks like rain.
    have a good week-end. Blessings Sixtyslady
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    sounds like your nephew has a good program.
    Austins Mother is diabetic also and she doesn"t do well at taking care of herself,so this is what really has us all very concern.
    We have all decided that we"re going to try and encourage Austin to take this serious,
    Its very humid here today can"t even see out the windows there all fogged over I just hate this kind of weather,even worse than winter.
    Hope you have a great day. blessings Sixtyslady