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    Bandwomen ,So glad to hear from all, hows your visit with you Mom going ?Its been dry here for a few days good news.

    Sweet, hows the new Job,hope great.wish I could send you some fresh veggie,the sweet corn is great this year.

    little blue.summer,s back and its suppose to get warm again we have a 4-h fair this week-end,so I hope the weather stays dry. glad to hear from you.

    Hangininthere, hope your summers going well. we"ve been real busy with showing our horses and helping our 10yr old Grandson in 4-h this is his frist year.

    well Guys just checking in and hope to hear from all of you. its good to keep in touch,
    Blessings, sixtyslady
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    My mom and I rolled in tonight. We are both worn out but we had a safe trip so I am thankful for that. Today is the second anniverary of my Dad's death so having to pack and the trip and all kinda took my mom's mind off of dwelling on that for a while.

    We will have a good time once we can get rested up.
    Good to hear from you. Take care.

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    glad to hear from all. Hangininthere.boy you brought back some good memories. We used to swim in a pond near our small town all us kids did what fun.
    Bandwoman, Bet your tired,hope you have a good visit with you Mom.
    Sweet.sounds like you need to just do something fun.could you and the kids go on a outing to a park ? or just go out in the back yard at dark and lay and watch the stars.
    or throw water ballons at each other in the heat of the Day.
    My grand kids just help keep my spirits up.
    God Bless you and may you find the joy that God wants all of us to have.
    Little blue.
    WE're going to a 4-H fair this fri,and then my grandsons is next week,different county,s.
    My husband and I have decided that next year ,after he retires we"re going to volunteer to help with the 4-H,Kids
    Its different now I went to a horse show last Sunday, and alot of the people there where the Grandparents with the kids.helping them show and hauling their horses for them.with both parents working,its good that Grandparents can help out.and as I said, the kids are good for us Grandparents.
    well everybody have a great week-end. blessings sixtyslady
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    Hey Sixtylady, i'm going to jump in here too!! You all are my "gals" too.

    Last time i talked to you Sixty i was so happy to here things were going better with that grandson of yours. I haven't kept up since, and i sure hope things are still going well??

    Bandwoman, sweet, hangin, and littleblue, hello to each of you.

    It's been so hot here!! Can't wait for fall. I've been trying to get better, but don't know if i'm making any progress yet or not!!

    You guys are all in my thoughts even if i'm not here quit as much, that will probably change when the kids go back to school.