BANKRUPTY from MEDICAL costs? a chance to tell your story...

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  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I just got this from a yahoo group.. It's an important issue as Congress took away our right to bankrupt against medical bills...

    from Kate McMahon Co-producer FRONTLINE

    I am hoping to meet a patient who, sadly, was forced to file bankruptcy solely because of medical bills. Ideally, I'd like to talk with someone who was insured when an accident or illness occurred, but found out that they were under-insured, meaning that high deductibles and co-pays resulted in monumental costs that thrust them into financial distress.

    Their story could help illuminate part of America's health care system, which is that most under-insured Americans are one injury or illness away from financial distress, possibly bankruptcy.

    If you could help with my search, that would be great. Below is the synopsis of the film.

    All the best, Kate McMahon Co-producer FRONTLINE

    Public Broadcasting's FRONTLINE,

    - -


    Unlike the integrated systems in most advanced democracies (examined in FRONTLINE: Sick Around the World), America's health care is a patchwork. Two large federal programs cover the elderly and the very poor, another covers veterans, yet another American Indians. And for the rest of us, there's private insurance.

    This program is about the 225 million Americans under 65, not covered by Medicaid, who seek access to health care via the private insurance market. At a time of intense interest in health care reform, Washington Post correspondent T. R. Reid travels across America investigating how this system works: from large employer sponsored insurance to the small group market to the individual market.

    While America is home to perhaps the most advanced medicine in the world, not everyone has access to it. As is often reported in the media, some 47 million people have no insurance and tens of millions are underinsured. According to researchers at the Institute of Medicine and Harvard University, this leads to some 18,000 avoidable deaths and hundreds of thousands of personal bankruptcies each year. But what has received much less coverage is the fact that even people with insurance are vulnerable.

    Over a 3-year period, one in four Americans finds themselves out in the cold looking for affordable insurance. Why? Adults lose jobs, get divorced, move, suffer serious illness etc; dependent children age, becoming ineligible for their parent's plan. Suddenly, America is a scarier place. If you seek insurance alone in the individual market the insurance company now has the right to assess your health - a practice called medical underwriting - and if you are sick, charge you more or deny you coverage. A series of critical choices now have to be made - and those choices depend not only on an individual's wealth but also an arcane mix of federal and state laws.

    How best to reform a system where many Americans find themselves uninsured, underinsured, or uninsurable, where costs are rising four times faster than wages, and where different stakeholders hold very different perspectives? This program will lay the groundwork for an informed conversation about fixing our sick health care system.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    from medical costs here?
  3. BluePetals

    BluePetals New Member

    Nobody has gone bankrupt here from medical costs?

    You have to be kidding! My bankruptcy consisted of medical costs no one could pay except Donald Trump. If I had been well and not had medical costs I would have never had to file bankruptcy. I would have been working and paying my bills. I have insurance and have since becoming ill but along with insurance comes co-pays not only for office visits but specialists (co-pay is more), multiple drugs, multiple trips to the doc that cause you to lose time at work, and the domino effect of no money where you have to decide if what little money you have coming in will go for rent, food, utilities, gas, or a medical bill that will just be sitting there with more added to it no matter what you do to stop it. I have in the past had to decide that I would not follow a docs order and refuse to take a drug that required a high co-pay compromising my care. I have had to cancel doc apppointments because the day for the appointment came and I had no money for gas to get there.
  4. victoria

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    hope you both and anyone else who has had to bankrupt contacts Kate McMahon at the info up above... the more publicity the better!

    I was just surprised that no one responded to this, which is why I bumped it. IMHO, when you have 'chronic illnesses' with no known 'cures' &/or low percentage of 'cures'... it needs to be publicized how difficult it is to live and seek treatment.

  5. texasrose204

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    I can not afford to pay my medicals bills. The dr's and all the testing that has happended during has created such bills. I have been off work now about a year. I have had 4 mri's, neurologist test-numerous, labs etc. I have been paying for my insurance cobra which is high and all my meds. I can not keep up and if i was in any shape to go back to work i would.
    Thousands and it worries me everyday what is going to happen? As if i don't feel sick enough!
  6. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    way back in the eighties i think.
    it was way over a hundred thous
    and we coulnt pay it all .
    i had crohns and stuff
    tho now we have good credit after all this time
    but still stinking med bills
    and pharmacy bills even with insurance..
    . which gets worse every year.

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