Barometric and Dewpoint ? effecting how we feel?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dolsgirl, May 20, 2003.

  1. dolsgirl

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    Has anyone charted how either of these two issues effect how you feel from one day to the next? I felt great on Saturday and Monday, but can't get that info for those days and was very curious to know if anyone has researched this. Thanks for any help. dolsgirl
  2. PAT

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    Look through some of the old posts. I can predict rain better than any meteorologist. When the barometer starts changing (right now my fog won't let me remember if it's the drop or fall) my body changes with it.
    Patti G
  3. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    Bump, hoping for answers. dolsgirl
  4. jeniwren

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    I have FMS and when there's a low pressure system on its way I feel it...all over!! I ache from head to toe.

    Have a great day, Jeni

  5. Dara

    Dara New Member

    of which days are worse, but most definitely when there is any "change" in the weather I wake up in a lot more pain than normal. Usually I can tell before I even open my eyes if it's started raining, or overcast, any change. I live in Oregon and seems like everyday is a change..

  6. nogilroy

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    i feel a change in the weather 3 days prior before it does change more aches and pians . it is almost a relife when it does change .

    i have always thought of the barometric
    but yeasderday it rained almost all day there was no relife at all just felt like crap all day the aches and pian was bad it is less now and i am in a better mood
    also i warned my hubby i felt like crap not to push any buttons the poor man made his own lunch .lol

    so know i wonder about the dewpoint . if that was the reason i felt woerse
    sorry about the spelling . it is likely do to the fog also when we get the fog how come the only thing that stays is the pain.
    just one of my thoughts of the day
  7. tulip922s

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    I have often wondered how and why the weather bothers me so much, in particular,,,,rain. I am currently buckling down for 5 rainy days ahead here in upstate NY. Yesterday I filled my meds which should not have been due until Sunday, but, lied and told the pharmacist I would be out-of-town (thought he would think I was a nut if I told him rain bedriddens me). Today I will try and make it to the grocery store as the rain starts tomorrow. I have physical therapy appointment on Tuesday (day after rain is to stop) and have already told them I think I should reschedule because of the rainy weather and the office manager said that I was not the only fibro patient to cancel for this reason. Thank you for the question,,,,,I too am very curious about this. Tulip
  8. LynneH

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    dolsgirl, how did you feel on Sunday? I know we live in the same county and Sunday was such a beautiful day. I know that sometimes, after weeks of gray and drizzle, I didn't realize how it affected me until it gets nice and I feel so much better!!
    We also have so many allergens here. On the days you mentioned, the count was low for most of them. Could there be a connection there for you?