Barometric pressure changes in Portland, Or?????

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    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in quite a long while...having my daughter home all summer took all the energy I had!! Anyway, quick update before I ask my question. I'm doing somewhat better than when I was posting last. Summer seems to be better for me, except that the pressure changes that come with the Monsoone (sp?) season are driving me crazy. I got a dog, and she is the greatest motivation to get out there and walk I've ever found, which has helped in many areas (see profile). I'm finding that Dr. Tittlebaum's "Energy Infusion" and B-complex are helping with my energy levels...still low, but better than when I don't take it. Also trying natural pojesterone cream with some subtle but possitive results (only two months into it, so hoping for more), and Synthroid, which so far I haven't noticed any difference. Still taking Ultram 50mg 3 to 4 times per day, with an occasional percocet when the pain gets too bad, but that makes me itch, so not too often. Anyway, that about it on that front. Now for the question and reason for my post.

    We are seriously considering moving to Portland, Oregon in the next two years, but as badly as storms affect me here in New Mexico, I'm concerned about there being more storms there. I've done a search here on barometric pressure, but still don't know if the fact that it's closer to sea level (Albuquerque, NM is 5,000 ft above) will make it have less of an affect. I have a lot of family out there, and would love to live somewhere green, as I've lived all my life in the desert. There are many reasons that it would be a good move, but the concern about the weather is a big one. I also have one cousin that lives there who has a lot of problems with SAD, and as we're alot alike, that is a concern, also, especially considering that my older brother completed suicide six months after moving to Juneau, AK. I know that the weather/light was a serious contributing factor. DON'T want to go there!!! Any help/knowledge/adivce would be greatly appreciated!

    May you recieve many blessings on your journey toward wholeness,
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    plus years, was born here and have never left. We really do not have "storms" so to speak, and as far as changes in barometic pressure there really are no extremes. We do have the change of seasons of course, but normally they are gradual. For the past five or six years I think our weather has really changed. We almost never get snow anymore, sometimes an ice storm but even that has been a long time now. During the summer if we should have rain for a few days there are times that I can tell the difference, but not always. I have a friend who has RA who lived in Mexico for about ten years. They moved back three years ago and she thinks her RA has actually improved.

    I hope this helps you. If you have any more questions please contact me.

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    bumping for more info...thanks Dara
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    Anyway, thanks,

    Thanks for your info. I guess my best bet is to contact my cousins up there and get them to keep an eye on the actual pressure changes. For me, it's not the rain...if it's actually raining for a few days, I feel fine (rarely happens here in NM), it's when the pressure drops when the storm is moving in, and sometime as it rises going out. My husband and I have also talked about me going up there and living with family for a month, as with all the monthly changes I have with the FM, that would be the only real possible deacent test.