barometric pressure

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  1. crickett

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    does the barometric pressure affect alot of people with fibro/cfs . living in indiana we have had so many fronts from the weather it just keeps me down either from headaches or pain
  2. Mikie

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    Yes, the ambient pressure has a dramatic effect on us, especially if it goes up and down rapidly. When a storm approaches, the pressure drops, causing the air in our joints to expand. It affects other areas of our bodies too.

    We have high and low pressure systems down here in FL but I live so far south of where the jet stream usually dips that our pressure is usually more static. It is when a hurricane is nearby that our pressure drops through the basement. Well, not exactly the basement as we have none here :)

    Love, Mikie
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    I live in a high desert where the wind blows a lot. I can always tell when the weather will change from the prediction of wind and a drop of 10 degrees or more in temperature. My body hurts a lot more when it changes.

    The intense heat for around five months is hard to put with also as we have to use air conditoning and it is annoying. We used to be able to use swamp cooling but it is much more humid nowadays.