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  1. tyme

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    Does anyone have problems with barametric pressure ??? when it rains or snow. it appears i get a dull ache over my eyes similar to sinus headache???????
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Many people are sensitive to changes in pressure and for people with CFS/FMS, it can lead to a worsening of our symptoms.

    Love, Mikie
  3. pooky

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    I had the same problem for years. I'd get a MAJOR headache in either eye that would turn into a migraine.As soon as the front moved off,the headache was gone. I was given Clarinex and haven't had a headache in about a year! Before that I tried everything. It's soooo nice to have that pain gone. But , as it goes with this lovely disease,you seem to trade one pain for another!Hope this helps!
  4. tansy

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    It isn't just people with CFS/FMS who are affected by the weather, it happens in many other chronic conditions too.

    I can tell what the weather is before looking out of the window.

    I also find that a prolonged spell of the right weather - moderate temp, dry, high atmospheric pressure has a progressively beneficial effect upon me. Unfortunately the opposite happens too.

    It's one of those factors which effect our conditions over which we have no control. An upside of this is that climatic conditions regularly change so if its bad there will be a change somewhere along the line. It makes us appreciate good weather more than others who are less effected. Another upside is that when we are at our best everyone else around us is benefitting from the weather conditions so they're in a happier mood too, which makes our better days all the more enjoyable.

    Cheers Tansy

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  5. Flibble

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    I get tons of pressure in my head and feel very lightheaded. I would love to live where the weather never changes. Feel better. Flibble