Barrow. Please..Do You Have Dr. Farrs Contact Number?

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    I have off and on read and followed your postings Barrow. I have always felt your view of the gut being so involved here is so logical.

    I first got a flu in Dec. 2005 and within 24 hours of being given 4 pills of the antibiotic "Levaquin " my middle intestinal tract became so inflamed ( lasting for months and to this day off and on ) I was almost passing out after eating and lost 40 lbs in 2 and 1/2 months! I simply couldn't eat. I felt so much pain I would go into shock. All I could barely take without pain was baked potatoes and Gatoraid.

    It took months for any GI doctor to believe me about the severity of my pain ( they would only do endo and colonoscopy which didn't show why I was in so much pain. ) and an out of town one finally decided to go into my middle intestinal tract with a camera where they found 25 areas of inflammation ot edema opr scarring...villi and illeum included !

    The first GI doc who refused to do any more testing before the middle intestinal tract damage was discovered apologized to me for not going in there for months and letting me suffer and telling me I needed a psychiatrist more than any more testing.

    I have recently been to the Sansum clinic in Santa Barbara, California, and saw a very, very nice GI doc there named Hawn and am awaiting stool and blood results any day.

    But, my story sounds so much like many who ask you for help. My gut hurts so bad so often and never feels right.

    How can I get in touch with Dr. Farr?

    Joe B.

    Please let me know.

    I am so sick so much I just dont' get to many things anymore.
  2. llelnino

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    I'm not Barrowinnovations but you can find Dr Farr at

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